Hey guys, fun thread on #AccessJournalism gone, er, wrong?
Miller's publicist-trio (wait, ahem "journalists") are at it, yet AGAIN helping Miller and propping him up. Of course, we're talking about @jdawsey1 @AshleyRParker @PhilipRucker.
cc: @PostBaron
First, a little 'explainer' on Trump World. One of the things unique to Trump World (and this was a thing during the 2016 Campaign, too) is you want 'helpers' in the media not just in general but for the audience of one: i.e., Mr. Trump.
Trump World people, more than any other ecosystem, uses journalists (who are happy to oblige, in exchange for leaks) to put out narratives they want out there... not just in general but narratives they want TRUMP to read.
This is because, a big thing in the WH, is to put an article in front of Trump. (Trump doesn't read books but he does voraciously read articles.) So you want a report that says how loyal you are to him and then, whoops, that article finds its way to his desk.
Recently, I'd heard (and this isn't any big intel I had -- everyone knows this) that Trump is fuming about how his people have sort of checked-out on defending him. (He's right about that, actually.)
So I was wondering, "When are Miller's three-amigos at @WashingtonPost going to coincidentally write an article claiming Miller -- who has actually barely gone on TV recently -- is someone who has Trump's back?"
Well, here we go! lol It's so sadly transparent.…
Here's the excerpt that made me laugh out loud:
The trio was trying so hard that the initial sentence does not even make grammatical or logical sense. "One of Trump’s only White House defenses came from"...
Wait... 'White House defenses'? Can someone, in English, break that phrase down for me???
Right after the paragraph on how everyone has abandoned Trump, it's all: "But wait, Mr. Trump, while you're reading this, now here's a paragraph about how Jason Miller has been your sole defender!" (He hasn't but accuracy isn't the point here. It's helping Miller.)
The point here is to ensure Miller can remain in Trump's good graces, despite delivering a resounding loss and barely defending him, so that Miller can stay on the Trump family gravy train.
However, the trio isn't dumb. They also don't want to make Miller sound like a MAGA-diehard, bc that could make him sound 'unreasonable.' So they actually say that he's not defending Trump but, hm, IS defending Trump.

"One of Trump’s only White House defenses came from Jason Miller, a senior political adviser. He did not defend the president’s conduct but rather argued that those who voted to impeach him would pay a political price."
Can anyone with a triple-digit IQ make sense of those two sentences in tandem? "One of Trump's only defenses... who did not defend him." WUT? lol
These three are always hilarious and making a mockery of the @washingtonpost with this sh*t work-product. All for what? Has Miller even given them any good scoops? Bc I know of NO big stories they broke. Have a think, @PostBaron .
And in the meantime, pls remember Phil Rucker is available for speaking gigs! ;)

• • •

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11 Jan
LOL'ing at #MAGA going from anti-BLM-protests; pro-cops; anti-terrorists; and pro private-company-rights


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Here's a flow-chart:

"Are you a MAGA-moron who doesn't have any mooring principles? Do you need help knowing what position to take on any given day?"...
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THIS is the reason for Trump's little speech yesterday -- and NOT bc 'he's afraid of lawsuits against him pertaining to the insurrection.'
The real reason they tried damage-control is he needs to say he's running in 2024 (and probably actually will) for the grift -- and the grift/$$$ for those around him -- to continue.
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#IDEA: What if we had photographers from local communities volunteer their time (with so many photographers, even a day per year from each would be huge) at their local animal shelters for dogs' & cats' intake photos?
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So Mitt is incorrect here (GOP turnout was just fine/solid -- L was bc Dems came out in HUGE #'s).
Reason it's important to clarify this is bc....
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5 Dec 20
THREAD: Additionally, it was confirmed to me by a former official with the Trump Campaign (I learned this independent of the litigation) that Miller is indeed being paid through Jamestown purely as a ruse to hide from the FEC.
Apparently, Miller was offered $20,000 a month and countered that he wanted $40,000/month, to which he was told "F*ck you." he and the Campaign then settled on paying him $35,000/month.
Miller, however, demanded that it not be disclosed on the FEC disclosures, so they devised a way to hide it from the public. The scheme devised was to have Jamestown pay Miller, an ads vendor for the Campaign.
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