1/6 Good morning friends. So begins another week. 10 Republicans wrote a letter to the president to say cut your package by 65% and you will get bipartisan support. Hang on a moment while I stop laughing. Is this the same Republican Party that used budget reconciliation to ..
2/6 ..enrich their big business friends that are now allegedly their enemy along with big tech and ‘cancel culture’? So the thanks they got for their giant tax breaks was for the recipients to now be against them? Hmmm, something’s not quite right methinks. The reality ..
3/6 ..is that Trump tapped into small donations from gullible racists and nationalists. It has proved a rich vein of campaign finance and is now perceived as the future as large donors walk away. We are hearing much about thousands of Republicans walking away from the Party, ..
4/6 ..I’m not sure how much of this is going on, but if true, it’s another reason why the GOP has to move even more right to capitalise on the Trump base. It appears that Trump himself is setting the impeachment trial up as a television event to advance the big lie and fire up .
5/6 ..the money machine. This puts Republicans in an impossible position as they are effectively going to have to go on record as still supporting the overturning of the will of the American people. Trump doesn’t give a damn what damage it does. He’s just interested in the cash.
6/6 The Dems just need to stay focused on the job in hand. Regardless of how much Biden strives for bipartisan agreement on a way forward, it’s just not in the GOP DNA to play nice. So use budget reconciliation and move on. Fight the battles as they come and deliver on promises.

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3 Feb
1/7 Good morning all. These are indeed strange times. Almost 450,000 dead Americans, filings for unemployment rising, economy stalled, parents unable to put food on the table for their kids. Education paralysed, small businesses disappearing and NOT ONE Republican voted to move .
2/7 ..forward with the American Rescue Plan, despite overwhelming support for it from the American people. I think that’s called dereliction of duty. When political dogma trumps the well-being of a nation, there is a cancer at the heart of opposition politics. If there is one ..
3/7 ..thing we’ve learned since November, good grace, patriotism, honesty and decency no longer exists in the Republican Party and where it does, everything possible is being done to eradicate it. Hard right fringe ideology is the new normal and the welfare of the American people
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2 Feb
1/6 Yesterday for me was Jen Psaki day. I always think to myself, that must be an awesome job being Press Secretary to POTUS, but when you drill down, to do it properly requires sort of communication super powers. When watching the previous occupant of the job, one got the ..
2/6 ..impression that her job was to hide the truth and shield the president. With Jen, it’s a finely crafted delivery of facts, no fear of cutting off anything at the knees, if it’s straying into nonsense territory, but a message marinated in truth and integrity. Her style is ..
3/6 ..effortless (hiding how truly challenging it is to balance the administration’s messaging imperatives). Her friendly, sometimes jovial approach to interacting with the press, hides her absolute focus on the message. Her shutdowns are often delivered with a smile and the ..
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31 Jan
1/6 Good morning brothers and resister sisters. Weekends give us chance to reflect on the week past and for me, it’s been revealing. A strange dividing line has been drawn that sees the official opposition party settling down to be a party of maniac election truth deniers.
2/6 I read a piece saying that Dems had to be careful not to try and paint all Republicans in the same way Republicans paint Dems as radical left Marxists. The harsh reality is, that with 147 members voting against the certification of the results of a free and fair election. The
3/6 ..active support by some of those members for insurrection and the attempted purging from its ranks of ‘moderate’ Republicans. The refusal to condemn QAnon elected representatives and Republicans, without any help from Dems, paint themselves as a lunatic hard right cult.
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30 Jan
1/7 Good morning friends. The weekend has arrived. It’s been a week in which the pen has been mightier than the legislation. Joe has flexed his writing hand to get stuff done and undo some of the EOs Trump put in place to benefit his friends. For me, it’s been revealing..
2/7 ..in respect of the Republican Party. It’s hard for me to comprehend that in a modern democracy, politics could shift so far to the right. The fact that millions of Americans would effectively accept a dictator, is just not something I can wrap my head around.
3/7 Many often correct me when I talk about the last 4 years, saying the problems go way beyond that and I do understand, but there appears to have been a tectonic shift, when we start talking about space lasers and satanic cult politicians drinking the blood of babies.
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29 Jan
#Dems4USA #DemVoice1 #BluePath #MasksSaveLives #FAM46 #Fresh
1/7 Good morning my band of truth seekers. Yesterday may have been a defining day in US Politics. It appears to have been the day that the GOP decided that without Trump, they can’t survive. McCarthy going to kiss ..
2/7..Trump’s ring seems to me to be a clear sign of intent. Add to that, the unbelievably insensitive appointment to the Education Committee of MTG is another sign that Republican values are deceased, as I had already visualised.
3/7 Mitch McConnell is very quiet, but given Matt Gaetz’s trip to campaign against Liz Cheney and the general purge mentality that now exists in the GOP, it seems that all they need to do is put brown shirts on with armbands, and we have 1930’s Germany alive and well ..
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28 Jan
#Dems4USA #DemVoice1 #BluePath #MasksSaveLives #FAM46
1/6 Another day in paradise. Now I know the press has been cast to sea for 4 years, left with nothing but an empty press briefing room, but to feel the disappointment in the room that Joe hasn’t managed to fix America in a ..
2/6 ..week, is twisting my mind. What’s going on? Outrageous transparency, guest experts in their field provided in press briefings to answer questions. A daily in person briefing from the president himself to explain the road ahead. WTF more do you need? These are unprecedented
3/6 ..times. A nation has been torn apart by a homicidal maniac almost 500,000 Americans are dead and we’re asking about Marjorie Maniac Green? REALLY? It’s not the president’s job to sort out the fact that Republicans can’t organise a primary. One thing that has impressed me ..
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