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18 Jan, 16 tweets, 3 min read
22 valuable lessons I learned on the journey from $0 to 6-figures as a total beginner.

(these lessons will also get me to 7-figures this year)

1. Most "creative" and "ground-breaking" ideas will come from doing something unrelated to work (showering, going for a walk, etc.)

2. Stories sell. That’s it. That’s the whole lesson.
3. Keeping your ear to the streets and learning about every little quirk your customer has might just be the highest ROI skill you can develop. Immerse yourself into their community.
4. Getting a lot of customer emails? Put an FAQ section right above the contact form. Will cut the time you spend answering emails in half.

5. Exercise your mental muscles. Creativity. Grit. Discipline. It all starts to fade if you don't exercise them consistently.
6. Most of these “gurus” suck at the thing they’re teaching. You’ll get more value from studying the marketing of their course sales page, funnel, email marketing, etc. than you will from the info in their actual course.
7. Once you’ve made a bag, pick a business you’re genuinely passionate about. Something you can develop an OBSESSION over. This is best for longevity.

8. Instead of always running discounts: make them feel emotional, make the offer more attractive, & increase perceived value.
9. Most get caught up with tricks and gimmicks when building a sturdy foundation is all they need. There is no “one secret”.

10. Customers don’t care how many years you’ve been in business. They care about how you make them FEEL deep down on an emotional level.
11. “I don’t have time” isn’t an excuse. You always have time. Just prioritize it better.

12. Having a clean diet will make you ridiculously productive.
13. Take an online test to figure out which “chronotype” you are and what sleep patterns are most optimal for you. You might be an early bird or a night owl. Lean into whatever your DNA operates better with.

14. Stop using big words. Make your ads/copy as simple as possible.
15. If you’re literally dirt poor, starting an online business might not be for you. Get a part-time job to fund books, mentors, ad spend, etc. You’ll make better decisions when you aren’t tight on cash.
16. Look at your offer. Think to yourself: "If I had to break my back working X hours for minimum wage... would I still want to buy this?" If the answer is no, make your offer more irresistible.

17. Ads that disguise as content and actually ENTERTAIN = BIG $$
18. Things can get very hectic. You need moments of clarity to be a good decision-maker. Find that clarity in meditation, hobbies, etc.
19. What are 1-2 NEEDLE-MOVING activities that you can do to progress your business? Go balls deep with those. Better ads? More outreach? Whatever it is… go ham with it.

20. Find balance between learning & action. There is a place for both but lean more towards ACTION.
21. Everyone has different traits. Assuming one business model is “superior” isn’t right. They all have their downsides. Be self-aware about your strengths/weaknesses and pick a business model that compliments those.
22. If you’re working on something… before you finish and publish it, close your laptop. Do something for a few hours and come back with a fresh pair of eyes. Make edits where necessary.
This was fun.

Gonna go SUPER deep on a few of these points over on my email list.

(might even go into the not-so-pretty stories about how I had to learn some of these lessons the hard way)

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30 Nov 20
20 lessons I have learned in 20 years

1. Everything in life is sales. Learn it.

2. The people around you will usually dictate the quality of your life.

3. No amount of money can take the place of FREEDOM. I’d take $40k/year with freedom any day over $150k/year with no freedom.
4. Doing great things at a young age and keeping your head screwed on straight is a rare sight nowadays. Very few can accomplish this.

5. Nothing good comes from being comfortable.

6. Lift weights and learn how to fight. Don't need to explain this one any further.
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1. Surrounding yourself with toxic people because you're terrified of being alone

2. Achieving success to satisfy other people instead of yourself
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4. Surrounding yourself with people who clap every time you take a sh!t. Gives you a delusional sense of confidence that isn't backed up by real accomplishments
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10 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier...

~ A Thread ~
— 1. Don’t delay working out

I always thought:

“Make money first, then I can get in shape later.”

But once I started working out, my mental game got 100x stronger.

The healthier I got, the more energy I had, and the more money I made. It all works together.

— 2. Learn sales

Everything is sales.

Learning how to talk to a complete stranger and convincing them to give you something is an insane skill to have

Even if you don’t want to work in sales

* Job interviews
* Negotiating
* Buying a car

It’s still sales.

Learn it.
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30 Oct 20
F*ck it

I haven't done this in a while...

And I probably won't do it again for a long time...

My guide "Instagram Income" will be 60% off for the next 9 orders


8 left
Only 7 left
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