Acts of terrorism were committed by individuals during the Jan. 6th Capitol Occupation; roundly condemned by everyday citizens & lawmakers, alike, law enforcement was praised by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and Congress impeached the President for 'incitement'.
I can say this because I'm aware of the definition of terrorism per 22 USC § 2656f(d)(2) and the supporting definition of "violence" derived from 18 U.S. Code § 16(a).

However, by this same standard, the 2020 US Riots involved hundreds, possibly thousands of acts of terrorism.
Despite meeting the US Code's definition of terrorism the response was vastly different; accepted, even encouraged by everyday citizens and Democrat lawmakers, law enforcement was demonized for any use of force and the Dems who spurred it on suffered no professional discipline.
I can recognize that both events involved acts of terrorism, however, despite the 2020 US Riots resulting in billions of dollars of damage, dozens of deaths and carrying on for the better portion of the year, there are still elected officials seeking to justify/celebrate them.
My advice to you? If you can present someone with these facts and they still insist on downplaying the severity of the 2020 US Riots, especially in contrast to their stance on the Jan. 6th Capitol Occupation? Brand them a terrorist sympathizer and move on; they're not worth it.

The claim that the Jan. 6th Capitol Occupation was "an attack on democracy" may be leveled in discussions around these events as an attempt to make it seem more serious than the 2020 US Riots; dismiss it.

The 2020 US Riots involved direct attacks on courthouses...
...and police stations; representations and functional elements of that upon which any democracy must be built: the rule of law. This, alone, should be damning enough to the 2020 US Riots, however, these riots also targeted elected officials aiming to obtain coerced compliance.
If strong-arming representatives with violence, or the threat thereof, into political action is not seeking to undermine democracy then I do not know what is. Considering this, it cannot be said that one event -the 2020 US Riots/Jan. 6th Capitol Occupation- was an attack on...
...democracy in the United States while simultaneously clearing the other of the same charge; you may have both or neither, but not one, alone.

• • •

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