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What is the solution for Hindu hatred by #Bollywood? What Hindus can do to stop them?

Hinduphobic is not new, #Bollywood has been making Hinduphobic movies since the 70s, they always portrayed a Hindu Sadhu a fake & a r@pist. Also, they've always shown a Hindu..
businessman a dishonest & cruel. However, let us not dig into any further details about it, instead, how can we stop them & that should be the topic of discussion for us now?

Demanding a "BAN" to such Movies/Web Series will never happen & moreover, even if the Govt does..
that then they will set the narratives of being a "Fascist Govt" & a "Death of Democracy" in India. So, this is just not an option to focus on, we need to play a mind game here to defeat these @$$h0les!

I have 2 solutions for this prob & I'm going to explain them one by one.
Sol # 1:
1) Identify the actors, producers, directors, & music directors, etc, and boycott them completely without giving a second thought, do not watch anything either in theater or online.

They make such movies to make money & we are the ones helping them to make money.
So, our main focus should be to hurt them financially then they would never dare to make another movie to hurt our sentiments. #EconomicBoycott
Sol # 2:
We can also make similar Movies/Web Series by showing what all happens in Madrasas & Churches. And I'm sure they will immediately demand the banning of such films but then the Govt can always defend it considering as FOE & it can't be one-way traffic.
However, the ques is who is going 2 fund/produce such movies? Well, it's us, we all can contribute 2 such projects & I'm sure that there r many RWs who r well-established businessman so it won't be a big deal. I'm ready 2 put my money 2 counter them & 2 protect our religion.
In fact, we can make a team & we can open a "Production House" as well. Where there's a will there is a way!

Many invaders tried ruling us but eventually, we defeated them & they left.
#Khangress tried suppressing Hindus right after their existence but now their game is almost over, likewise, we can bl00dy defeat this #Karachiwood & all Hindu haters if we want to.

I would love to see ur comments/thoughts on this.

Thank you!🙏🙏🙏

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Neera Arya was born on March 5 1902 in Khekra Nagar, Uttar Pradesh in a distinguished & eminent businessman Seth Chhajumal's family. Since her childhood,
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