Wait until you see why...
"University of Michigan community members are calling for the resignation or recall of Regent Ron Weiser (R) from the University’s Board of Regents, condemning Weiser for not specifically denouncing President Donald Trump for inciting violence at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday."
This garbage continues until it stops working. That's the only thing there is to say. It happens because you keep letting it work. It keeps happening until you stop letting it work. If they keep pushing, keep standing strong. If they get violent, get them arrested.
If they get let out or let off easy or no one will arrest them, make a public relations nightmare for them. Why not? That's what they're trying to do to you, and you're the one in the right. They aren't. They're fascists. You're a free citizen, so long as you can keep it.
"But what do I do?"

Let them rage, storm, carry on, or whatever, until they either stop or take it too far. Make them waste their energy or be the one to cross the line simply by refusing to react. That's it. That's all it takes. Stop caving in and deal with what comes after.
The entire thing is fake. It's all a hustle where they make it seem like you're going to have huge consequences if you don't do what they say. That's almost certainly false, and to the degree that it's true, they're cheaper than giving in because it's an extortion racket.
Every time you give in, you make it harder, not easier to say no next time, when it crosses an even bigger line. Eventually, you have nothing left, and then what did you save with all your capitulation? Not a damn thing. These aren't reasonable people making points.
"Students might leave, tho!"

GOOD! Any that would leave over this are just going to cause you, the school, and our society more problems down the line. Let them cut off their noses to spite their faces. Stop rolling over and giving in to tantrums and extortion.

• • •

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15 Jan
Just reread Marcuse's Repressive Tolerance in full. He simultaneously complains about this and then calls for it (for the "correct" views). His argument is that it's always distorted toward the establishment (kinda not wrong), which he defines as "the right" (lol wrong).
It's fun to wonder what Marcuse would think of the present moment. His own thing has become the thing he hates, so it would be fascinating to see which side of it he'd come down on. Given "Repressive Tolerance," I'm guessing he'd be thrilled with the movement and angry too.
It's easy to imagine Marcuse happy with the whole left and angry at Woke capital. It's hard to imagine him mad that it's happening exactly like he asked for, aside from the fact that obvious corporatist fascism is happening. He'd call it co-optation and fail to get it.
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15 Jan
Is racism systemic?
Do whites automatically benefit from racism? Do they maintain willful ignorance of racism?
Are white people complicit in white supremacy because it benefits them as a system?
Can white people have a positive white identity?
Can someone be less, or not, racist?
Does past racism leave a trace on institutions? Identity groups?
Should one's racial identity be placed before one's personhood, e.g. "Black person" not "person who is black"?
Can racism be removed from a society or institution incrementally? Does it require remaking the system?
Is racism embedded in the societies of Western nations like the United States and Canada?
Can racism occur with no racist individuals or intentions?
If a person of color feels they experienced racism, did they?
If a white person acts against racism, did they out of self-interest?
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13 Jan
Anyone know of any examples in history of a political dissident who got a following, upset the established ruling classes, and then had the sin of the world piled onto him as he was scapegoated publicly?

I know there's some pretty famous example, but I can't think of it now.
Learning is supposed to be uncomfortable!
People losing their shit over the obvious implication here may forget that I'm not Christian and therefore don't believe that particular story.
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12 Jan
Critical Race Theory is an even crazier conspiracy theory than QAnon, which was a really crazy one.
The first assumption of Critical Race Theory is that the ordinary state of affairs in society is racism, that it's a defining characteristic of everything even though nobody knows it until a Critical Race Theorist points it out.
The second assumption of Critical Race Theory is that benefiting from this invisible racism is so seductive that the people who benefit from it without even knowing it have no interest in fighting it even though they think they are fighting it.
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12 Jan
They've become so accustomed to just manufacturing whatever public sentiment that they want that they don't realize that there are limits to the magic of alchemy, and with hundreds of millions of people around the world, the spell is already broken.
This is no small point here, by the way. They literally believe they can manufacture, by engineering the discourses, whatever public sentiment and mood they want. They think they can induce national calm by censoring people and tailoring what people hear and say.
It's absolutely crucial to understanding what's happening now to understand the idea of "discourse engineering," where they believe they can do social engineering by changing what people talk about and, quite clearly, achieve virtually any end with it.
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