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14 Jan, 15 tweets, 4 min read
A common theme in both historical accounts and fiction born of late 19th/early 20th century English culture is how the upper class egged on status competition in the lower ranks; especially between their own servants. Thomas the Tank Engine is a splendid example known to most.
The "Railway Series" books from which the original TV show were drawn were penned in the 40s, and it shows. If you remember anything about it, it's probably how often the engines sassed one another, exemplified by Gordon's expertise at being a smug prick.

This isn't accidental.
The engines are constantly competing with one another to earn "Sir Toppam Hat's" (note the title) praise as "very useful engines." Sir Hat isn't subtle about setting them against each other. (Nothing about those stories were particularly subtle.)
The entire social zeitgeist of "Sodor Island" is one I've seen in purely historical research, as well; when the servants of a great English household dined (in the basement) their positions at the table were determined by hierarchy.

This wasn't accidental, either.
The point of this is to keep the lower classes divided amongst themselves; so they can never present a unified front against the upper class who control everything. Considering how hereditary land ownership equated great wealth in England, it was just erudite feudalism.
Naturally, the British exported these social views to their colonial possessions, more or less successfully. One can even see it in their "Great Game" approach to geopolitics; hence why I view it as an organic outgrowth from the feudal era; a social paradigm that persisted.
Now - consider "wokeness" and the constant attempts of it's pseudo-Marxist proponents to brainwash the majority of this nation into self-debasement, internalized humiliation and self-hatred.

We know why the leftists do it.

But why does the neoliberal establishment back it?
Leftists - i.e. collectivists - are a natural fit for the racist tribalism of wokeness. (The racial component of the goose-steppers didn't come out of nowhere.) And the international socialists obviously benefit from making people self-debase; it makes them much more pliable.
But the neoliberals have no interest in some grand project to make the masses wholly obedient to the collective. Much like the elite of Old England, they're primarily concerned with maintaining their own untrammeled power.

And wokeness is great for that.
Among critical theory's many internal contractions is the pecking order of oppression - if political legitimacy is derived from oppression, then it's a race to the bottom to be the most oppressed one.

This is why Tumblrinas balkanize into ever-finer "ism's" so frequently.
In short, wokeness inevitably produces infighting among economic classes and ethnic/regional identities, and this suits those in power fine.

The entire "culture war" itself is just a distraction, and a devastatingly effective one. A lot of alt-lite clowns completely miss this.
They whinge of ~dragqueen read-along~ as if the parents somehow consented to it; as if the "overton window" has actually been shifted.

It hasn't. It was never about that.

It was about gaining the power to *impose* it, whether you like it or not.
(Addenum: A lot of what I just said sounds Marxian. That's because Marx saw it too. He wasn't wrong to point it out.

Marx's colossal failing was in asserting that a better, more legitimate government would somehow rise from the ashes of revolution via ~proletariat magicks~.)
Thread inspired by the latest example of the brainwashing of children:…

See also @ConceptualJames's article on Marxism and Critical theory's relationship:…

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15 Jan
I could understand the ALS needles conceptually; it's permeated the public consciousness due to twenty years of forever war in the sandbox. And it *seems* easy.

But using sutures for *bleed stop,* not long-term closure done at the ER? Whomst the FUCK thinks that's normie skill?
That's surgery. Technically. Maybe. I dunno what the official demarcation like is for surgery but if that outpatient asshole could screw me for $400 of "surgery" for a local anesthetic and an endoscope up the nose then I think I can use the word freely.

Shit ain't simple
This is gear q***ing at its absolute WORST. Buy Shiny Thing. These people know they can spend money on TRAINING, right? But you actually have to show up for a class and pay attention. No instant gratification.

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15 Jan
The usual clowns are popping a squat over my tumblr inbox to insist that there TOTALLY were armed dudes right outside the congressional chamber's doors. If that's true then I'd LOVE to talk about why the unarmed woman somehow met AOI for the cop and the rifle-armed man didn't.
If they'd zapped *that guy* I wouldn't have been surprised in the least. If cops will light up Philando Castile and Daniel Shaver, you REALLY think they'd hesitate against dudes with rifles *rushing Congress?*

But they didn't.
If they'd held fire despite *armed men* in that crowd that'd be Incredible And Laudable Restraint.

But they didn't.
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14 Jan
The article is paywalled so I'll just interject the reasons anyone should have:

1. He'll be too old by 2024.
2. The bull in the china shop has accomplished his most important mission. The neoliberals can slam the shattered remnants of the gate all they want. It changes naught. Image
The GOP establishment, and indeed the entire neoliberal establishment, has been thoroughly discredited. The people will no longer settle for culture war distractions or vague lip service about how outsourcing jobs is "for your own good." This term shattered all mirages.
The mad pace Trump set when he first entered office; the dogged resistance of his own party, the civ/mil bureaucracy and the entire elite leadership class... and then 2020, when the pandemic repeated and intensified every past lesson too massively to ignore.
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8 Jan
This needs saying.

If you honestly believe that tens of millions of people can be fooled this easily by one demagogue - despite overwhelming and unified opposition from the media - you are arguing that democracy cannot work.

How can mobs be trusted with a vote?
In fact, it goes deeper - if mobs can be formed like this to begin with, then it doesn't matter if one side wins with 51% of the vote if the other 49% refuse to accept the results. All the blood, chaos, death and sedition we saw from 2016-2020 was a preview of where we are now.
I said it many, many times on my personal blog; that if one side refused to accept the results in 2016, then the other side would have all the justification and normalization they could want to refuse to accept the results themselves in 2020.

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8 Jan
So let me get this straight - the politicians whom excused and encouraged the mass violence and terror of the race riots this summer are guiltless, but Trump encouraged insurrection for supporting a peaceful protest because the chance of violence was nonzero?

Eat shit and die.
That Congress - including the Speaker of the House - can excuse and encourage people forming roadblocks and shooting random motorists without any consequence, but the President is pilloried because ten people out of a thousand trespassed shows you where the real power is, no?
The beating heart of law and order is equality before the law. When there is no equality, the law is a sham; a tool for the powerful to use against the disfavored.

You cannot flaunt the inequity of "law" and then expect anyone to give a damn about "muh process" whinging.
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6 Jan
I, for one, am SHOCKED that Trump - who faced resistance, sabotage and outright insubordination from a government apparatus which tried for two years to depose and imprison him on completely fabricated charges - would not fall in line to defend The System.
You see, at some point you need to let bygones be bygones and place the Good Of The Nation above your own interests, by joining the managerial class in ensuring a smooth transfer of power that perpetuates the establishment destroying the lives of the people who elected you.
I'm just stunned, stunned, that a man who ran on the platform of "drain the swamp because it's corrupt to the core" actually believes it and was emboldened by the fact that damn near half the population evidently agrees with him.
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