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19 Jan, 23 tweets, 8 min read
Tweeps I read the flaming 💩 that is the 1776 Project the outgoing (40ish hours left, thank GOD) administration gifted us with this #MLKDay2021 A thread, so you don’t have to read it too. There is an emoji in each that doesn’t even begin to capture my true facial expressions. /1
The founders *intended* to abolish slavery, they just couldn’t in the name of unity! Which is also why some of them kept their own slaves, because obviously, they had to model that slaveowners were equal parts of this new country of equals. 🧐 /2
Frederick Douglass (that poor man can’t be left to Rest In Peace by this administration, can he) realized that he was wrong about the Constitution and that it had *always* been intended to grant him equal rights, even as a slave! 🙄 /3
Progressives don’t understand what rights mean and therefore want to replace the *true and correct* system of American government with a bastardized version where rights have no universal meaning anymore. 😨 /4
The Civil Rights Movement betrayed its own founders by abandoning the idea of equality of all in favour of “group rights” which would give *more* rights to previously oppressed groups. They even convinced SCOTUS to abandon its commitment to founding principles to go along. 😠 /5
Civil Rights + Progressivism became identity politics, where the idea of protected classes is a direct assault on MLK Jr.’s vision of a “colour-blind” America. 🤬 /6
How do we begin to fix this disaster of divisiveness that the progressives and paddlers of identity politics have left us with? GOOD OL’ FAMILY VALUES, OF COURSE! Imagine if every child saw his mommy and his daddy working hard for their money every day! 🤑 /7
You know who else is to blame for this? Academics, of course. They want nothing more than to shatter the very fabric of American society with their nay-saying and cancel culture. Did you know they are the reason there are riots and people destroy Confederate statues? 🤯 /8
Academics, y’all better start telling the TRUE story of American exceptionalism lest you divide our society more. Stop silencing those who dare to tell the truth of how great our nation is in pursuit of your corrupt political agenda! 😐 /9
If we all just read and listened to more of the classic works of the American canon, all written by white people, we would be in MUCH better shape. Hollywood and other cultural producers would do well to follow this legacy and tell stories of white resilience and unity! 😖 /10
Y’all went too far in separating Church and State. This isn’t what the Founders meant! 😕 /11
For the love of all that is holy stop saying that America is a place where inequality persists! America absolutely believes in equality, just look at everything we’ve already showed you that white men wrote! 🥱 /12
You know how you know identity politics is BAD BAD BAD? It came from EUROPE! Written by JEWISH MARXISTS! Then the Black people got ahold of it and created Critical Race Theory. Now society has been ripped apart by Cultural Marxism. The Jews are trying to replace us! 😱 /13
Given that it’s MLK Day, it is *very* important to point out that those radical Blacks impelled *other* racial groups to create racial identities! But MLK said that he dreamt of a race free society! They BETRAYED him! 😲 /14
Oppressed groups are told they aren’t American! People are called oppressors and TARRED AND FEATHERED in diversity training programs while their “oppressed” colleagues LAUGH! White people are being OSTRACIZED! We will *never* be equal as long as identity politics exists! 😶 /15
In case it hasn’t been clear, people who espouse identity politics are radicals who want to destroy the very FABRIC of society. They say that they want diversity, but what they want is to destroy the America we all hold so dear. They don’t even believe in the Constitution! 😫/16
If we all just went back to teaching a bunch of dead white guys in schools, we would UNDERSTAND liberty and equality, the true character of the society we live in today! 😵 /17
Hey! Don’t forget to read some Black people too, but make sure it’s the cherry picked writings of MLK and Frederick Douglass so that no one sees that they actually had some pretty serious *QUESTIONS* about the possibility of achieving equality for Black folks in America. 🥴 /18
That’s it! Those are the highlights! It’s a wild ride through justifying slavery (EVERY OTHER COUNTRY WAS DOING IT) to blaming progressives (and of course that somehow always ends up with Jews, because of course) for just making people THINK that there’s no equality… /19
Add in some passive aggressive side swipes at uppity Black folk who have gotten a bit more militant about demanding society face up to inequity, and you’ve got a real doozie of a document. But hey, what else is new? Happy #MLKDay all. Don’t read the thing. It’s not worth it. /end
Now ‘scuse me while I cleanse my palette with a shot of tequila and a purge of all these screen shots from my phone. 🥃 🧂🍋 🥴 😵 😅
Oh and @DrIbram of course has a point by point take down of the key arguments, in case you want something more than just my seething sarcasm.
And a thread on the members of the commission.

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18 Jan
A thread offering some reading/watching for this #MLKDay2021. Some of the things I've been reading and watching that inform the work that I do greatly... here we go. Starting with a few, will add more later... /1
Baldwin, of course, on structural racism and the myth of the "promising Black man". /2
And Baldwin again. Three minutes you must watch. "Everybody knows, no matter what they do not know, that they wouldn't like to be a Black man in this country." 3
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30 Jun 20
I just realized something that’s bothering me about all this “allyship” discourse. To be an ally is to be in relationship. But so many of the people claiming that word today are simply not in relationship. A short thread. /1
Being in relationship doesn’t mean reading books by Black authors. It doesn’t mean watching films about Black people. Hell it doesn’t even mean showing up to a protest led by Black people, or in support of the Black community. /2
A lot of what has been a growing discomfort for me around the concept of allyship is that I don’t want or need strangers proclaiming themselves as my allies. I want people who are willing to be in conversation — even if that means listening more than talking. /3
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18 May 20
Disappointing to read this from major demographers of Jewish life. Some serious issues right on its face: one can be both Ashkenazi and a JoC (👋), any count that shows little increase in JoCs from 1990 and 2013 is... questionable... ejewishphilanthropy.com/how-many-jews-… /1
As well, Counting Inconsistencies made an attempt to account for people missed in some of the major demographic studies by doing a cross-field comparison and extrapolating data to get to a more accurate count. /2
Indeed, counts going back to ~2000 (like say, Gary Tobin z”l of Be’chol Lashon) have found that JoCs have been drastically undercounted in national demographic studies, and it’s shocking to see these authors not acknowledging or grappling with that in any way, but instead... /3
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29 Mar 20
I just saw someone on Facebook talking about the mask shortage. She said "I understand some people wearing them out may be immunocompromised. Well, if they are, then they should just stay home and leave the masks for the frontline workers." This was incredibly painful to read. /1
I am immunocompromised. I have barely left my home other than to walk my dog at times when I'm unlikely to encounter other people. I wash my hands diligently every time I come back in. I have any deliveries made "contact free". I still need to go out wearing a mask sometimes. /2
The hoarding has meant that it is almost impossible to get groceries delivered with less than a 5 day lead time. And when you do manage to get a delivery, often basics, like bread and milk, are sold out of the big box shops. And not everyone has waived delivery charges. /3
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6 Jan 20
For anyone wondering why I, a white-passing daughter of a black father, get upset when people make sloppy analogies to black skin, think about the time my father was arrested for "looking like" the suspects, or when my cousin was pulled over for driving a nice car. /1
Or the black maternal mortality rate, or the pervasive income gap, or the education differential, or redlining, or banking while black, or the systemic erosion of the VRA. /2
Consider the fact that my parents had to sit my brother down and teach him how to "act" in public so that he didn't get followed in stores or hassled by cops. That my father was surrounded sitting on a park bench for being black in a small town. The cops left when I showed up. /3
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8 Feb 19
THREAD. This one is going to be a doozie. I am seeing a lot of misinformation about the Auschwitz Memorial circulating on Twitter. This is a really big problem, and here's why: /1
First, a little bit about me. I spent three years working closely with museum professionals from across Canada and internationally as the coordinator of Canada's National Task Force on Holocaust Education, Remembrance & Research. /2
Through that role, I was involved in creating international conferences, developing school resources, and preparing an academic manuscript for publication. This project was part of Canada's application to the @TheIHRA. It was a hard job, an emotional job, but I loved it. /3
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