When my paranoia/contrariness spikes, I tend to want to write threads explaining why all of twitter is wrong about @RodRosenstein. This is especially true when @comey says insane shit like Biden should pardon Trump. A thread.
I tag @File411 here, because I respect her views always and forever, and she generally disagrees with my perspective that RR is a straight shooting do gooder that did his best to prosecute Flynn, Manafort, Stone, etc., under insanely adverse circumstances.
@File411 bird-dogged this new DOJ IG report on child separation, which reflects on all ALL DOJ leadership 2017-2020. oig.justice.gov/sites/default/…
Before I get to substance, a word on "child-separation.": 1) it was an evil side-effect of an otherwise legal outcome; 2) the law passed by Congress did not provide an exception to prosecution for parents with kids; 3) prosecutors used discretion to not prosecute those cases.
I personally applaud prosecutors for exercising discretion not to prosecute parents traveling with children BUT I hate that Congress forced them into that situation. Congress has dropped the ball on all things immigration for 30 years or more.
@RodRosenstein is mentioned 93 times in the IG report BUT it's essential conclusion is that JEFF
"OLD SOUTH" SESSIONS and DHS Secretary "ARIAN NATION" NIELSEN were the architects, prime movers, and intentional advocates of the policy.
This conclusion runs in stark opposition to the slanderous press accounts that have tried to pin this on Rosenstein. nytimes.com/2020/10/06/us/…
Recall that the Deputy AG is required to follow the lawful policy requirements imposed by the AG - Sessions and the WH. Refusal to follow such policy orders will result in termination - which would have left the Mueller investigation to ... WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHO
I note that while he didn't do it, RR still released a statement saying it shouldn't have happened and he wished he had done more to stop it. nbcnews.com/politics/immig…
Sessions was the person that ordered that adults in family units would be prosecuted.
Sessions KNEW that the effect of the prosecutions meant child separation.
Despite working on the child separation policy for a year, when Sessions implemented it, he did so in a way that increased the misery and evil of the policy by failing to work with other agencies to handle the issue. This is the number one finding of the IG
Everyone knew, including Sessions, Session's Chief of Staff and Soon-To-Be Acting AG OVER ROSENSTEIN Sweat-head Whitaker that the policy would result in child separation
Sessions, Whitaker and Nielsen implemented a policy that was so evil and fucked up that it Trump had to issue an executive order to stop it. Trump for god's sakes.
This policy, per the IG and RR, was run out of the Office of the Attorney General, and not run through normal channels with the Deputy AGs. RR's role was to mitigate the policy to a degree, with "to the extent practicable."
RR is quoted here as saying, from my point of view, that Sessions had articulated reasons that were not illegal, making the new policy not illegal on its face. Maybe this was wrong, and RR should have quit over it - this is debatable, but I'm glad he was there for Mueller
If you dig contrarian but thorough arguments on behalf of DOJ officials, please follow this account - always appreciated.
Evil elf Sessions, and ONLY SESSIONS badgered DHS officials to implement the policy. But he didn't tell HHS, so that HHS was overwhelmed and unable to respond.
Sessions and Nielsen ginned up a lie that zero tolerance had worked on the "El Paso" project. These were dirty lies.
DAG Rosenstein's office specifically wrote in language to the policy to assure that prosecutors had discretion to decline cases. Sessions attacked this discretion, leaving DAG officials in a bind.
DAG Rosenstein, under penalty of perjury, stated he wanted prosecutors to maintain discretion and that he implemented conference calls to assure that they did.
DAG Rosenstein's office tried to deal with crisis and assure prosecutors had discretion to decline prosecution, but were overruled by Sessions and Neilsen.
Geah - sometimes I hate twitter and the way it messes up thread
OK, I can't tell whether anything is threading or not at this point. Bottom line: RR was not responsible for the evil child separation policy; was lied to about it. Blame lies primarily with Congress (for not prohibiting it); Session and DHS Secretary Neilsen.
God I hate twitter when it ufxkcs up my threads and so here's one of my more paranoid youtube originals .

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Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc., have cited this law in taking Trumpists off line for lying, doxxing and inciting violence - Trump hates that, of course.
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