1. This a thread. My only credentials being 40 years an activist, fought Thatcher over CND, Poll Tax, BNP, closure of the mines, shipbuilding, steelworks, fishing and heavy industry in the NE where I come from. Short spin with the SWP and 35 years in social work with those
2. at the sharp end. Homeless, addicted, beaten physically and psychologically, withe the fear that being poor and unable to cope would lead to them losing their kids. Their babies. Imagine that. Then piece by piece over the years the scant resources
3. We had were stripped away by govt leaving us with only ourselves to offer and the risk to children and desperate families amplified probably a 100 times. 2 children a week still lose their lives at the hands of their primary carers. Hard pressed teachers
4. GPS, nurses and A&E doctors to say nothing of the police struggle to identify those most at risk and tell us about them. Then who is teaching, policing, health working? And God knows, we don't have crystal balls or surveillance in every home.
5. Which brings me to the next point. Inevitably when we receive referrals, black and other minorities are always over represented. The targeting of black youth, the shootings, the death row inmates, the murdered, the most AT RISK Group of harm has it's genesis in institutional
6. racism from birth. Secondly, the UK hates poor people. Blames poor people. Humiliates and shames poor people on national TV DAILY. Targets them. Punishes them. Deprives and neglects them. So if you're black and poor - perfect storm. The UK is not only racist, it weaponises
7. and inverts racism to blame those they don't consider to be quite the ticket. If you don't believe me just consider the appalling, entitled, stolen lives and wealth of our so called leaders. They don't even get punished when they break the law or engage in continuous
8. and corrupt activities - theft, murder (you there Blair?) illegal deportations, illegal imprisonment, and constant lying. Filthy, dangerous lies which could be easily debunked if only we had free speech. And yet still they have poor fighting poor.
9. So, it's clear that law and order and for that matter antisemitism and racism as their twisted logic for beating down and starving the poor - UNICEF anyone? UN report on cruel poverty inflicted on children DELIBERATELY. To say nothing of all but shutting off healthcare.
10. They bamboozle us with Brexit, they give the hideous right a platform and why. Because the right hang on their cost tails thinking they'll climb the ladder of success if only their footsoldiers can rid the UK of the left, the homeless,
11. Black people who have given a lifetimes contribution, and elderly people who have done the same and are now left dying lonely deaths without their loved ones. Covid is a terrifying illness and the govt who have handled it from start to finish like amateurs have us now
12. fighting night and day over rules which were never clear in the first place. On here, people are 'cancelled' for no other reason than that they want to exercise their legal right to refuse a vaccine. We're bombarded with propaganda night and day about Britain, Brits
13. World Wars and the wretched, wretched Royal Family.
In truth the biggest sickness in the UK is blindness. Wilful blindness. Believing the lies, pissing on the homeless and setting their tents on fire all led by rich brats burning money in front of them. Gently accepting
14. Food Banks and hungry children as the norm. Deportations as acceptable. The decimation of the NHS as necessary. The catastrophic impact of Brexit. Don't donate £2 a month to save a Snow Leopard. Socialists need to get people to open their eyes and ask themselves
15. Is this what I want for future generations? A govt which wants us to have nothing. Nothing. Then they have control. Look around with you open eyes and see how many have nothing already. It could be me. It could be you. 🌹
Postscript. I read many excellent threads but I find the elitist, pointless 'blue ticks' barely ever acknowledge them or anything really unless it's from another blue tick. Some do. Elitism cuts to the bone.


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