"Meaning" and "community" are extremely loaded terms, especially because a ton of the essence of fash ideology is bashing other people's definition of meaning and community as fake/degenerate/pathetic/childish/effeminate/gross/weird/stupid
The red-light districts of Weimar Berlin WERE a nexus of meaning and community, and the Nazis tore it all up and burned it all down because it was the WRONG KIND of meaning and community
Of course the world sucks and people are unhappy

What I am deeply suspicious of is arguments that everyone is less happy than they would've been in the Good Old Days, and gosh if we want people to be happy we should import some of those Good Old Days values into modern times
Especially because the Nazis' totalizing ideology reacts to people saying "Well maybe you want to live on a charming little farm in a rural small town and go to church every Sunday and have a loving housewife and five kids, but I'm happier now" with "Then you must be destroyed"
They say "All real people are miserable and alienated under these neoliberal conditions", and when someone's counterargument is just "Actually things are a lot better for me now than they used to be", the response is "Then you're not a real person"

• • •

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More from @arthur_affect

18 Jan
Dad under investigation from the FBI for insurrection threatens his own children with a gun to try to keep them from turning him in

Gets turned in
Okay so the whole "children informing on parents" stuff has become a right-wing outrage meme, and I gotta say

If you intend to call on bonds of loyalty and love to keep yourself out of trouble, you also need to not threaten lethal violence

You don't get to use both approaches
Like, I think you *shouldn't* threaten to kill your kids in general, because that's, you know, bad karma

But while some abusive dads may have completely normalized this kind of relationship with their kids, *springing* the death threats on them in a panic is just bad tactics
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16 Jan
Yeah I want to be clear I do not think this in and of itself was a valid justification for picking Biden in the primary

But hoooooly shit how stirred up would these people be if it were Harris actually becoming President -- or Warren, or Sanders
That old joke about the old Jewish guy reading Nazi newspapers because "In these papers we're always winning" resonates with me a lot these days

I get my hope from blackpilled Pepes whining about how "Joe Biden's presidency will irreversibly put us on the path to socialism"
"Sleepy Joe is just a figurehead! He's a puppet for that foreign agent KaMAla, who only pretended to be a law-and-order DA until she could get the chance to put her Marxist professor father's ideas into action!"

Yeah, that's it baby, you know just what to say, keep going
Read 4 tweets
14 Jan
I had a thread once about how if you listen to the lyrics of the song "Day-O" they're a horribly depressing description of a truly horrible job

Which means that associating it with tourists on vacation at a resort is kind of wildly perverse
(The song is from the POV of dock workers loading the bananas for shipping, hence the subtitle "The Banana Boat Song"

So it's not technically a "sea shanty" but it's shanty-adjacent)
Seriously, one of the verses of the song is about how when you're exhausted at the end of your shift and tipsy because you've had a little nip to take the edge off is the perfect time for a tarantula to ambush you
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14 Jan
I'm sitting here weighing the idea that you could get rid of a lot of what's toxic about the word "working-class" (as well as misleading, hypocritical, inconsistent, etc.) in ordinary discourse by just committing to saying "poor" instead
Yes I know that in Marxist theory etc. it has a specific meaning

I'm saying that meaning has been so messed up by the way people use it and bicker over it that outside of an academic context, "poor" works much better
It's just really grating hearing about "the working class" to refer to people who own giant ranch houses and huge pickup trucks and a whole arsenal and so forth, and who turn out to own businesses and have employees

Over and over and over again
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12 Jan
I already expressed my feelings about Ashley Babbitt so let me just say it's certainly interesting seeing the same accounts that were calling her a "Wife. Veteran. Patriot" suddenly turn on her as a "sexual deviant" and "antifa plant"
It's just funny how powerful narrative is

Before anyone knew anything about her they'd spun this narrative that she was a decorated combat veteran, mother to three children, devoted Christian, etc that they just made up

One phrase, "Air Force vet", and it's off to the races
Anyway if we were actually "grading on points" then the fact that she never really participated in any foreign wars and that she's a queer poly weirdo should theoretically make someone like me more sympathetic to her

But I find it all irrelevant
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11 Jan
Yeah one of the ways evangelical Christianity messes you up is it actively pushes you to rewrite history and memory

They give you a universal life script (sin, repentance, salvation) and tell you to remember your life that way
And because so much of this narrative is internal and invisible it's really easy to do

You get tons of extremely pat narratives about how anything that went wrong in your life was a test or a punishment for unaddressed sin, and then God took care of it as soon as you prayed
This is just why I'm generally averse to "spirituality" in this vein even divorced from theology

It is very important to understand, as the writer of Ecclesiastes did, that everything does NOT happen for a reason
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