1) My friends, I will share with you publicly what I've been sharing with many of you privately.

2) The time for faith is not when you are getting your way, when everything is going well, when all your "prayers are answered."

3) That's the exact opposite of faith.
4) Paul tells us that faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN. If you can see it, you don't need faith. You have the thing itself.

5) In Isaiah 55:8 God says flatly, "My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways."

6) Listen up:

7) Because it means that there are gonna be a lot of times God goes one way and I'm bent on going another, and darn it, He should "be going my way."
8) I have said repeatedly, "God put Donald Trump in office and only God can take him out." I believe that. My faith says that while I cannot see it ("things not seen"), God can see how this works out.

9) We have our most difficulty, not in believing, but in believing that . . .
9) contd . . . God is working things out in a way better than our genius brains can. That's irritating.


10) I found a good analogy when I walk my little dogs. From my vantage point, I can see when they are about to walk through glass, or get too close . . .
10) contd . . . to a cactus. But their noses tell them "it's so GOOD" to go this way.

11) Understanding faith, and what it requires, is extra difficult when "what is seen" looks really bad.

"It's never been this bad." (Always wrong. At some point, it's always been worse).
12) "Once DemoKKKrats are in control we'll never get it back." Maybe, maybe not. But maybe it won't matter. See, we don't know. That's the things that "are not seen."

13) I gave this TRUE example before but it bears repeating: three years ago our church had outgrown its facility
14) They were running 5 services a weekend, and the staff was getting worn out. (As a drummer, I can tell you it's hard enough playing five sets, but five sets stretched out in 48 hours--staying "up?" really hard.)
15) The pastor and church leadership decided we needed expansion & new buildings. The target was $20m. "We'll get a loan," right?


Banks do not want to lend to churches because the buildings are too specialized. If you default, nearly impossible to sell.
16) Nevertheless, throughout 2019 & part of 2020, we were urged to pray for the loans. They never came through.

17) Sometime in late 2019 or early 2020, leadership decided, "We will build in parts, and build with cash." They needed $2m for the first building, had $1.5 . . .
17) contd . . . Then the China Virus hit. You know what happened to churches for the NEXT YEAR.

They virtually ceased to exist.

18) Suddenly God looked pretty smart. Instead of a $20m DEBT, which would have finished the church & sent it to bankruptcy, they had an . . .
18) contd . . . emergency cash bucket of $1.5m---still not enough to entirely get them through, but it gave them some reserve.

19) God used the refused loans to save the church from something only He saw coming.

20) So I don't know where things will go with President Trump.
21) I don't know what will happen with MAGA or the GOP, or, for that matter, the USA.

22) Personally I don't think God put his hand on America to create her then leave her to the jackals. I believe He still has a plan.

23) But the good news is, He is God, & you and I are not.

• • •

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16 Jan
1) Here is kind of the program/scorecard for the different scenarios next week as different people see it.

Scenario 1: Biteme & the DemoKKKrats were totally rattled & shaken by the Patriot Day activities. They were hiding under desks, running like little cowards.
1) contd
Scenario 1 contd: They were so humiliated that they cannot take a chance that ANYTHING like that happens again. Hence, 25,000 troops.

The problem with their thinking, if this scenario is true, is that they are closing the barn door after the armadillos left.
1) contd
Scenario 1 contd: I don't think thousands of patriots will show up. I think they have way too much sense.

2) Scenario 2: The troops are set dressing. They are props. Biteme & DemoKKKrats KNOW that he won't get 50 people. He will look inept & pathetic compared to . . .
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15 Jan
1) Well, also there is this:

For 400 years inflation has NOT been in a "mountain range" of up and down, but rather stair-stepped in giant increases, always associated with major transformations in economic arrangements.
2) The first was the commercial revolution; the second, the capitalist revolution; the third, the Industrial Revolution; and the latest is the computer revolution.

3) When one holds constant the value or product derived from a "market basket of goods," traditional notions . . .
3) contd . . . of "inflation" disappear. It turns out that what we are seeing as "inflation" is usually an expansion and addition of value.

For example, in static terms, a light bulb was only a small improvement over a kerosene lamp. But in reality, it represented . . .
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11 Jan
1) LS Rule #1: Whatever Hoax News says, the exact opposite is true.

2) LS Rule #2: Hoax News is all out, 100% dedicated now to ruining Trump as a person & destroying his businesses.

3) Why? It's not just his presidency or his phenomenal effectiveness in restoring America First
4) The question is why? What changed in the last two months?

5) Today and tomorrow I will have columns coming out in uncoverdc.com that will explain what has happened.
6) The short version is, they are humiliated & embarrassed beyond belief: embarrassed they were so sloppy they got caught; embarrassed that a guy who should be rolling over is fighting; & humiliated that "we the people" took over their citadel & reminded them if only for a moment
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9 Jan
1) Gonna be my first multi-platform post:

Call me crazy. I am very much at peace. Seems like the historical moment has come where "they" think they have all the power.

They don't. They are now like Nicholas II and his family, in a house arrest with a nasty fate awaiting them.
2) I would MUCH rather have Trump & a "Republican" senate, but you know what?

I feel better with a massive purge of the RINOs. For once, I think we are close to getting a "pure" party that will actually fight. The quicker the Lisa MurCowSkis jump ship, the better.
3) The GOP's problem for years has been that it won't fight, & that we have too many squidpickles like Susan Collins or Linda Grahamnesty. I sense their time is not long.

If they aren't tossed out, they will be ignored and irrelevant.

4) As I said, I've never much liked . . .
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8 Jan
1) @RealRLimbaugh is today saying what I said yesterday with a different slant: he is noting that Botoxic, the Swamp, even GOP elites are in stark fear. In his view it's because Trump can still declassify and pardon.

2) But he noted that the fear is tangible.
3) Reading some things, I do NOT think the elites/Congress/the DemoKKKrats were "in" on anything---there may have been fascist so-called antifa in the group that broke in, but that's irrelevant.

CONGRESS didn't know that. They were genuinely scared.
4) The photos of the Swampers hiding under chairs and desks from the Bearded Lady and one of the characters from Science Fiction Theater 2000 is priceless.
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8 Jan
1) Much different perspective than what many on our side have from yesterday, and certainly nothing that you'll hear from Hoax News. But . . .

2) Had a call from a friend in the movement. This is his perspective, but I tend to agree with it.
3) He saw yesterday as a victory of sorts. Yes, Trump lost, but that was expected to most of us.

What was not expected was that antifa or not, patriot's or not, a relative handful of people sent the elite spudgebudgers screeching like children, running for their basement.
4) The very people that last summer had claimed Trump was the one hiding out were quivering in their little mask-y clumps, as Lindsey Graham put it, in fear for their lives.
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