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26 Jan, 5 tweets, 1 min read
Just FYI... going through with a trial in the Senate for someone who is already no longer in office is the kind of Washington DC bullshit that made Trump possible in the first place.

If you support this farce, you're the problem.

There's no grey area.
People are already moving on from Trump.

Going through with this nonsense will just keep his mystique alive and make him a fucking martyr.

Why do you people refuse to learn from your mistakes?
And no, it's not "the right thing to do."

It's bullshit.

It's a farce.

And you demean yourself pretending otherwise.
And please feel free to tell me the 18 Republican Senators who are going to vote to convict and ban Trump from office for life.

I'll wait.
Still waiting....

Also, by supporting this farce of a trial you are literally just helping Democrat fuck Republicans.

You know what that makes you?


It makes you Democrats.

• • •

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28 Jan
Ok, this is going to be a thread.

First, "selling short" and the "short options" that hedge fund got screwed over on are different things.

"Selling short" just means when you sell a stock before it reaches the expected high water mark.
The short options are trickier. This is where you're basically betting (and usually borrowing money to do it) that a stock is going to drop below a certain amount. What you're buying is an "option." It's the "asset" created that you actually buy.
The way it pays out is that you get to keep the difference of what the price was and the new lower price.

The flip side of these options is that if the price goes up within the time frame of that option (there's a maturity date attached) you have to buy the stock at that price.
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15 Jan
I'm just a dude on Twitter. You don't have to listen to me.

But I'm begging you, please understand the motivation behind these rationales for impeachment and conviction.

It has NOTHING to do with principles. ZERO.
The are all theoretical exercises.

Built in to those exercises are assumptions that simply don't exist in the real world.
For example:

The biggest assumption that simply doesn't exist in the real world is the idea that "standing up for principle" is "the right thing to do."

That is false. Because you're arguing for an outcome while something VERY WRONG is being done to achieve it.
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13 Jan
A lot of people horrified about what happened last Wednesday because politicians were threatened defended the rioters who put the lives of business owners and residents of neighborhoods in jeopardy.

They disgust me the most.
"Oh those poor Congressmen!!!"

Store owners were hiding in fucking refrigerators as their stores were looted and burned by people incited by the Democrats who are impeaching Trump today.

And you defended that shit.
And now the DC "Smart set" (aka pussies) are letting Democrats completely absolve themselves of the terror they unleashed in cities across the country this summer.

For a guy who is done in six days anyway.

What a fucking joke.
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2 Jan
Ron DeSantis is too Trumpy for the DC Media Bubble because he doesn’t act like Mitt Romney.
Nikki Haley?

Too Trumpy for the DC smart set. She didn’t criticize Trump enough.
Kristi Noem?

Too Trumpy for the DC clowns. She had the temerity to say people in 90% rural state don’t actually have to be locked down in their houses.
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3 Sep 20

I’m going to show you how we can tell that Kyle Rittenhouse shot in self-defense and didn’t just show up in Kenosha to kill “protesters” as the left wing nutjobs are suggesting. And you don’t even need video to prove it.
The first glaring proof is that in a typical “mass shooting” situation, national media would have blanketed the coverage from every angle.

Stories about the victims. Interviews with survivors. Tales of the heroes who tried to stop him. Etc.

We have none of that.
Second proof is that if it was a mass shooting with as much video of the events as the shooting in Kenosha, EVERYONE would have done a minute by minute breakdown of the video.

And it would be on national TV. On a loop.

We have none of that.
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15 Jul 20
You can pretend that the US is absolutely failing against a virus that no one knew about less than a year ago...

But it would still be pretending.
The available data suggests that the US, considering how massive and diverse the economy and society is, is doing a decent job managing the problem.

There is no country like the United States. Period.

There just isn't.
When all is said and done and there's a vaccine or herd immunity or whatever, the final analysis will be that it would have been better for you to live in the United States than pretty much anywhere else on the planet during this pandemic.

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