You already know the outcome. . .it’s your inheritance.

1. Your Father wants you to be victorious.
No loving Father ever wants His children to lose
God wants us to win…..EVERY TIME.

The enemy only has the ability to deceive, accuse and tempt . . .that’s it.  Jesus took
away the power of death, hell and the grave when He made an open show of the devil.

The Bible plainly states that Jesus disarmed Satan and all his demon hoards.
Remember the Word of God says we are always supposed to triumph, not just 51 percent of the time, not even 85 percent of the time, but always.

How much easier this sounds when we realize Satan has no weapon that will work against us.
2. Your Heavenly Father paid a heavy price to make you victorious.

Would you be willing to send your son or daughter to die for someone you didn’t know?

Many parents have faced that question as they’ve seen their sons and daughters ship out to war zones where they stand in
harm’s way in defense of our freedom not knowing if or when they will return.

God sent His only begotten Son. . .with the knowledge that His Son would have to die for our sins.

When Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph. . .God knew that His Son would die a horrible death.
When Jesus amazed the scholars in the Temple. . .God knew His Son would be wrongly accused, persecuted, lied about and killed.

When Jesus rode victoriously into Jerusalem to the cheers of the people. . .God knew it wouldn’t be long before His Son would suffer and die.
Yet. . .know all these things. . .He sent His Son. . .so we would be victorious over sin, death and the grave.

Can you even begin to imagine how much God loves us? 
His willingness to send His only begotten Son for the forgiveness of our sins proves it.
3. You have a tactical advantage in any battle.

One of the most successful military strategies an enemy can employ in warfare is to separate you from your supply lines. . .to keep you from receiving reinforcements or supplies.

That’s exactly what the devil wants to do when he
has you, your family, your finances and/or your health under attack. . .he wants to separate you from your supply line (God). . .to keep you from receiving reinforcements and orders from your spiritual headquarters (the Word).

The only way the enemy can spiritually terrorize you
is by doubt, separation and isolation.

When you find yourself under attack whether it’s a natural enemy or spiritual enemy indecision can be costly. 
Even though you may not know the best strategy to employ at any given moment. . .God does.
Your tactical advantage is your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and your reliance on the Word of God.

Your focus on and faith in His Word. . .gives you a peace pass understanding during every attack.  You know the Calvary (Holy Spirit) is on the way.
Always remember, the battle is not yours. . .but the Lord’s.

You will never have to face any battle alone.

“We are in this TOGETHER”
4. God will provide you with a safe house.

When you want to mentally decompress. . .some enjoy watching movies where the good guy (God) wins and the bad guy (satan) loses.

When someone needs to escape from or testifies against the bad guys, they’re often placed in a safe house.
The purpose of the safe house is to protect the good guys from the bad guys.

Isn’t it nice to know that your Heavenly Father. . .the Great I Am. . .wants to place you in His safe house. . .away from the attacks of the enemy and the hordes of hell.
There’s one main difference between God’s safe house and the ones you find in the movies.

When you’re in God’s safe house. . .the enemy knows where you are. . .and he can’t do a thing about it. . .no matter how much he tries or even how he lies.  You’re fully protected.
Now that’s something to shout about.

5. You’ve already won the battle. . .it’s in the script.

In the Book of Revelation… the one book that tells the end of the story… the Apostle John was given what I call ‘inside information’ on what would take place.
He also writes for us … the key to overcoming the enemy in every way he comes against us.

We have the confidence in knowing our lives will one day take on total victory …
6. You have been given authority over every trick of the enemy.

Look up conqueror in the Strong’s Concordance. 
It’s the Greek word hypernikaō (G5245) and it means:
“to be more than a conqueror, to gain a surpassing victory.”
You will notice that conqueror comes from the root word nikaō (G3528) which is translated 24 out of 28 times as overcome. 

So it is obvious that in order to become a Kingdom Conqueror you must first be a
👉 World Overcomer.
What does the Word have to say about being an Overcomer? 

Look at the example from the story of David and Goliath.  🪨

By the way, my real name is David 🐸
Are you getting a hold of all of this? 

You have total authority over all the ability of the enemy.  Remember, “…nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19).
The Bible literally says nothing shall hurt you. 
It also says you have total power (authority) over the devil.  You never have to lose again.  You can always conquer and always triumph in all things.
7. Always remember why He wants you victorious.

Why does God want you to be victorious? 
It’s simple. . .He wants you to be busy about His business.

God doesn’t make you victorious and prosperous just for the purpose of raising your standard of living.
He prospers you so that you can raise your standard of giving.  Thus creating more victories than you can possibly even imagine.

You are a winner in the game of life. . .He is giving you victory over the current situation.
The call of God upon Abraham can be the model for God’s call to us.

Remember this 👇
Just as God promised to bless Abraham, He will also bless us.  Why does God desire to bless His people? So that we might become a blessing to others.

• • •

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