Say we gain complete control over genetics—we can code development like Python. After 10,000 years, which is the most likely outcome of our decision-making?
Can’t believe the elimination of men and permanent sexual immaturity/liminal stage are getting so few votes.
I don’t think speciation events are likely. Silicon software has been converging on near-total comparability for decades.
Morlock/eloi divergences are common science fiction tropes but (putting on my fake cultural historian hat) probably just an atavism of Victorian eugenics and racial anxiety. “Exotic becomes erotic”, and plenty of morlocks and eloi would have the hots for each other.

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18 Jan
Someone tosses a coin ten times; it comes up heads every time. What's the probability it comes up heads on the next toss? (Pretty darn high—part of @nntaleb's work is unprogramming you from your high-school rules of thumb.) Now consider the (related) Gambler's fallacy...
In this case, it's a theory about compensation: the worse one's luck is, the more likely it is to see a reversal. On the surface, it's irrational. The more bad luck you have, the more you accumulate evidence that the system is rigged.
But there's also an anthropic component. If the luck is bad enough, it starts to become inconsistent with your survival. You've accumulated evidence for correlations in the environment, but these correlations (may be) inconsistent with (people like you) being in this environment.
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30 Dec 20
2021 predictions (🧵)
Student loans will (finally) be understood as a bubble on a par with the housing market in 2008.
Some of the fallout will be temporarily explained away by COVID, but many universities below the billion-dollar endowment mark (and some above) will find themselves short.
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29 Dec 20
You guys told me julia was cool, but it turns out that it indexes arrays beginning with one? I'm sort of not joking—what possible justification is there to violate the near-universal standard?
This is very Bluebeard's Castle. What else is in the cupboard, "Julia"?
One-indexing considered harmful.…
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19 Dec 20
Let’s check in, as @PaulSkallas says, with the DMs. Five books after @nntaleb 🧵
I’ll take the Taleb-namecheck seriously. Black Swan is an amazing book, which merges life history, fiction, philosophy, and (by the by) plenty of complex mathematics. So this list will be a little weird.
First: the Dialogues. They should be read as dramatic pieces. “What kind of mind do I see?” Every kind of foolishness and grace is on display. Socrates himself grows and develops over time. Translation mostly irrelevant.
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15 Dec 20
The truth appears to be the exact opposite. What Paul calls “low-level” employees seem to understand the lines very well, while middle (and sometimes top) management blurs them to protect revenue sources.…
Quite striking to see everyone jumping on to (1) agree with Paul, and (2) talk about how dumb the content moderators are, when the New Yorker article basically shows all of this to be total fantasy. For example...
It’s not that content moderators can’t understand context—rather, they are explicitly instructed by management to ignore it. Image
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2 Dec 20
One way to find failing institutions is to look for the ones that use, and endlessly debate, metrics.

Healthy systems have notions of success that evolve on the same timescales as the tasks themselves. (🧵)
The graduate admissions that I’ve seen is pretty healthy. The endless debates on whether or not to use GRE seem beside the point: discussions on who to admit, in my experience, end up as really interesting conversations about science itself.
Faculty hiring is more complicated, and it’s easier for people to look at metrics. Usually, how many papers in “top” journals; sometimes divided by the number of years the person’s been out.
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