1/ "The entire audience was white and casually well-dressed"

~Greg Pritchard, describing his first experience of @WillowCreekCC in 1983, in his 1995 book "Willow Creek Seeker Services", Chapter 1.
2/ "Credibility: Hybels seeks to be a reliable & trusted friend to a visiting unchurched Harry. He wants to be honest & sincere & show genuine affection for Harry. See chapter 8."

~Greg Pritchard, who I guess had the wool pretty much pulled over his eyes, in "WCSS"
3/ "An ironic Willow Creek Proverb expresses this same idea: 'Exhaustion in next to Godliness'"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services", Chapter 2.
4/ "Loyalty became the most prized virtue in the church & disloyalty one of the greatest vices. ...
5/ "[when] staff members told me something about the church that could be interpreted negatively they would quickly try to qualify their remarks, ask me not to use their comments, or request that I not identify them as the source. They wanted to avoid the earmark of disloyalty...
6/ "The only dissatisfied staff member I found remarked, “They [church leadership] value loyalty more than honesty.”

~Greg Pritchard, describing @WillowCreekCC, then & now, in his 1995 book "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
7/ "“Dr. B. became the transformer and Bill Hybels became the transformee.”

~Don Cousins, talking about @WillowCreekCC & @GLNsummit's two unrepentant sexual predator founders, in Greg Pritchard's "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

See vimeo.com/435618291
8/ "Hybels thus accepted a new definition of spiritual success where the goal of the church was to a large extent to affect those outside the church. As Hybels recalls Bilezikian’s teaching, 'You’ve got to live for the lost. ...'
9/ "...the criteria of business could now be applied to the spiritual realm. The standard of success naturally became the number of those who were affected, and evangelism became the driving force of the church. ...
10/ "Hybels had a new understanding of what the church should be and do, but he didn’t have a model of how the church could implement this vision. Then he began to read a book by Robert Schuller."

Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
11/ "In 1975, ... [Hybels] attended The Robert Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership, a yearly conference ... Crystal Cathedral in California. This experience solidified a profound influence that Schuller was to have on Hybels & Willow Creek."

~G Pritchard, "WCSS"
12/ "The central core of his shift in method is the application of marketing ideas for the church. [Schuller] claims, 'I advocated & launched what has become known as the marketing approach in Christianity.'"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
13/ "In his book 'Your Church Has Real Possibilities', Schuller claims that there are proven 'Principles of Successful Retailing':

A. Accessibility. 'They’ve got to get to you without a big hassle.'
B. Surplus parking. 'If a church were to grow, it must have surplus parking.'...
14/ "C. Inventory. 'You have to have what they want. Find what their needs are. You have to study psychology to know what the deep emotional needs of human beings are before you open your mouth & start talking to them. There enters self esteem psychology & theology.'...
15/ "D. Service. 'You’ve got to have people that will welcome them in. ‘Hello, I’m glad you’ve come in. How are you today?’ You don’t have a consumer until they come back.' ...
16/ "E. Visibility. 'They’ve got to know you’re there, know what you are & know that you have what they need & want. You have to advertise.' ...
17/ "F. Good cash flow. 'Before you borrow money to expand, build up your income to the point where you can afford to borrow the funds.'"

Greg Pritchard, in "Willow Creek Seeker Services", outlining Schuller's principles upon with Willow Creek Community Church was founded
18/ "Schuller’s attempt at theology was met by many evangelical theologians with anger/condescension... This condemnation & disrespect of Schuller’s message within the evangelical community probably caused Willow Creek staffers to hesitate to acknowledge his influence"

19/ "'I was the first person to introduce real church growth to the American Church. He [Hybels] became the first guy to take these principles, refine them, maximize them to the ultimate length of their potential.'"

G Pritchard, quoting Robert Schuller, in WCSS
20/ "'Hybels took it the whole shot, a lot farther than Schuller ever took it.' [said Robert Schuller]

Schuller believes that Hybels was able to do this because: He wasn’t a member of a denomination."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
21/ "Bill Hybels is the central cord of Willow Creek’s history around which all these other threads wrap. The importance & influence of Bill Hybels on Willow Creek has, if anything, increased during the history of the church."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
22/ "Hybels describes a 'private pet peeve'...pastors use Charlie Brown & Lucy humor: A lot of target audience men find that...effeminate & elementary...that’s not a real high level. Your cosmopolitan businessmen don’t really get their chuckles from Lucy, okay?"

23/ "Willow Creek has obviously focused on reaching men. Hybels elaborates: 'We shoot unashamedly for the male, & that’s somewhat controversial. But our feeling is that it’s tougher to reach men than it is women....
24/ "'...Men seekers are real tough to reach. So if we set our standards at reaching unchurched males, we’ll probably in so doing reach larger numbers of females.'"

Greg Pritchard, quoting unrepentant sexual predator founder Bill Hybels, in "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
25/ "a more important source of information for Hybels is his informal rubbing of shoulders with rank-and-file unchurched Harrys & Marys."

Greg Pritchard, writing about unrepentant predator Hybels and @WillowCreekCC, in "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

26/ "Hybels utilizes the information from the other sources of research, but the final judgment comes down to his gut instincts & what he thinks the Holy Spirit wants him to do.

Greg Pritchard, on unrepentant predator Hybels and @WillowCreekCC, in "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
27/ "The audience @WillowCreekCC is seeking to reach is sophisticated. As Hybels said, 'Almost the whole church considered themselves to be deep thinkers.'"

Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
28/ "I wanted to find a scam. You know, that was what I really wanted. Because if I found that this was a scam, then I could not only discount the church, but I could discount its message."

@LeeStrobel, as quoted in Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
29/ "we want him to just say, 'I was just at corporate headquarters for IBM in Atlanta Wednesday, & now I come to church here & it’s basically the same.' Neutrality, comfort, contemporary, clean: Those are the kinds of values that we want to communicate.'"

~Hybels, in GP, WCCS
30/ "The lighting was unobtrusive & seemingly perfect. the very lack of attention the sound & lighting commanded illustrates its excellence. I never witnessed a lighting or sound mistake during any program at Willow Creek."

~Nancy Beach, as quoted in G.P., "WCSS"

31/ "the audience responded emotionally during a song about God’s faithfulness: 'I was looking around the auditorium at a lot of our seekers, & I sensed that what they were saying was, 'There’s no one in this world who is faithful & true.''"

~Hybels, in G.P., "WCSS"
32/ "@WillowCreekCC’s ethics are largely based on gut instincts. Nancy Beach argues, 'I really do trust our instincts.'"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
33/ "Virtually anytime someone wasn’t able to give a clear or definite answer to one of my questions, he or she appealed to 'integrity.' 'Creekers want to be guided by integrity.', Beach explains"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

34/ "After reading this chapter, Beach responded, 'I wish I could have thought it all through more when interviewed. It is so important to us that we do not manipulate people through the arts.'”

~Greg Prichard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

35/ [Holy FSM. Chapter 8 of Greg Pritchard's book is entitled "The Credibility of the Speaker". This is gonna be epic.]
36/ "A staff member in the counseling center explained, 'He has so much credibility, people do what he suggests.' People trust Hybels."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

[This is genuinely helping me understand]

37/ "Researchers say credibility is created by prestige, expertise, trustworthiness, attractiveness, similarity, familiarity, and power. Hybels ranks high in every one of these categories in the eyes of unchurched Harry"

~G Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

38/ "There are 5 elements to Hybels’s particular approach to building credibility: authenticity, integrity, intimacy, emotions, & affection."

~Greg Pritchard, "@WillowCreekCC Seeker Services"

[Pritchard totally wrote "Hybels's"]

39/ "The words authentic & authenticity were regularly used by Creekers to explain how Hybels communicates. One staff member reported, 'A really good word to summarize Hybels’s speaking style is 'authentic.''"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

40/ "When you know you’re being right before God yourself, then when you teach about it, there’s a ring of authenticity in your voice & people say, 'I’ll bet he doesn’t just talk about it'"

~Predator Bill Hybels, in G.P., "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

41/ "Unchurched Harry is cynical toward the church. He thinks that Christianity is for hypocrites and that churches want him to be involved so that they can get his money."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
42/ Slight detour. "Had a certain leader [Predator Gilbert Bilezikian] not reached out to me 4 decades ago, I'd probably be a half-hearted Christ follower leading a toxic organisation who unstated mission would be to make me richer"

~Bill Hybels, #GLS15 vimeo.com/435618291
43/ "Hybels wants @WillowCreekCC to be a place where Harry can come to hear people of integrity speak the truth. He believes that Harry will ultimately be open to truth-filled communication because 'secular people are so sick & tired of being lied to.'"

~G Pritchard, "WCSS"
44/ "Intimacy: When Hybels describes his speaking style, he sometimes uses the word transparent to explain how much he shares about his own life and experience"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
45/ "As a result, Hybels uses first person pronouns quite liberally in his talks. In the weekend talks of one year he used 'I' 6,152 times and 'me' & 'my' 1,580 & 1,478 times respectively."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
46/ "In effect, Hybels’s talks are a 1-way intimate conversation containing a lot of personal confession. This kind of personal sharing & confession bypasses the defense mechanisms of unchurched Harry."

~Greg Pritchard, "WCSS"

@jdahlmd is there another way to say this?
47/ "With this intimacy Hybels can be honest about delicate & difficult topics without offending people. In turn, individuals feel permission, or perhaps a need, to be honest in response."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

48/ "A large part of Hybels’s transparency is his revealing of his emotions. [He] explains, 'I’m a proponent of being real in relationships. You know I am. That’s my style. That’s my preference. I’m all for taking risks of self-disclosure.'"


49/ "There is a deep affirmation of the American culture in Willow Creek’s principle of identifying [with unchurched Harry]"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
50/ "It is not unusual for Hybels...to affirm the audience with a compliment of some sort...By complimenting the audience, he is emphasizing the common ground they share as friends."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

51/ "'Unchurched people don’t like to be talked down to. Sooner or later, they see through leaders who are trying to project a phony image.'"

~Lee Strobel, as quoted in Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
52/ "'Now obviously they had their mind & heart, & other parts of their anatomy, sort of programmed toward iniquity.' By juxtaposing pictures of an orgy with a Bible study, Hybels...generated a huge laugh..."

~G. Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

53/ "Hybels & other speakers tease about balding hair, intellectual ability, the way the Hybels family eats health food, different types of personality quirks, & the romantic nature of young couples. All of this creates a warm, affectionate, family environment."

54/ "I could tell that a shift was happening in our culture several years ago when an attractive young mother stopped me after a service, & she described the bliss of breast feeding to me in greater detail than was necessary for a guy like me to hear."


55/ "And then he said, 'I’ll bet she keeps her stuff real neat.' I mean, what do you say? I mean I was, 'Yeah, when I was cruising chicks that was high on my priority list too.'"

~Predator Bill Hybels, describing conversation with son Todd, in GP, "WCSS"

56/ "'I’m living with a keen awareness that my life is counting for something beyond myself.. when you start using that endowment from God, just watch the fulfillment factor, the thrill factor in your life, go up...'”

Predator Hybels, in GP, "WCSS"

57/ "Willow Creek presents Christianity as the solution to people’s felt needs with fulfillment as the result. Hybels calls this kind of teaching 'Christianity 101'.”

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

58/ "The main thing seekers want is to be touched by a 'so what' factor. Up the 'so what' factor & you’ll be doing good preaching. This 'so what' factor is showing Harry that Christianity will help him in his quest for personal happiness."


59/ "Willow Creek’s canon within the canon is how human beings can be fulfilled."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
60/ Wow you guys. Hybels et al. @WillowCreekCC set out to do what Dr. @wademullen calls "destroying your inner world", and they did it right out in the open.

Screenshot from Greg Pritchard's "Willow Creek Seeker Services" Image
61/ "Maybe by taking this assault strategy, this frontal approach, we can create...enough chaos in people’s minds that some conversations will flow...Hybels sees this process of creating 'chaos,' or destabilization, as an integral part of the process of persuasion"

62/ "“I’m not sure I’d want to stand before the holy God on the day of judgment and tell him that my life song was 'I did it my way'."

~Unrepentant predator Bill Hybels, in Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
63/ "As Harry begins to question the wisdom of an individualistic lifestyle, he becomes correspondingly more open to Hybels’s gospel."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

64/ "Nowhere does the problem of overrating oneself happen more frequently than in the spiritual realm. Most people vastly overrate how good they are in the eyes of God."

~unrepentant predator Bill Hybles, in Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

65/ "Apologetics is the handmaiden to evangelism."

~@MarkMittelberg (in GP, "WCSS") 100% wrote that in his thesis in '88, 3 years after Atwood published the book. Mittelberg still proudly mentions co-authoring with predator Bill Hybels the gross "Becoming a Contagious Christian"
66/ "I want to say to those of you who are Christians, you have no reason to be embarrassed or to shrink back from boldly proclaiming that you walk and talk regularly with a God who is there."

~unrepentant predator Bill Hybels, in Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
67/ "Hybels teaches that the basis of a healthy Christian life is an intellectual understanding of Christianity’s truthfulness. The theme of the church during the year of my study was 'Becoming a Fully Informed Follower of Christ.'

~Greg Pritchard, "WCSS"

[Wait. Annual theme?]
68/ "Willow Creek staff believe that Harry has a distorted view of God. 'We feel like God is very misunderstood.' Hybels & his staff believe that if they can help Harry see who God really is, Harry will be more likely to respond positively."

~G.P., "WCSS"

69/ "The fourth weakness of the use of the arts is the temptation of image, which will be described in some depth in chapter 16."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

[OMFSM I can hardly wait for Chapter 16]
70/ "A second danger of credibility is that an emphasis is placed on how one communicates rather than on who one is."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

71/ "Yet, judging a leader to be credible primarily by how he communicates and what he says is a shallow understanding of biblical credibility. Understood biblically, credibility (respect or honor) is a consequence of integrity."

~G.P., "Willow Creek Seeker Services

72/ "I need to be clear here. I believe that Willow Creek speakers are seeking to live with integrity and should be accorded respect and thus credibility."

~Greg Pritchard believes in your integrity, @davedummitt, and he seems to have deep insight. Or something.

73/ "For example, the holiness of God was regularly paraphrased by Creekers as purity."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

74/ "The second potential problem with identifying with the audience is the possibility of compromising one’s ethics."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

75/ "1 can hardly describe Jesus as having a ministry of only felt needs when he called some people 'whitewashed sepulchers' or bellowed in rage & used a whip to clear the temple of the money changers."

~GP, "Willow Creek Seeker Services

What's a "money changer", @CCPWealth?
76/ "Hybels believes Harry places an 'enormous emphasis on appearance.' If image means this much to Harry, it should be no surprise that it has come to mean a lot to Hybels: 'We say, ‘Let’s work really hard for the image sake.'’”

~G. Pritchard. "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
77/ "Each singer has [their] picture taken with every piece of clothing [they] might wear on stage. [A] team member selects which [clothing] each singer will wear. 'We carefully prepare their attire, style, color, & professional appearance,'"

~GP, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
78/ "'We do everything in our power to posture ourselves as being those who are concerned about these matters.' Such language as 'perception, reality, & posture ourselves' reveals an awareness of the importance of image in a performance."

~G P, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
79/ "In the context of the high-powered world of @WillowCreekCC, individuals feel a need to achieve and thus a pressure to perform and pretend."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

80/ "I asked Jim Dethmer @ConsciousLG, one of the teachers at Willow Creek, what effects he saw of the church’s focus on image. He answered that the 'potential effects are inauthenticity.'"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
81/ "The important point is that this temptation of pretense is built into this model of doing church. The temptation to pretend is increased by the social pressure to produce. One’s status in the organization is tied to the ability to perform & produce."

82/ "After many interviews and conversations over my two-and-one-half years of study I believe that Willow Creek staff are sincerely seeking to honor the Lord."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"

[Oh Greg. Hybels was actively preying throughout =(]
83/ "Maybe some of you needed to be prompted this morning to leave the shame & the shadows you’ve been walking in. No one’s gonna feel any less about you if you come out for help. You’ll be respected more"

~unrepentant predator Bill Hybels, in GP, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
84/ "In fact, Willow Creek’s official divorce policy allows individuals to divorce their spouses if 'their spouse is unwilling to be a viable marriage partner.'"

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
85/ "marketing lessons Jesustaught-He understood His product thoroughly,developed an unparalleled distribution system,advanced a method of promotion that's penetrated every continent, &offered His product at a price that's within the grasp of everyconsumer"
@George_Barna in"WCSS"
86/ "The final goal of the marketing strategy is the bottom line of success-numbers. For the local church to be a successful business, it must impact a growing share of its market area. The goal of marketing Christianity is numerical growth."

~GP, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
87/ "The goal of marketing Christianity is numerical growth. As shown in chapters 3-4, the use of a marketing framework & methods are basic to Willow Creek’s strategy. However, when Creekers read these chapters, they became uneasy."

~G Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
88/ "A key Willow Creek leader concisely explained to me, 'There is nothing that dispels doubt faster than success.' That is, the visible success of numbers."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
89/ "A church may be completely devoid of spiritual life and still be increasing in numbers and influence. Marketing techniques may be employed without integrity or spiritual maturity."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
90/ "This marketing perspective is a subtle but deadly shift in Christianity. To love someone in order to communicate the gospel distorts the very gospel we communicate."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
91/ "Willow Creek’s canon within the canon is how Christianity brings fulfillment-At Willow Creek, Christianity is presented as the answer to anxiety, pain, meaning, identity, self-esteem, loneliness, marriage, sex, parenting, & work."

~GPritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
92/ "Willow Creek’s fulfillment theology also resonates with a long American tradition of Christianity being presented as a means to success and happiness."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
93/ "Willow Creek’s fulfillment theology is a sort of American liberation theology flipped on its head."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
94/ "Creekers have borrowed [marketing] methods in efforts to reach [the] unchurched. Although their intentions are good, the methods have tended to warp the content of the Christian gospel. As they seek to market the gospel, the gospel itself has been distorted."

95/ "this brief comparison between God’s love & holiness, & the excursus about God’s moral law, [shows] that Willow Creek’s gospel, as summarized in chapter 13, is not the whole story. The holiness of God & the convicting nature of God’s moral law are obscured."

96/ "We also see this sanguine attitude after a church-wide survey when Hybels broke the news that large percentages of the congregation in the previous six months had lied (33%) stolen (18%) committed adultery (12.5%) & viewed pornography (27%)....
97/ "...After describing how Creekers had failed, Hybels’ response was not to rebuke the congregation, but to compliment them: Put your chest out a little bit-we are acknowledging our unrighteousness and we are exposing it to grace and truth."

~Greg Pritchard, "WCSS"
98/ "If Willow Creek is being influenced by the American psychological worldview, we should not be surprised if their view of Jesus were characterized by therapeutic categories."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
99/ "This is a theology that emphasizes elements of the gospel that are appealing to the typical unchurched Harry (immanent love) & a corresponding lack of emphasis on those elements that are not as attractive (transcendent holiness)."

G Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
100/ "By focusing on the relevance of Christianity and how it provides fulfillment, Willow Creek obscures the biblical message of a holy God who is angry at sin. The moral law is rarely presented in this context."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
101/ "All of the weaknesses in Willow Creek’s strategy have one root cause: Hybels & his team have not thoroughly evaluated the American culture from a Christian perspective. In short, Creekers generally do not think with a consistent Christian worldview."


102/ "Hybels repeatedly returned to three academic disciplines: psychology, apologetics, & business management. Yet beneath his pragmatic use of academic experts in each of these categories is an underlying ambivalence toward & even disdain for education itself."

103/ "This experience of burnout is not unusual at Willow Creek. Highly committed volunteers and staff regularly burn out after years of faithful effort."

~Greg Pritchard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
104/ "This devaluation of Christian thinking has helped to create a church where the majority of church attenders are passive observers."

~Greg Prichard, "Willow Creek Seeker Services"
105/ This has been quotes from Greg Pritchard's 1996 book "Willow Creek Seeker Services", which is based on his 1994 doctoral dissertation at Northwestern University.

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