Am I glad Trump was impeached again? Not really. I am glad people are catching up with politics - there has been a lot of learning going on - but the future presents some difficulties, and lots of people lack post impeachment, post sedition experience.
[Thread] /2

I see columnists writing with a prophetic eye, tackling the question "What's next?", but they really don't understand what has happened so far. The denials that were registered at the podium by Republicans were BRUTALLY ignorant and irrational.
/3 How do you foresee the future when you deny the past and obscure the present?

Republicans still support Trump. How is that possible?
/4 It is possible only because Republicans have been casting Democrats for years as something less than human. To them, we are all Socialists, Communists, unfair judges, idealistic, and disingenuous. If they let loose of the coattails of Trump, they lose their lifeline.
/5 But it isn't that simple. Republicans embrace their ideology. You don't become a Republican by demonstrating free-thinking independence. You pass the vetting by showing loyalty and your willingness to stand with others rather than stand for others.
/6 For them, if they aren't loyal, they lose everything. They are dependent on their MEMBERSHIP. That is where their power comes from. Some Republicans can stand alone, McCain, Romney, without losing their identity. But
/7 the less experienced are too vulnerable to take even a single step from the protection of the pack.

And now, like pup wolves, they bay for the resignation of Liz Cheney. These aren't leaders of a nation of independent thinkers. They are cowards, hiding in the herd.
/8 The greatest fear for a Republican is that they will be mistook as a Democrat and subjected to the shaming that they, and their colleagues, level at Democrats every day.
/9 What does the future hold? It does not look good for anyone. Republicans are too incompetent, immoral and angry to lead, and Democrats now have to overcome the towering wall of a very Conservative #SCOTUS
/10 Trump was never the real problem. He was just a buffoon who used his money to elected. He appealed to cynicism and cultivated destructive attitudes among the public. But meanwhile, the real problems were being advanced by Republicans in the form of hundreds of judges.
/11 There is our future. That is their legacy. They could not win a reasonable argument so they installed their own judges.

The greatest evil that we will next face will be the #SCOTUS who will do the bidding of the Ghost of Trump for years to come.
/12 Our future isn't a future of unity. It is a future of submission to the interests of big corporations, the power of the rich, and the meddlesome ambitions of a radical High Court. No wonder they want to unify. Trump is out of the way. It is full speed ahead for the GOP.

Freedom is about struggle, and the struggle is constant. We are doing a good job. We just need to keep doing it.

Unity is nice, but that is not what Democrats are about. We are not herd animals.

Republicans think unity means we can be respectful when we are all alike.

Democrats think unity means we are all different and due respect.
/15 But consider this. It is because Democrats advocate for individuals that we can respect that Republicans value loyalty. Republicans however have a harder time accepting respecting others is more important than adhering to their ideology.
/16 And that means, Democrats are more capable of unifying. It is part of our definition. We can be different and still be together. Republicans require people to be the same in order to be together. Unity is limited and exclusive.

What's next?

Who knows!

• • •

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.@realDonaldTrump strategy was always to get in front of the radical @Scotus. Will the Robert's Court let Trump destroy the modicum of integrity the #SupremeCourt has retained during this period of #GOPCorruptionOverCountry?
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It is good to read history. It brings some context to today's politics. It softens the blow. America has a very shameful history, a poor record on human rights, a proclivity for dispossession, and a philosophy that is arcane. Trump emboldens everything wrong in America.
I have known about this "other" America for most of my adult life, but since my ideas were not commonplace, I naturally assumed I was stepping a different drummer. Instead, now that I have time to read and reflect, I believe I was in step with the First Revolutionaries.
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This tyranny of perfection is especially evident on the internet. Youtube is a example of how access to information tends to stifle creativity. We are told the opposite is true. Let me examine this to see if there is any truth at all to such a wild statement. /2
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