Um so I saw this on the tl and thought that it's a good way for y'all to get to know me. So for every like, I'll reveal a fact about myself. Please don't let this flop💜

I go by three names. My real name in formal settings like uni and stuff.

My nickname, Kittu, which was given to me by my friends because my name was too long.

And my nickname at home that my family members call me ☺️

Um I hate vegetables but can eat most fruits without a problem.
3. My best friend was my sexual awakening 🐻 Low-key hoping she won't see this
4. I'm not a cat or dog person perse, but i prefer cats over dogs
5. I'm pretty tall. As tall as Jungkook and Tae.

I used to be ashamed of my rather deep voice and body hair (cuz it's not considered 'feminine' in India🙃) but I've learnt to say Fuck it and be proud

I often dream about my teeth falling off or my eyes never opening no matter how hard I try. Idk🤔
8. I'm from South India but I've been brought up in North India so when I speak Hindi, people are surprised at how good it is.

I'm very very lazy but when I like something or am forced to do something, I do it perfectly. If it's not perfect, I'll redo it.

I don't have an interest or expertise in one particular thing. Rather, I'm mediocre/good at several things.

Despite being tall, I've never played Basketball. I dislike the game. I'm fact, I dislike any game that has a ball for some reason. Which is why I became an archer. No balls, just arrows

I have photographic memory but I don't rely on Memorising things to pass exams

I live potato. Potato is life. Potato all day, everyday

My friends day that despite having zero experience, I write good smut🗿

I know people on this app have a absurd expectations when it comes to dating. "You're 20 and you haven't had your first kiss?" Etc etc

But it doesn't really matter to me. I'm 20 haven't had my first kiss yet. Do what you want with that info ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

I'm bad with skinship. The only person allowed to cuddle me is my mom

One of those shady manga sites redirected me to a porn site and my mom walked in that moment and thought I was watching porn🗿

I have a brother who had the glowup of the century. He's as tall as Wonu😭

My grandmother keeps hinting at me to marry this one dude and I keep hinting at her that I like girls ☠️

There was a phase where I was obsessed with Dictators and serial killers so I saw a lot of documentaries on them. Some people are unbelievably cruel and ruthless

I like crime shows a lot.

I have a cat's tongue I suppose. I can't eat very hot food.

I dislike soups

Despite what many think, I'm pretty sensitive and take things to the heart. Not a cold block of ice.

There was a time in my life when I just wanted to get married for some reason. Now I know marital bliss is a myth

I'm someone that takes time liking a song. It takes me a long time to finally like a song and then I never let go. The only exception was Seventeen's Homerun. It got stuck in my head instantly
27. I absolutely hate economics☠️
28. I hate maths too
29. I used to be a cheese anti. Now I love it

I often forget important things about friends. Like birthdays and stuff
I'm bad with faces. All faces.
32. I used to get a lot of crushes but now I don't
33. I believed in true lov☠️☠️☠️
34. Tangled deserved an Oscar

• • •

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