How Scotland spends England’s money and lies about it!

Ask any leftie journalist in London

Who runs their economies better. Scotland or England?

I’ll bet that the vast majority of them say Scotland does


Because they’ll point to free Uni tuition, baby boxes etc etc

Unfortunately they’ve been had. They’ve been taken in by the best propagandists since the Third Reich and what worse. They’re happy to be taken in by the SNP

As far as they’re concerned. Any anti Tory is good by them!

Unfortunately none of it is true

None of it

How can I prove that none of it is true?

Easy. All one needs to do is read the ONS Country and regional accounts

It details the revenues and expenditures for all four UK Countries 👇


And what does it say?

It tells you in incredible detail that there is only one well run economy in the UK and that is England

That’s right. England? Really?

Yep. It’s true. This graphic shows you the deficits for the last 5 years to 2018/19

Whilst the deficits of Scotland, Wales and NI have

remained stubbornly high England has cut its deficit by almost 92%. From £1,066 per person in 2014/15 to £89 per person by 2018/19

Scotland on cut it’s deficit by 4.28% from £2,593 in 2014/15 to £2,482 in 2018/19. The deficit in 2019/20 (GERS) was £2,771

If you think that’s bad wait till you see how much Scotland spends more than England

Before I show you the figures, there’s a very good reason that spending is higher in England than Scotland. This has been the case for at least 100 years

Scotland is a sparsely populated

Country. That means that it costs more money to provide services to the outlying areas. If you live on an island, ordering a three piece suite is much more expensive as it costs a lot of money to get it to you. It will always cost more for services in Scotland than England

So. Just how much more do we spend than England?

Here’s the data 👇

In this graphic you can see not only spending per person but also revenues per person for Scotland and England

Not only does Scotland spend a lot more per person than England but also raises less tax too

Over the last 5 years Scotland has spent £8,530 per person more than England. That doesn’t sound a lot but it is

That’s for every single person in Scotland

And where does this money come from?

It turns out that virtually all this extra spending is paid for by fiscal grants

from England

That’s right. Not only does Scotland get to spend more per person than England but England gets to pay for it!

Imagine now, that England was somehow able to manage to spend the same person person as Scotland (we won’t go into where the money comes from)

That would mean that England, over the last 5 years spent £8,530 per person more than they did

How much would that be?

It turns out that this would be a colossal sum of money

If England just matched Scotland’s spending per head over the last 5 years it would have had around £480 billion extra to spend

With that money, England could afford to increase welfare payments right across the board

England could afford to raise the state pension and fund large increases in the NHS. It could also increase military spending and eradicate child poverty and homelessness

It could do all these things simply by getting the same amount to spend per person as Scotland

Had England been able to spend like Scotland it would possibly become the richest large country in Europe. People would flock to England to join in in its success. This extra spending would also massively boost the economy

It would also likely mean polling ratings of

60-70% for the Tories

In England University tuition would also be free, as well as a whole host of other things. You can do an awful lot with £480 billion extra spent over 5 years

That’s just if England’s spending matched Scotland’s spending. Even the left wing journos

would be impressed

So. The next time a journalist or politician points to services that might be better in Scotland, just remind them that England’s services would be leaps and bounds ahead of Scotland’s if it got to spend the same anoint as us

For an in depth analysis of Scotland’s finances read my blog



• • •

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