1/ “Epidemiologists have been calling SARS-CoV-2 a ‘novel virus’, implying no pre-existing immunity. Nevertheless, it is clear that some considerable pre-existing immunity is present but has not been incorporated into the modelling” bmj.com/content/354/bm…
2/ …“govt policy decisions are being made based on the number of positive PCR tests (indicating the presence of a viral RNA fragment rather than current infection) instead of investigating the proportion of the population that has developed antibody, B cell or T cell immunity.”
3/ “The fact that antibodies and T cells were also cross-reactive with other human coronaviruses (the seasonal cold viruses NL63; 229E; OC43; HKU1) suggests that exposure to some of the common cold viruses can induce immunity to other coronaviruses.”…
4/ … “>90% of the population is seropositive for at least three of these human coronaviruses. Memory B and T cells were also cross-reactive with SARS-CoV-1, indicating that this type of immunity can last for at least 17 years.”
5/ “Patients with a previously detected human coronavirus had less severe COVID-19; despite a similar rate of infection, hospitalisation and viral burden, the milder disease seemed to be due to more subdued inflammatory responses, leading to lower ICU admission and death”
6/ “WHO & CDC acknowledged the existence of pre-existing immunity to the 2009 swine flu epidemic but then ignored the evidence 11 years later"
7/ …"cross-reactive immunity to influenza strains has been modelled to be a critical influencer of susceptibility to newly emerging, potentially pandemic, influenza strains”
8/ “Seroprevalence is currently the only general means of estimating the proportion of people who have developed immunity to SARS-CoV-2, yet it is clear that B & T cell immunity are more robust and longer-lasting than antibody immunity, which is known to decline with time.”
9/ “A recent Italian study showed that T cells were eight times more effective at identifying earlier SARS-CoV-2 infection and, unlike antibodies, they correlated with disease severity”
10/ “Moreover, memory T cell activation occurs soon after exposure, rather than having to wait before the appearance of antibodies”

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