Keir and Jess and their links to Murdoch, The Times, the S*n, the ERG, 1922 committee, Brady, Rees Mogg, House Magazine, Ashcroft, Owen Smith, Mi6, off shore accounts, Genie Energy, Oil, Gas, C.F,I, L.F.I, Blair, Tory and Labour party collusion, ''Get Brexit Done'' #LabourLeaks
An odd friendship, Jess and Jacob, Phillips is now Labour's Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, who campaigned for remain and for a people’s vote and Rees-Mogg a hard right Tory arch Brexiteer, ERG member and admirer of the AfD. #LabourLeaks…
Jess Phillips has rubbed shoulders with various other Tory MPs when she was the ONLY Labour MP to attend a private party thrown by S*n and Times owner Rupert Murdoch, at which the likes of the MAIL’s Paul Dacre attended . #LabourLeaks…
In 2015, she told Owen Jones, “I would do anything that I felt was going to make the Labour party win the next election”, but she didn't support Corbyn's leadership. She supported OWEN SMITH in the failed attempt to replace Jeremy in the 2016. Smith with KATE GREEN.👇#PFI
Her 2020 campaign backers could be described as the BLAIRITE rump of the parliamentary Labour Party. They included some of Mr Corbyn's harshest critics, such as Neil Coyle, Margaret Hodge, Liz Kendall, Siobhan McDonagh, Pat McFadden and Wes Streeting. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
Labour Friends of Israel members include Jess Phillips, Neil Coyle, Margaret Hodge, Liz Kendall, Siobhain McDonagh, Pat McFadden, Wes Streeting, etc, the EXACT same people. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks Mark Regev with Tony Blair BoD. 👇etc. ''Get Brexit Done'' #BICOM #LFI #BREXIT
Financed by the Tories too, Jess Phillips has an £8,000-a-year sideline working for top Tory donor and former Conservative deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft. He has offshore financial affairs. #LabourLeaks #Collusion…
Conservative Lord Ashcroft avoids questions from reporter Richard Bilton about his offshore financial affairs as leaked in the Paradise Papers. Ashcroft refused to answer questions during a chase across the Conservative party conference floor. #LabourLeaks
Jess is deputy editor of The House, the editor is Tory MP Sir Graham Brady.

Brady is a powerful Conservative MP because he is chair of the 1922 Committee which represents the interests of all Tory backbenchers. #LabourLeaks #Brexit #Collusion #StarmerOut…
''Get Brexit Done'' Brexit fears unfounded as 1,000 richest get richer. Lord Ashcroft of Chichester is the country’s 95th Riches with a personal fortune of £1.35 billion, up £10 million on last year. BREXIT is good news for him. #LabourLeaks #Brexit…
Lord Ashcroft: Tory donor's firm lands £350m test and trace deal. THE Westminster system has been deemed “broken beyond repair” after it was revealed a company he majority-owned has been handed a £350 million coronavirus contract by the UK Government.…
Brexit for Rupert Murdoch, S*n and Times owner, is just what he wants, control of No. 10 again no matter who's in power. Tony Blair is godfather to Murdoch's daughter? Now it all makes sense. #LabourLeaks…
Israel has stolen the oil rich Golan Heights and Israel has granted Rupert Murdoch's Genie Energy, a U.S. company, the first and ONLY license to explore for oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights. #LabourLeaks #Oil #Gas #StarmerOut…
Sir Keir Starmer, why did you develop such a close relationship with Rupert Murdoch's The Times newspaper while you were the Director of Public Prosecutions and does this close relationship still exist?. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
Tax the richest?, Green New Deal?, NOT from Keir Starmer, think of his backers - Rupert Murdoch, OIL and GAS explorer, Genie Energy. Gas industry whistleblower Simone Marsh explores his fossil fuel interests. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
Ashcroft is the largest shareholder in Medacs Healthcare, which has been awarded a two-year deal to recruit and manage staff for NHS Test & Trace. The business is a subsidiary of the Impellam Group, a FTSE-listed company. #LabourLeaks
Tony Blair and his Saudi Oil connection, Rupert Murdoch and his oil field, Keir will do what's best for them. Blair hired an ex-Israeli intelligence officer and former aide to Benjamin Netanyahu as a private consultant. Keir hired Assaf Kaplan another spy. #StarmerOut
All Oxford educated, Sir Keir Starmer too (St Edmund Hall, Oxford). Boris Johnson Balliol College, Oxford. Robert Peston Balliol College, Oxford. George Osborne Magdalen College, Oxford. Oxford is a recruitment ground for Deep State and Mi5. #LabourLeaks
With Keir as DPP the CPS refused to prosecute Mi5 and Mi6 personnel in 2010, 2011 and 2012. They were suspected of participating in CIA extraordinary rendition and torture. In 2015, Sir Keir Starmer voted to retain the Trident nuclear weapons system.…
The public deserves answers about Keir's relationship with the British national security establishment, including Mi5 and The Times newspaper, his former role in the Julian Assange case and his membership in the intelligence-linked Trilateral Commission #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
Why haven't Mi5 properly investigated the £1 million Joan Ryan received from the Israeli Embassy, is Keir deeply involved with intelligence services?. #Starmerout #LabourLeaks
The former head of MI6, John Scarlett, joined the board of the Times in 2010, the year after he left the Secret Intelligence Service. Keir Starmer's lunch partner Sean O’Neill was lead reporter and published this in 2016, “How leadership is taking its toll on ‘paranoid’ Corbyn”
O’Neill and his co-author deployed anonymous briefings from shadow cabinet members to paint a picture of an overwhelmed Corbyn unable to handle the job of leader. “Shadow cabinet members complain that their meetings lack structure, discipline and direction,” they wrote.
Four months after the article appeared in the Times, Keir Starmer resigned from Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, citing the “Need for a much louder voice on the critical issues” and airing HIS “reservations” about Corbyn’s leadership and the need for a change of leader. #LabourLeaks
The former head of MI6 has said he is “troubled” by Jeremy Corbyn’s “past associations”.

Sir Richard Dearlove said the Labour leader had previously associated himself with people who were not “friends of the British nation”. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
REVEALED: How Britain’s profiteering SPYMASTERS ignored the country’s biggest threats like coronavirus—and endangered the public. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut #Mi6 #Mi6 #Collusion #PFI #NHS
Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, who criticised Jeremy Corbyn, has earned more than £2-million from a US oil company.
Another former MI6 chief, Sir John Sawers, has earned £699,000 from oil giant BP since 2015. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut #Mi6 #Mi6 #Collusion
Labour’s rapid transformation.

Previous leader: Jeremy Corbyn surveilled by MI5 for no reason.

Current leader: Keir Starmer drinks with MI5 and secretly employs spies from a foreign state. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut #Spies #Mi5
“We won’t be back in the EU” Rachel Reeves sets out LABOUR'S BREXIT POLICY. Reeves is now in charge of Labour’s Brexit as Michael Gove’s opposite number. Asked about backing a campaign in 2024 to rejoin the EU, she rejected the idea. #LabourLeaks #BREXIT…
“Under a Labour government, we will have a close relationship with the EU but we won’t be back in the EU. I know that is something that is sad and difficult to come to terms with for a lot of us, but I think that is the reality we have to face up to,” Rachel said. #StarmerOut
Speaking of Rupert Murdoch, Henry Porter said ''It is simply unacceptable for a modern democracy to allow a foreign media tycoon, whose interests are exclusively limited to his business, to act as the national puppeteer''
@Keir_Starmer I wrote to you with some questions recently but received no reply, so I am now writing you an open letter to pose five critical questions which I believe are in the public interest. Please answer!. #LabourLeaks

• • •

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3 Feb
Jess Phillips should be the first to confront Keir Starmer for re-admitting #LabourLeaks staff who delayed antisemitism reports, Jess was the FIRST to back the Board of Deputies Ten Point Plan, saying she was 'Happy to'. JAN 2020… Image
'Keir Starmer VOWED to stamp out antisemitism if he ­succeeds Jeremy Corbyn'. “What I would do is lead from the top and say it’s my responsibility to deal with it. I wouldn’t say it’s for ­somebody else. I want the files. I want the numbers on my desk.” #LabourLeaks
The Board of Deputies of British Jews called on all ­contenders to sign up to its Ten-Point Plan. Settling all outstanding anti-Semitism cases by a fixed deadline. The Deputies said the new leader must ensure the ­internal disciplinary process is “independent”. #LabourLeaks
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2 Feb
Keir's position as leader of the Labour party may not be legitimate. Hacking into the membership database, during a leadership campaign to gain an unfair advantage, is cheating. Two of Sir Keir Starmer's leadership campaign team have already been formally reported. #StarmerOut Image
''The allegations are serious, and the confrontation has engulfed the campaign in bitter recrimination.'' John Pienaar Deputy political editor. February 2020 #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
The campaign said it acted innocently but Ms Chapman said she believed "something wrong" had taken place. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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31 Jan
Few have cashed out like Blair has since leaving 10 Downing Street, operating a dizzying, and often overlapping, web of charities, firms, and foundations that have catapulted him to the status of one of Britain’s wealthiest people. #LabourLeaks…
He’s mixed private enrichment with public service in a way that would make the Clintons blush. And he’s racked up a list of unseemly clients that Henry Kissinger would drool over. What follows is an extremely condensed history of Tony Blair’s post-prime ministerial career.
Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees and financial donations became a major issue in the 2016 presidential race. More recently, Barack Obama provoked entirely justified outrage for pocketing $400,000 from a Wall Street firm.

Tony Blair puts them all to shame.
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30 Jan
Emilie Oldknow, then spouse of Jonathan Ashworth, was Labour’s executive director for governance, membership and party services – making her part of a senior management team who the document alleges conspired to replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
Throughout the report, Oldknow is alleged to have commented negatively on the appearance of other women. Judge for yourself if this appropriate for workplace colleagues. Emilie Oldknow has since been awarded an OBE and is now Chief Operating Officer at UNISON. #LabourLeaks
Emilie Oldknow's name features hundreds of times in the leaked report, with some of the most shocking and offensive statements attributed to her. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
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30 Jan
Prole Star has received information from a source within Labour, who claims that the report's original draft implicated SEVERAL prominent figures including at least one current Shadow Cabinet member in the bullying, racism and sabotage in #LabourLeaks.…
Source claims that the original Forde findings were so damning that the positions of those implicated would be UNTENABLE, and says the rewrite has been done with the full knowledge of, if not under instructions from, party leader Keir Starmer and General Secretary David Evans
Rather than laying the leaked report to bed, it is alleged that the Forde findings showed even worse behaviour, some by people who have subsequently been paid off to settle court action. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
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30 Jan
Keir Starmer proved himself a pliant tool of the coalition and Tory governments during their reign of austerity. Demonstrations in 2010 against the trebling of tuition fees were met with a brutal police crackdown, Starmer implemented new guidelines to encourage their prosecution.
Under Keir Starmer’s leadership the CPS charged anti-austerity protesters for staging a sit-in at Fortnum & Mason in 2012; one academic accused Starmer of criminalising peaceful assembly and protests. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks…
Starmer also worked with the Tory attorney general, Dominic Grieve and Theresa May to embed legislation focusing on benefit fraud. In 2016 he resigned from the shadow front bench as part of the infamous ‘chicken coup’, in protest at Corbyn’s leadership.…
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