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⚔️🚩 Feats of Valour from the 3rd Battle of Panipat, 1761⚔️🚩:-
After being outnumbered, overburdened, minimally armoured and famished for months, surviving for weeks on sips of sugared water, the 45,000 strong Maratha army burdened with the exodus of 500,000 Hindu civilians mounted an assault against roughly 3,35,200 Afghan hordes.
The roar of "Har! Har! Mahadev!" and "Jai Shahu Maharaja!" pierced the air.
The ~13,000 Huzurat Cavalry smashed through a 35,000+ strong center of the Durrani-Rohilla army and shoved the entire Afghan army back by over 7 Koses! The entire Huzur Pāga was wiped out by midnight defending the escape of the civilians. Abdali had to launch his Zamburak and
Jazailchi lines to gun the Marathas from a safe distance as they were indomitable in hand to hand combat. Finally he had no choice but to overwhelm them by launching his entire reserve army of lakhs of second-class Jihadis.
Sardar Santaji Wagh was found dead with over 40 critical wounds on his body.
Maharaja Yashwantrao Pawar slayed the main culprit of Amritsar iconoclasm and also the murderer of Baba Deep Singh & Govindpant Bundele; Haji Atai Khan, by pouncing upon his War-Elephant and hacking him to pieces.
Sadashivpant, Antaji Mankeshwar, Tukojirao Shinde, Mahipatrao, Trymbakrao, Dayal Singh, Karnojirao and Ranojirao Pawar with the last remaining 1200 Maratha cavaliers made repeated charges into the overwhelming reserve army of lakhs launched by Abdali. Senapati Sadashivpant
himself was dismounted twice or thrice in the strife before he was shoved back and as he was surrounded, he wounded two-three of his assailants before being beheaded.
Maharaja Jankoji Shinde, the teenage scion of the Sinda/Sendraka Dynasty, charged headfirst into the fray to rescue Sadashivrao Bhau before being surrounded by hundreds of Durranis and abducted by Barkhurdar Khan. He was held for ransom but then buried alive after Barkhurdar
Khan got paranoid about Ahmed Shah Abdali who had a special vendetta against the Shindeshahis.
The martyred Marathas (and civilians in the exodus in their tail) were counted in 32 surrounded heaps of bodies, all overwhelmed with the vast numbers of Jihadis who had formed whirlpools of their men circling these brave last stands made by the Marathas across the field of
Panipat. Many were boxed to death by Zamburak shots or shot by Jazailchis.
"Whatever could be expected from human valour and exertion, you have done; and the deeds of this day will live for ever in the memory of mankind..."

— Kashiraj Pandit to Maharaja Jankoji Shindeshahi.

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14 Jan
The Glory of Maratha Cavalry 🚩

A series of quotes that help one imagine the Battle of Panipat as it was fought on 14th of January, 1761:
"The Mahrattas possess an extraordinary skill in horsemanship, and so intimate an acquaintance with their horses, that they can make these animals do ANYTHING even in full speed, in halting, wheeling, etc.;
They likewise use the spear with remarkable dexterity, sometimes in full gallop, grasping their spears short and quickly sticking the point in the ground still holding the handle, they turn their horse suddenly round it, thus performing on the point of a spear as on a PIVOT the
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14 Jan
Third Battle of Panipat, 14th January 1761.

The Marathas emerged out against the Durrani-Rohilla hordes.
The Fateful day's battle commenced with gunfire, rocket-fire, cannon bombardment and finally as Ibrahim Khan Gardi's contingent came under threat, the Maratha Huzurat Cavalry charged.
The thunderous roar of "Har! Har! Mahadev!" rent the air and a vast cavalcade of ~13,500 Huzuratis charged in a resistless sweep against the Durrani Lines.
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14 Jan
On the battlefield they lived up to their fame. Saluting the Ganas of the Battlefield, saluting the Rannbhairava, every stirrup drew out a weapon.
Courage surged through their veins as they outfitted themselves like VÄ«rshri Bhairava... And adorned themselves with the glory of their valour.
Helmets, Chainmail, Cuirass, Vambraces, Gauntlets, Greaves, Shemaghs, were equipped! Swords, Maces,Axes,Daggers,TigerClaws, Lances, Rods, Scythes,Sickles, Slingshots,Clubs,Javelins,Pistols, Muskets, Rockets were gathered as their bodies charged with bloodlust and hunger for war!
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