THREAD: A Pigeon Named Joe > Comms

Hat tip to @Jess_369_ for the heads up on this article.

This pigeon appears to be adept at many roles: racing, carrier and messenger.

Ho. Lee. Chit.
2) Link to full article...…
3) start comms >

Canberra > meeting place

13,000-kilometer > 13 > [their] number

Pacific Ocean > west coast > Silicon Valley > P=16 O=15 > 16+15=31 >< 13

find a new home in Australia > get out now
4) [Above comms most likely directly related to this...]…
5) bird a quarantine risk and plan to kill it > spies at risk of jail and death penalty

Kevin Celli-Bird > jailbird

bird... arrived in... Melbourne on Dec. 26 > someone in Melbourne

disappeared from a race > got nabbed
6) pigeon... named Joe, after the U.S. president-elect > Biden

hitched a ride on a cargo ship to cross the Pacific > tried to run
7) Joe’s feat has attracted the attention of the Australian media > the dirt on 'Joe' is about to hit the media

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service > AQIS
8) jail...on Thursday to ask him to catch the bird. > (to be?) arrested Thursday? or last Thursday?

concerned about bird diseases > the dirt on 'Joe' will taint all connected

can’t catch it > can't let that happen

500 mil > mil = troops?
9) within 500 mil ... of it and then it moves > moves & countermoves

considering contracting a professional bird catcher > trained troops


compromise... security and ... populations
10) direct... risk to... life and our...industry

government... euthanize > stop the gov

two Yorkshire terriers > Yorkshire = NYC > terrier = terror

Pistol and Boo > gun scare > FF

smuggled into the country > 2 of 'something' smuggled in
11) Johnny... Amber > JA > Assange?

[2 planned FFs > "US Military = SAVIOR of mankind" > post 114 > 1/14 > planned for today?]

50-hour deadline to leave

chartered jet
12) Pigeons... in Celli-Bird’s backyard > spies caught


Australian native doves > spotted pigeons > intercepted spies

rocked up... Boxing Day > rocked = busted
13) fountain in the backyard > tons of spies busted

fountain... drink ... wash > coming clean > spilling the dirt

crushed up a dry biscuit > crumbs > bits of info

rocked... up... our water feature > busted plan

have a look at him
14) weak... afraid... he had a blue band on his leg > ankle monitor

belongs to someone... managed to catch him > busted

Celli-Bird... interest in birds > all at risk of jail

“apart from my last name,” > Celli-Bird > Celli (a part of last name)> jail > risk of jail
15) pigeon ...hands... regained... strength > spy hands (helpers) gaining strength

Oklahoma-based... Pigeon... confirmed... Joe... registered to an owner in Montgomery, Alabama > spy in OK confirmed 'Joe' in jail in AL?
16) attempted to contact... unable to get through

bird spends every day in the backyard... side-by-side with a native dove on a pergola > bird in jail > pergola > trellis > pattern > jail? > someone singing?
17) feeding it pigeon food from within days of its arrival > food = information

given him some food...he’s got a spot...that’s home > not going anywhere

Chinese racing pigeons... Australian west coast aboard cargo ships > Chinese (spies) flocking west coast via cargo ship
18) fears pigeons from the United States... carry... diseases... Joe should be destroyed > Joe's connections to Chinese spies will taint all > hit ordered

wholehearted support for the idea

recorded by a pigeon
19) Arras

1931 > 31 >< 13

11,600 kilometers > rotate 180 degrees counter-clockwise > 911

some known instances of long-distance flights > some got out

one-offs > one way

marathon runners of the pigeon world > all helpers of the 'spy world'
20) feats that could be achieved by the average pigeon is not known > it might be too late to get out

> end comms

Your were told > news unlocks.

Not gonna lie- this decode was a mind phork.
21) Hat tip to @4APatri0t on this find.

Seriously wondering if this 'cat' got busted trying to 'rescue' the 'bird' mentioned in post (5) from Melbourne.

Seriously feels like it's related.…
22) Hat tip to both @4APatri0t & @pharmSC85 for the heads up on this one.

"noticed in December that one bird was missing"

I think this is the same 'bird' mentioned above (re: December 26) and they are now in panic mode.…
23) Moar Pigeon Joe Comms...

Hat tip to @4APatri0t on this find.

Some 'interesting' wording here...…
24) Hat tip to @cind881 for the heads up on @MermanEthal's post.

Setting the stage...

• • •

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These people are sick...…
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$550,000,000 > 5:5?

Play Today

Is that a communications tower?
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manatee > in the order Sirenia > siren > whistleblower/witness

"TRUMP" > panic

back in Florida

in Florida over the weekend

about 80 miles north of Tampa
3) Hailey Warrington > code for Hai.l Wa.r.r > AND/OR > initials HW > Bush or Weinstein

(Note: I am NOT inciting ANYTHING in any way, shape or form. These are their comms - NOT mine)

footage of the manatee > video evidence
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THREAD: Bill 33 > The Goat has Died

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Those stripes sure look familiar, don't they?…
2) comms start >

Bill > Clinton OR Prince William > going with William due to the Navy reference

33 > [their] number
3) goat > they do love their symbolism

Curse of the Billy Goat >…

1945 > 45 > Trump

Tavern owner William

71 years > 71 >< 17

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THREAD: Part 2 - Gorilla Troop Comms

Be sure to read Part 1 before continuing. The last post in that thread will bring you back here.

2) Hat tip to @Kinga6121 for the heads up on this article.

You can clearly see it's connected to the first article/thread.…
3) Original post and timestamp...

Let's dig in and see what we find...
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