Sometimes you both have legitimate reasons for feeling in a bad place about your work AND have to remind yourself that that DOESN'T mean everyone hates your work and thinks you're worthless. Which is a hard line to ride.
And sometimes those times happen while you're in the middle of a pandemic and you and your loved ones are all starved for the kinds of engagement that usually helps you all through it, so your emotional and mental bandwidth are completely attenuated.
And sometimes THOSE times happen while you're in the middle of a coup attempt at the tail end of one of the most openly and unapologetically autocratic, kleptocratic, and white supremacist presidencies in american history.
And sometimes ALL THOSE TIMES are happening while you're in the middle of a period of heightened activity in the struggles for racial, gender, disability, climate, and all around social justice.

And sometimes those times are these times right now.
So if you're feeling kind of under it, recently: See above.

• • •

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18 Jan
We tried to tell you, over & over, that white supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement & the military.

Some of us tried to warn you this was not just possible but relatively easy for them to do because of the white supremacist roots of policing in the US.

But here we are.
On this #MartinLutherKingDay , please remember this, and resolve to DO something about it: doi.org/10.1080/232994…
It's #MartinLutherKingDay and if you're out here drawing a false equivalence between racial justice protests, & an insurrectionist riot to stage a coup to install one of the most blatantly white supremacist presidents* in decades, this letter is about you:
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13 Jan
There needs to be soul-deep, daily, uncovered Revelational Reckoning with who we are and how we live. What our values are and what it is we want in this world.

You expect us to teach in this? You expect us to learn, institutionally, in this? You expect us to work in ALL OF THIS?
We need a reckoning. We need space to grieve. And we need time to process this.

In the US, certainly, but I mean globally, right now.
Grief and a reckoning are not incommensurable things.

The best wakes tell us that.
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13 Jan
Jim jordan opening sentence proves that he will say nothing substantial on these articles of impeachment. He will, instead, be a bloviating blowhard, repeating over and over again the same obfuscatory talking points from December 2019.

Which is exactly why republicans chose him.
Republicans seem not to understand that Lincoln's failure to convict every single general and officer of the confederacy is part of why we're where we are, today.
What are Republicans playing at, reserving all their time? Gonna go all at once, after the Democrats speak, trying to get the last word?
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12 Jan
@SarahV2K Mostly this bit. All eugenics is tied up in a misunderstanding of the idea of evolutionary "fitness," which was then bound to notions of cleanliness and health which invariably saw minorities, immigrants, the poor, &, of course, the disabled, as "dirty"…
@SarahV2K …or "broken," or othewise "unfit."

In the early 20th century, this began to be tied to notions of the Pure Land, or "unspoiled nature," and philosophers like Heidegger began to form the basis for how the Nazi ideologies would incorporate the American & British eugenics programs
@SarahV2K …And so this notion of "naturalness" & "purity" being tied to "health" & "fitness" & "rightness" became both a moral & an ecological stance as to how people "ought to" live their lives.

A sense of "Nature is to be tended & revered because it is the birthright of the pure & fit"
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12 Jan
At some point we're gonna have some real conversations about

1) how mediocre food forms a leg of the disciplinary and punishment program that is the american prison system, and

2) the intersection of "clean eating," eugenics, & eco-facsism.

But y'all ain't ready for them yet
Okay, maybe some of y'all are ready. Start w/ a personal example:

There are some things i literally cannot eat or I'll have a bad time, to put it mildly. If I'm jailed for a crime I didn't commit, or held political prisoner, I'm not likely to get other options. So I'll get sick.
These things aren't necessarily "dirty" or processed foods. In fact, many processed foods make certain i get enough nutrients in my system without hassle so that i can, y'know, LIVE.


The food that they serve in prison is meant, in its form, to be a part of the punishment.
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11 Jan
The part that fucks me up— the part that too many of you still aren't really coming to grips with— is that Donald John Trump told us that this is who he was, every day, for 35 years, and then tens of millions of people voted for him anyway.

And the questions you need to be asking yourself, right now, are

1) How many people would STILL vote for him AGAIN?


2) What the fuck do we DO about THAT?
Read 4 tweets

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