Let me tell you a story about Sir Roger Bannister.

He was the first man to run a mile in under four minutes

Before Sir Roger, it was the mainstream GLOBAL belief that it was IMPOSSIBLE for the human body to sustain such speeds without breaking down ..
They thought the human body couldn’t physically go that fast – that it would literally collapse under the pressure.

Imagine going against a belief held by EVERYONE.

Everyone telling you that if you did this thing, your body would break down...

and doing it anyway.
"No-one can run a mile in less than four minutes.
It is impossible. You're crazy to even try!"

The 'experts' believed that the record could only be broken on a day with no wind, at 20 Celsius, on a hard dry clay track in front of a huge cheering crowd;

Ideal conditions.
May 6th, 1954 was no such day.

It was cold, the track was wet, and there were only 3000 people in the the Iffley Road crowd.

Bannister had rested for five days before because he’d reached his peak, both physically and psychologically.
Six men entered the race. Straight away, Bannister took the lead

Bannister began his last lap with a time of 3.07. He needed to do the last one in 59 seconds.

He flew past Chataway onto the last straight. He knew this was it.

The world stood still.
He was exhausted but, driven by the years of training and his determination, he crossed the finish line and collapsed – exhausted.

Bannister had finished in 3:59.4

He’d done it.

He’d broken the world record

He’d done what so many believed was impossible.
Over the next few years, more and more people broke through the four-minute mark once they realized that yes, it was possible.

So what's the lesson here?
Even if the WHOLE world believes something contrary,

if you feel it in your heart of hearts? - you have the absolute capacity to achieve the 'impossible'

Once the limiting belief was gone - many people broke the time. Once the spell was broken, people could be free.
Our lives are the result of our beliefs, limiting or otherwise.

If you aren't ever exposed to new realities or examples of whats possible, then its a lot harder to see what actually CAN be done.

The company you keep + your environment has a huge effect on you - through osmosis
The Lambros Society helps you to see what's possible in your life.

Hundreds of other people like you who are all working as one to break free from the limits they place on themselves.

Doing everything possible to no longer be just a number in the matrix.
Every single day you are seeing others crush it in life - sharing information that will help you succeed in yours.

Exclusive webinars, lectures and content from industry leaders you won't see anywhere else.

A private community where you can share - unfiltered.
Every single day you will receive the Lambros energy to help you begin reprogramming your reality.

Join the movement here:

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14 Jan

"We found that all‐cause mortality was inversely related to sun exposure habits. The mortality rate amongst avoiders of sun exposure was approximately TWOFOLD higher compared with the highest sun exposure group"

Sunlight exposure and fair skin are major determinants of human vitamin D production, which is crucial for quality of life and now obviously quantity too.
Exposure to sunlight remains the main source of vitamin D.

Sunlight UVB radiation with a wavelength between 290-315 nm penetrates the skin and converts 7‐dehydrocholesterol to 25‐hydroxycholecalciferol vitamin D3 via previtamin D.
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13 Jan
If you can TRULY see yourself doing something
Visualise it and believe it with your being

Couple this with relentless belief in yourself and the INABILITY To see or Perceive 'Failure'

Then the world has no choice but to eventually deliver that reality to you.
"I can't ever get that shredded..."
Guess what - you will not become that shredded.

"It's hard to make that much money"
- and so it shall become for you.

Being conscious of your limiting beliefs that you may not realise are so frequent. Your word has POWER.
You have to realise that in order for something to be achieved, it has to be believed.

In this sense, one that doesn't believe it's possible will never take the action or take the risks necessary to do so.

If you don't even put your hat in the ring, you're never going to win.
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Hair tips:

I like to use coconut oil as a ‘conditioner’ applied after a shower to the ends of your hair.

Use a small amount, then work it through with a comb.
Gives a beautiful sheen to your hair while still being a natural product - and then I also dont shampoo often at all.
If you do the occasional shampoo wash, I think you’ll be fine, but make sure to get a natural product.

Lots of toxic shampoos and conditioners made of chemical slop that Seeps into the skin and makes your hair (and you) unhealthy (possible cause of premature balding too!).
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are so inherently appealing because of the dedication to craft required.

It becomes a finer art, an acute attention to detail and an excess of energy to produce something that is not only functional for whatever it is intended for, but beautiful as well
Anyone could slap together a building - however designing something functional that also blesses the eyes is another task in itself.

Anyone can dress haphazardly - however a curation of outfit takes some level of dedication and knowledge of colour, cut and fit.
It's a result of the human condition. Most people are distracted easily and its hard to dedicate time to a craft.

This is why we value artisanship + mastery of skill.

When most people let themselves go and become slovenly, people appreciate someone that does the opposite.
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Within two days of launch, Lambros Society already has a myriad of men who are leaders in their fields sharing their wisdom...

Member Posts from:
- lawyers detailing financial and sovereign freedom
- street magicians on applicable psych
- crypto experts
All part of daily discussion inside the group...


This is the start of something beautiful, truly.

If you want to be part of this global network, hit up the link below
You’re on the bus on the way to work.

You open up your phone, and have two choices:

1. Waste time with memes


2. Discuss the merits of different financial Portfolios within the Lambros Society.

Which sounds like a better use of your time?
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12 Jan
A person who knows not
and knows not that they know not
is foolish - disregard them
A person who knows not
And knows that they know not
Is simple - teach them
A person who knows not
And believes that they know
Is dangerous - avoid them
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