3/ These small business owners , mostly immigrant entrepreneurs or niche communities like those serving the drag queen community of NY, hard working people bringing life and diversity and complexity to the city, employing dozens...they are dead. Who is alive and doing fine...
4/ is Starbucks, having upgraded its local real estate due to drop in prices as these small businesses died, Nordstrom, TD Bank, Chase. This neighborhood disemboweled, others less consistently. I am hearing that management companies won’t negotiate in some areas, will in others
5/ and a huge luxury development just opened across the street that locals and preservationists had fought for years. Several of these dead small business have the SAME unyielding management company though they are not in same building. We saw this on 8th St before NYU rebuilt
6/ it with luxury development. Making a fortune. What deal has been done with di Blasio, developers? ‘Lockdown’ and the instruction essentially to not shop in brick and mortar stores is opportunity for developers working w ‘inflexible ’ management companies to carve up certain
7/ neighborhoods, hand it over to chains and raise the prices again, giving everyone in that nasty triangle of corruption a vast profit when ‘lockdown’ is ‘over’. One reason we MUST demand the science when we are told not to shop at small shops, patronize cafes and restaurants.
8/ Killing restaurants and bars is also a real estate play. You kill the tenants, the smaller landlords sell at a fire sale price, the big developers snap up the deals and eventually the city ‘reopens’. I’m a small landlord, one rent check away from having to sell under duress
9/ and as a single mom that was my main source of steady income. Single moms, immigrants, are often the small landlords and landladies who struggle to make that down payment and can’t hold on as months of no rent policies, as compassionate as these sound and may be short term..
10/ but when you forbid that small tenant, that bar or restaurant or skin care store, from working or letting employees work and you bombard their customers with policies forbidding them to patronize even safely in person, you guarantees the deaths of these small tenants but also
11/ you are sure to drive desperate small landlords, that single mom or dad or immigrant family that worked so hard for a first step on the property ladder, to hand over that asset on a timetable almost, in a fire sale, to the big guys. As @WEF promised: ‘you won’t own anything.’

• • •

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16 Jan
1/ EXCELLENT piece by @ChrisDYork with real investigation, confirming what I’ve been telling about since April 2020. NHS COVID data is NOT produced and presented by NHS. For profit handlers of test data and Trace and Trace system include AMAZON!! —
2/ a company that has a direct conflict in reporting high numbers; Serco; Boots, which is also conflicted, as I had guessed; Deloitte; G4S, which also manages private prisons; Palantir, with close ties to intel agencies; Transunion which runs credit checks to verify identity. All
3/ these companies have huge vested interests in continual testing, constant vaccination, home deliveries due to people being told it’s dangerous to go outside to shop (when transmission happens most often at home and NOT in ventilated distanced retail), and with links to PayPal
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16 Jan
Don't you guys get it? Look at how @Bloomberg reports COVID deaths (per JHS, which he funds), global stocks. He uses the benchmark for stocks, of "Wuhan lockdown." @COVID19Tracking, which he owns also, uses Enigma Business Solutions, a hedge fund data feed. It's the SAME THING. Image
2/ Click open the screenshot.
3/ Here's a closer look: Image
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16 Jan
Four different condos in Harlem all lost 1/3 to alnost 1/2 their value on virtually the same week, this week. I saw this pattern on dozens of properties, knew there would be a COVID policy behind it. Two seconds later: I find Cuomo extended residential evictions til Jan 1 ‘21.. ImageImageImageImage
2/Meaning desperate smaller landlords have had no income for months from tenants made broke by ‘lockdown’ but could not evict by law. The minute evictions are legal, desperate tenants must move, desperate landlords have two weeks to paint, slash prices in fire sale and lose...
3/ a third to a half of the value of properties they may have saved for years to buy. Institutional investors can and will sweep these up, hold for a year then rent these at double the price when Cuomo declares NYC open again -if only for the adult children of global oligarchs.
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13 Jan
1/ Everything in this Salon hit piece on one of the signers of the Gt Barrington Declaration is wrong and notably they asked a ⁦@JohnsHopkinsSPH⁩ scientist to rebut. However even HE noted that you can’t tell the actual fatality rate of COVID because salon.com/2020/11/19/thi…
2/ no one in the US has done a study of random population to identify a/infection rate and b/death rate. ‘When we compare this with past pandemics, the latter were generally basing their rates on deaths among those who were ill; there weren't widespread sero-surveys for the rate
3/of infection ...among all those infected, at a minimum you need to check the number infected in a random sample of the population – as far as I know that hasn't been done anywhere (and certainly has not be done in the U.S.)" That’s what a CRITIC from conflicted Johns Hopkins
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13 Jan
1/WHY are bars, restaurants snd houses of worship being targeted? Not just for epidemiological reasons as the science for this is thin if rooms are ventilated, cleaned. But because people can speak to one another freely and even more dangerous, met new people and gather new intel
2/...without digital surveillance or being restricted to their existing contacts as on Zoom. And that would shift this paradigm. Because massive amounts of money are confirmed being spent on propaganda to paint the world outside your home as terrifying. If you gathered with new
3/ people or in a larger community, over time, sure enough people would notice (as I did when I had dinner at an unmasked community that gathered in smallish but varying groups regularly) that whole communities are NOT getting sick or they would learn that of 100 people, two...
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12 Jan
Third in @DailyClout’s series ‘Profiles in Courage’. Can’t-Miss intvw with Canadian ER physician ⁦@DrP_MD⁩, who testifies movingly about deaths, illnesses, child suicidality due to ‘lockdown’ policies. Will make you cry. Made me cry. A true healer.
2/ He describes a Canadian immigrant family, who lived from the income of the dad, a hairdresser, eating Mr Noodle as the dad was not considered ‘essential and is forbidden to work. Hunger in Canada...he describes high rates of depression and suicidality among KIDS! Who are...
3/ isolated from their friends so have no safe haven if their homes are unsafe...patients ‘riddled with cancer’ because they were too afraid of COVID to get screenings...the effect of telemedicine leading to patients not following doctors’ directions or taking their medicine...
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