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Quirkless AU where Izuku and Katsuki are long distance best friends. Izuku lives in New York, USA and Katsuki lives in Musutafu, Japan. They talk pretty much everyday thru Discord DMs or text. They make it work despite the 14 hour difference.
They met each other thru a fandom discord server and never stopped talking to each other ever since. Izuku posts amazing fanart and comics on his Twitter while Katsuki writes fanfiction and original work on AO3. Even their followers know of their strong friendship.
[🥦] Kacchan
[🥦] Kacchan
[🥦] Kacchan

[💥] WHAT?

[🥦] I have best idea
[🥦] For art

[💥] Tell me

[🥦] Another comic based on one of your fics. That smut scene. Too good to not draw.

[💥] 👀👀👀👀
[💥] Wait
[💥] Are you drawing it now?

[🥦] Ye

[🥦] ...maybe

[💥] GO TO BED!

[🥦] akandjsksnddj

[💥] You can literally make art IN THE MORNING, YOU MORON!

[🥦] Ruuuuuude
[🥦] I can't sleep tho. So I art until I get sleepy

[💥] I'm going to punch you
[🥦] So violent

[💥] Shut up and go to bed

[🥦] But I can't sleeeeeep

[💥] Drink some fucking tea or count sheep or whatever

[🥦] I have no tea to make. 😭😭

[💥] God you're pathetic

[🥦] And you're very mean

[💥] Tell me something I don't know
[💥] I'm not gonna talk to you any more. You need to fucking sleep.

[🥦] Noooooo don't leave me

[💥] I have to go to work anyway 💀💀

[🥦] Pics or it didn't happen

[💥] Nope

[🥦] Pleeeeease c'mon I've showed you my dumb face a billion times.

[💥] Ain't happening

[🥦] Image
[💥] Lmaoooo
[💥] Night Deku

[🥦] Gn Kacchan

Izuku tossed his phone aside once he saw Katsuki read his text. He couldn't wrap his head around it. Katsuki showed him everything else in his life and even talked to him over the phone, but never gave him a selfie or anything.
When they were kids it made sense to not post a picture of himself, but now that they're 23? Living in their own apartments? It was...weird to say the least.

"He couldn't be catfishing me? Right? I-It's been 9 years..." Izuku sighed as he shut down his cintiq
for the night, then flopped onto his bed. "I'm flying over to Japan to visit Mom soon and I wanna see him too."

It probably sounds a bit cliché, but Izuku has definitely fallen for Katsuki. Something about his honest, explosive personality was really attractive to him.
He was pretty sure Katsuki felt the same way about him. There was a couple moments of flirting in a few of their conversations. Of course a bit more subtle on Katsuki’s side.

"I don't care what Kacchan looks like. I wanna be with him for him."
Izuku sighed as he pulled the covers over himself. He needed to think of some way to convince Katsuki to send him a selfie or at the very least give him his address. "I'll figure it out."

Izuku woke up around 2pm. He knew Katsuki would be up soon. He loved to
get up around 5am for his morning run. As he waited, he cooked himself lunch and watched TV. Then at around 3:15, he called him.

"Morning, Kacchan!"

"Afternoon, nerd." He yawned. "The hell you calling me for?"

"Just wanna hear your voice."
"Really?" He snorted. "You wanna hear my bad english?"

"Kacchan your english is perfect." Izuku chuckled. "I tell you that every single time we talk."

"If you say so."

"I know so."

"Whatever. Anyway what's up?"


(Deku should tell him about...)
"...I'm going to visit my mom in a couple of days!"

"Oh that's cool."

"Yeah and you know my parents moved back to Japan a while ago, right?"


"Sooooo I was wondering if I could visit you too!"


"Tch! Kacchan!"

"No! I don't want you to come see me."
"I don't get it! Why not?" Izuku pouted. "You think I'm some secret axe murderer or something?"

"No! Because I said so!" He huffed. "You can't even handle me online. What makes you think you can handle me in real life?"

"I've been friends with you for almost a decade..."

"What do you mean so? Don't you finally wanna see me? At least in person? For once?"

"Yes...and no....I don't know."

"Can I least know why?" He sighed. "Do you think that I think I'll hate you when I see you or something?"

"I just ain't ready yet. Damn."
Izuku wanted to say that's it's been 9 years, how much time is Katsuki going to need but kept his mouth shut. It was better that way.

"Okay, Kacchan." He forced a laugh. "I don't wanna make you uncomfortable."

"Right." He cleared his throat. "So how long you staying here?"
"Two weeks. I'm staying with my Mom, but I have a few friends that wanted to hang out too."

"That's a long ass time."

"Not really. I wish it was longer, but that's all I could afford." He rose from the couch to stretch. "In fact, I'm going to finish packing up now."
"Alright it's time for me to run anyway. I'll talk to you later, Deku."

"Yeah, bye Kacchan!" He hung up and let out the loudest groan he could possibly muster. "You've got to be kidding me!"

He was annoyed and frustrated, but in the end he couldn't do anything about it.
He decided to work on the art piece he promised Katsuki for the rest of the day after he finished packing everything and posted it at an ungodly hour online once it was done. The next morning it was time for him to go to the airport. He decided to post a little selfie of himself
when he got there at 11am with his blue hoodie that had the word 'Hoodie' across the chest.

[🥦] Finally going to Japan to visit some family and friends! Probs won't be posting much in the next 2 weeks! 😊😊

Immediately the comments rolled in with his followers wishing
him safe travels and that it's fine if he didn't post at all. They all made him smile until one particular comment caught his attention.

[🌤] Wait if MightyHeroBoi is going to Japan...does that mean he's visiting Dynamight? 👀👀👀👀

Within just a few minutes,
that single comment was getting flooded with likes, comments and QRTs of people asking Izuku if he was visiting Katsuki.

[🐳] Is it finally happening????

[🦊] The ship! IT SAAAILS!!!

[🧠] Give us that photo evidence MightyHeroBoi 😩
[⏰] I hope you and Dynamight have a fun time, Mighty! 😏

[🍓] Not DynaMighty finally becoming canon 😍😍

"Oh god, I forgot our followers shipped us." He felt his cheeks heat up at all the not-so-innocent comments. "Geeez..."

He couldn't blame them tho.
Even online they would flirt with each other ON THEIR MAIN ACCOUNTS. Oh well. He should probably tell the truth before this got out of hand, but at the same time...this could be the perfect chance to maybe give Katsuki the push he needed to let Izuku see him.

(Should Deku lie?)
"The hell is wrong with me? I can't lie about this." Izuku shook his head. "Kacchan would probably murder me if I encouraged this."

[🥦] Haha Calm down everybody! I'm not visiting Dynamight! He doesn't want me to! So I'm visiting my mom and my other friends! 😊
He posted his tweet as he boarded the plane and once again the comments were wild as usual.

[🌻] Aw what? You can't see each other for one day? 🥺

[🐦] Mighty you're going on a 2 wk vacation! I bet Dynamight would love to see you!

[🦝] Surprise visit! Surprise visit! 👀👀
"Trust me. I would love to if I could." Izuku took his seat and muted his second post with people asking why he wasn't seeing Katsuki. He decided to listen to some music and get some snacks ready for the long flight he had ahead of him. About halfway thru the flight,
he got a couple of messages on Discord from Katsuki.

[💥] The fuck is going on??
[💥] All these people keep @-ing me about your stupid trip!

He proceeded to post screenshot after screenshot of Izuku's followers asking about him visiting Katsuki.
[🥦] It's nothing. I just posted about my trip
[🥦] They thought I was going to see you
[🥦] But I'm not

Izuku probably sounded pretty bitter about it thru his messages but it's not like it was going to change anything.

[💥] Crazy extras

[🥦] Yup
[💥] How's that trip so far?

[🥦] Boring as hell
[🥦] Can't wait to go see my Mom

[💥] What time will you get here?

[🥦] Why do you care? I'm not seeing you lol

[💥] I'm allowed to ask questions asshole

[🥦] Its a pointless one tho.
[🥦] You don't wanna see me

[💥] Deku
[🥦] Am I lying?
[🥦] No I'm not
[🥦] Even tho I would LOVE to see you in person after like 9 years
[🥦] But whatever

[💥] ...
[💥] Are you pissed at me?

[🥦] No I'm just annoyed
[🥦] But it's fine
[🥦] I'll live

[💥] You're lying

[🥦] I'll ttyl Kacchan
He closed the app even when he saw that Katsuki was still typing. He was angry, okay? All this time and still Katsuki was being so damn evasive. It was just annoying and he was tired from sitting in a plane for hours. He put his music back on as he drifted off to sleep.

When his plane landed in the Musutafu Airport, he was met with parents, waving 'Welcome Home!' signs in his direction.

"/Mom! Dad!/" He yelled at them in japanese before giving them both a tight hug. "/I'm so happy to see you both!/"
"/Welcome back, sweetheart./" Inko kissed all over his face. "/We missed you./"

"/I missed you too./"

"/Let's get you home./" Hisashi ruffled his curls. "/You must be tired./"

"/You have no idea./" Izuku ended up falling asleep in his room as soon as his parents drove
him home. It was nice to finally be surrounded by nostalgia. He heard his phone buzz a few times on his nightstand.

[🤖] Izuku!
[🤖] It's Tenya!

[🥦] Tenya! What is up?

[🤖] I got word that you're visiting.

[🥦] For 2 weeks!
[🥦] Are you trying to hang out? 👀
[🤖] You know it. I was thinking we could go out for coffee
[🤖] Sound good to you?

[🥦] Sounds great to me

[🤖] I'll pick you up in a few. Make sure you're ready

[🥦] I'm already ready!

[🤖] Hahaha!

Izuku quickly changed his clothes and walked outside the apartments.
He decided to look for some good coffee spots on his phone as he waited for his friend, but was interrupted by some texts.

[💥] Hey
[💥] You wanna talk about things?
[💥] Like how you were being an ass yesterday.

"Really?" Izuku glared at his screen.

(Should Izuku...)
He opened the app to read Katsuki's texts, ready to respond....but he decided not to. He was going to have a nice time with his friend Tenya and not have it be ruined by Katsuki.

"/Izuku!/" Tenya drove up to him with a wave. "/I told you I wouldn't be long!/"
"Hey Tenya!" He hopped into the passenger seat next to him. "Have you gotten even taller?"

"Maybe you got even shorter." He chuckled. "Ready to get some coffee?"

"Am I paying for this?"

"It's my treat!"

"Yes! /Let's go to Kurogiri's!/ Haven't been there in years."
"/You got it./" They drove to the coffee shop that Izuku wanted to go to and shared a table inside.

"Still just as dark and quiet as I remembered it." Izuku sighed. "I wish this was in the States."

"/There isn't a Kurogiri's in New York?/"

"No and it sucks!"
The men laughed together as they enjoyed their drinks. Izuku was so happy to see Tenya. They were childhood friends before he had to move to America when he was little. They didn't get to talk alot because of Tenya working hard in his family business, but
every time they got together it was like Izuku never left.

"Hey! Hey!" Izuku pulled out his phone. "/Let's take a selfie!/"

"/Are you going to post it on Twitter?/"

"Yes! My followers need to see my childhood friend in the flesh."

"/Make it a good one./"
Izuku reached over the table so they were cheek-to-cheek with big cheesy smiles. He posted the photo as soon as Tenya approved of it.

[🥦] Finally in Japan and I'm with my best friend in the whole world! We've known each other since we were kids! 🤧🤧💙💙
Izuku showed Tenya the comments coming in waves.

[🐗] Mighty's friend looking like a snacc

[🍧] So cute! 😍😍

[🐸] I hope you're having a fun time, Mighty!

[🍄] Does Dynamight know you're in Japan now?

"/Who's Dynamight?/" Tenya pointed to the comment on the screen.
"Oh he's my best friend. /An online friend./"

"/What's his real name?/"

"/Bakugou Katsuki. I call him Kacchan. Been friends for nine years now. Never seen his face./"


"Enough about him! We're burning daylight!" Izuku laughed. "This day is about us."
Izuku made sure it was just about him and Tenya by turning off his phone too. After spending hours at the coffee shop, they went to the shopping district before Tenya took Izuku back home.

"Bye Bye Tenya!" Izuku watched him drive off before we going inside.
It was pretty late with his parents already asleep in bed. He kicked off his shoes and sat on the couch to turn on his phone. He was immediately blown up with notifications from Twitter, Discord and missed calls. Most of them were from Katsuki.
[💥] Are you fucking serious??
[💥] I know you saw my text
[💥] DEKU!

That was just a few of the messages that Katsuki sent him. Once he got thru all of the messages, he saw Katsuki was calling him again.

"/Don't fucking what me! Why did you leave me on read?!/" Whenever Katsuki was angry he spoke in japanese. Wonderful. "/Why are you ignoring me?!/"

"Because I didn't want to talk to you." He shrugged. "I was hanging with my friend today. What's the issue?"
"/And you couldn't have told me that instead of leaving me on read like an asshole?/"

"Well you said I was being an ass anyway, so I might as well act like it."

"/What the hell has gotten into you?/" Katsuki huffed. "/As soon as you came here you changed for the worse!/"
"Maybe this is just nine years of repressed frustration bubbling up after my...I think this is my fifth trip coming back to Musutafu and you still don’t wanna meet up."

"/You're still on about that?! I said I'm not ready!/"

"What do you mean you're not ready?!"
Izuku felt himself losing his temper. "It's been nine years now, Kacchan!"

"/There's not a time limit on when someone is fucking comfortable, Deku!/"

"Ah I see, so in another 20 years or so? When I've already moved on? Find me someone who actually has a face?"
"/Moved on? What the fuck do you mean by that?!/"

"Should I even bother explaining?" Izuku groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Probably catfishing me anyway."

"/I'm not fucking catfishing you!/" Katsuki's voice started to waver. "/Don't say fucked up shit like that!/"
"Then what else am I supposed to think, Kacchan!" Izuku roared, "You're being so damn evasive and suspicious and I can't take it anymore!"

"/Why are you so obsessed with seeing me?!/"

"Because I like you, okay?! I've had a crush on you for five damn years now!"
Izuku's cheeks burned as he angrily confessed. "I want to see you so that I know you're real! A real fucking person and not some random catfishing weirdo!"


"But you never wanna meet up with me! My patience is wearing thin a-and.." He stopped to wipe one of his eyes
with his palm as he felt himself tear up. "...and don't know how much longer I can wait for you, Kacchan."

Pure silence wavered between them for seemed like hours. Izuku knew Katsuki was still on the other end because he could hear him quietly crying.
"I'm hanging up now, Kacchan. I'm very tired, emotionally and physically." Izuku groaned, embarrassed at his outburst. "/I'm sorry. Good night./"

He went upstairs to crash onto his bed after he hung up. The next morning, Izuku still felt like shit as he remembered last night.
"God...that was awful..." He grabbed his phone to check new notifications from Katsuki. There were none "Why did I confess to him like that?"

Izuku just had a feeling today was going to be shitty. Karma was probably waiting for him for how he behaved.

(Should Izuku..)
Maybe going to the park would do Izuku some good. He could use it to cool off, clear his head and think of a way to not ruin his little vacation. He took a quick shower and changed into a shirt and sweats.

"Mom!" He said as he walked to the front door to put on his shoes.
"/I'm going to the park!/"

"OK!" Inko responded from the kitchen. "/Have fun, sweetie./"

It was pretty early in the morning, so the beach park was basically empty when he got there. Izuku walked alongside the waves on the sand, letting the sound of the water calm him down.
He pulled his phone out of his pocket, secretly hoping that he would get a notification from Katsuki, but there was nothing. He took a picture of the sunrise over the horizon. He was going to post it, but decided against since he knew his comment section would be flooded
with his followers asking about Katsuki again.

"I'm an idiot." He groaned, putting his phone away. "The hell is wrong with me? What was I thinking? Putting him on the spot like that."

He kept walking along the beach until he stopped when he
felt his eyes build up with tears. Did he seriously just ruin a nine year friendship because he was so damn selfish and entitled? It probably doesn't even matter now that Katsuki knows his true feelings. After all the shit that he pulled, Izuku wouldn't be surprised
if Katsuki wants nothing to do with him.

"Shit..." He muttered to himself when the tears finally fell. He tried to wipe them away, but it was too late. He broke down on the beach, covering his face with his hands. Thank god no one else here to see him cry.

After about a week into his vacation, it was pretty bittersweet. Katsuki didn't contact him at all, which was what Izuku deserved to be honest. He spent alot of his time with Tenya, who quickly noticed Izuku's change in demeanor. Today they were watching TV in Tenya's apartment.
"/What's wrong?/"

"Nothing...just tired."

"/You're a bad liar./"

"Leave me alone."

"/Is it about Bakugou?/"

"Hah?" Izuku's eyes widened at that name. "/What makes you think it's about him?/"

"/Because. I heard you had a fight with him last week./"
"How do you know that?!" Izuku didn't mean to yell, but his outburst only made Tenya laugh. "Tenya! /Stop messing around!/"

"/I know because he told me./" He snorted. "/He works at my job./"

"/WHAT?!/" Izuku grabbed Tenya by his collar and pulled him towards his face.
"You know Kacchan?! Why didn't you tell me?!"

"/I didn't know until he told me the other day. He told me he got into a fight with a friend online and then he mentioned how he was from America. I just connected the dots./"

"Holy shit...you know Kacchan."
"/He's been working with me for a couple years now, but we're not that close./"


"Very private." Tenya shrugged. "/Doesn't talk about his home life much./"

"So he's just as secretive in real life as he is online..." Izuku pulled his lower lip. "So strange."
"/Should probably try to kiss and make-up with him before you have to leave next week./"

"I don't know...I don't wanna say the wrong thing...plus he probably hates me right now."

"/Better to say something than nothing at all./"


(Should Izuku...)
"I'll call him later tonight." Izuku sighed. "/Tenya, do you know what Kacchan looks like?/"

"/Not really.../"

"What do you mean not really? You just said that you work with him!"

"/Izuku, we both work as editors for a magazine, but he mostly stays at home./"
"He's that much of a recluse?" Izuku pulled his lower lip. "Wait.../when does he come to the office then?/"

"/Rarely. Only for mandatory meetings./" Tenya shrugged. "/He always wears a face mask, a jacket and a beanie every time I see him./"

"/I'm the only one who talks to him too. Everyone else in the office thinks he's strange./"

"/Did he look up upset when you saw him?/"

"/Yeah and when I asked him about it, he pulled me aside and told me what was wrong./"

"I feel like even more an asshole now!"
Izuku groaned. "He's like this all the time! Not just with me! /God and now I ruined everything with him./"

"/I really think you should talk to him tonight, Izuku. Clear things up./"

"I am." Izuku said, sounding determined." /I have to apologize to Kacchan./"
He waited until Tenya took him home around midnight to call Katsuki. He knew Katsuki was online since he noticed he retweeted some of Izuku's posts earlier. He sat on the couch and dialed Katsuki’s number. It rang a few times before he finally heard Katsuki pick up.

"/I'm sorry!/" Izuku bursted into tears as soon as he heard Katsuki's voice. "/I'm sorry for how I spoke to you last week. I was being a total ass to you and I shouldn't have pressured you or guilt-trip you into seeing me. I'm so, so sorry, Kacchan./"
"/You were being an ass./" Katsuki grumbled. "/But...I haven't exactly been the best friend either..."

"/No it's my fault. I started all this. I was being entitled./"

"/I shouldn't have been so vague./"

"/You didn't need a reason, Kacchan. I was pushing boundaries./"
"/You were just asking questions and I kept dodging them...no wonder you thought I was catfishing you./"

"/Look. How about we just say that we both sucked?/"

"/Agreed. Friends for 9 years and still can't talk for shit./"

They shared a soft laugh as Izuku wiped his eyes.
"/Listen Kacchan. I really did mean what I said tho. I...I wanna be with you for you. I fell in love with you for your personality...not how you look./"

"/You say that.../"

"/I mean it! I swear it!/"



"/I'm just nervous, alright?/"
Katsuki sighed. "/I'm not good with human interaction. It's so much different talking in-person than talking online. Fuck, I rarely leave my house.../"

"/You go to work and you run, don't you?/"

"/I only go to work when I need to and I run at 5am because no one is around.
Otherwise I'm home...writing smut or talking to you./"

"/Kacchan, let me just ask...do you like me back?/"


"/Do you want to see me before I have to leave?/"

"/Yes and no./" He sighed. "/I don't want you to be grossed out when you see what I...look like./"
"/I promise you that won't happen. I don't care./"


"/I swear it, Kacchan./"


"/What's fine?/"

"/We...We can meet...tomorrow night at 10...at my apartment..if you want to see me that badly. I'll text you my address later./"
"/You don't have to force yourself if you don't want to, Kacchan./"

"/I wanna do this, you idiot./"


"/Don't make me regret this, Deku./" Katsuki sighed. "/I have to get ready for bed so...Night./"

"/Good night./" He let Katsuki hang up and put his phone aside.
"I wonder what Kacchan is so afraid of and why does he wanna meet up so late?"

He didn't have much time to dwell on it since it was almost 1AM and he was very sleepy. He was finally going to see Kacchan after nearly a decade.

(How should Izuku dress for tomorrow night?)
Izuku didn't sleep that well AT ALL last night. His mind was tossing and turning just as much as him as he thought about finally meeting Katsuki.

He decided on dressing casual for the night. He didn't want to overdress for the occasion. Something simple would be fine.
A gray hoodie under a teal puffy vest and denim jeans seemed appropriate.

"/Be safe, honey./" Inko called as she saw him walk towards the door to put on his red shoes. "/Don't be afraid to call us if something goes wrong./"

"/It'll be fine, Mom./ I'm just meeting Kacchan."
He smiled at her. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"/Have fun, baby./"

Katsuki had texted him his address about an hour before they had to meet. Guess he figured Izuku would jump the gun and meet him early, but Izuku learned better now on respecting his space.
He hopped on the train which led him to the outskirts of Musutafu. Very quiet and incredibly peaceful, but that was probably due to the fact that it was almost 10 at night.

Using the GPS on his phone, he walked to Katsuki’s address until he found an apartment complex.
"This must be it." He let out a deep breath to stop his heart from pounding like crazy.

[🥦] I'm here, Kacchan.

[💥] Where are you?

[🥦] Outside your building.

He took a quick selfie to show that was, in fact, here.

[💥] Fuck
[💥] I'll be there in a minute
He stood under the light of the full moon, rocking back and forth on his heels as he waited. He waited for awhile, at least 15 minutes before he heard the sound of a door opening and closing above him. Then the sound of someone walking down a stairwell.
He followed the noise until he saw the source. It was a young man that was about an inch or two taller than him wearing a beanie, a face mask and a jacket.


He nodded his head.

"Oh my god, Kacchan!" He walked up to him. "It's actually you."

"/In the flesh/..."
"You're taller than me? What the hell?"

"/Not by the much./" He laughed.

"Still taller." He pouted. "So...can we go inside your apartment?"

"...Alright /follow me./"

They both walked upstairs to the last door on the left. He noticed Katsuki's hand was shaking
a bit as he opened the door. "/Just toss your shoes over there./"

"OK." The inside of Katsuki's apartment wasn't much of a surprise. He's seen plenty of pictures of it over the years. His walls were covered with posters and shelves filled with figurines.
Izuku followed Katsuki to his living room and sat on the couch next to him. He was still wearing all those clothes.

"Kacchan..." Izuku chuckled as he scooted closer to him. "/I want to see your face./"

"/So damn nosy.../" Katsuki sighed, but didn't move. "Damn nerd."
"Should I take them off for you?" Izuku asked, which made Katsuki look at him. He was surprised to see that his eyes were bright red...with slit pupils...like a cat's.

"/Do what you want./"

Izuku pulled off his face mask first, revealing a cute little pout underneath.
Next was the beanie. As soon as he pulled it off, wild ash blonde hair poofed out. But what caught Izuku by surprise was two horns protruding out of the sides of Katsuki’s head.

"Whoa!" He jumped back, but immediately regretted it when he saw Katsuki frown.
"Ah! I'm sorry, Kacchan. /I just didn't expect that./"

"It's fine."

"Are these real?" He reached out to touch his horns. They felt so smooth.


"Kacchan.../What are you?/"

"/A succubus./" He unzipped his jacket to show a skinny black tail with a
heart-shaped point wrapped around his small waist.

"Holy shit!" Izuku's eyes widened. "Demons are real? Kacchan, you're a demon!?"

"/I'm guessing that's a bad thing./"

"Why would that be a bad thing?! You're a demon! /That's so cool!/" Izuku gave him a soft smile.
"Is that why you never sent any pictures?"

"/It's not just cuz I'm a demon, Deku...I'm a succubus. You do know we do, right?/"

"Yeah, having sex with humans gives you magic." Izuku confirmed. "/Did you think I'd call you gross for that?/

Katsuki nodded his head.

"/Look...human interaction is so damn hard for me, that's why I fuck 'em in their sleep./"

"I see."

"/But you're not, Deku. You're so easy to talk to. When I realized I liked you...I was afraid you'd reject me once you found out what I was./"
"Oh Kacchan..." Izuku cooed. "I don't care what you are or how many humans you did it with. /I love you for you and that's a fact./"

"Deku, I haven't had sex in 5 years."

"What? Why? That's like your job. Well second job, I guess."

"/You're such an idiot./" He snorted.
"/Every time I tried...I kept thinking of your dumbass and I couldn't go through with it./"

"Oh wow.."

"/My magic is weak as hell because of it. I can't use any spells./ I'm basically a human."

"I think I have the perfect solution to this problem, Kacchan."

(Should Izuku...)
Izuku held onto Katsuki’s waist and pulled him into a kiss. He heard Katsuki let out the softest moan against his lips as he tangled his fingers into his curls. Katsuki slipped his tongue into Izuku’s mouth, deepening the kiss until Izuku pull away to breathe.
Katsuki’s red eyes began to glow as he stared at him with a half-lidded gaze. "/You wanna fuck me, Deku?/"

"/Yes./" Izuku purred as he pushed him into the couch. "I wanna help out my /demon boyfriend./"

"/Shut up, Deku./" Katsuki looked up at him with a smirk, showing off
his cute little fangs. "Idiot."

Izuku moved down to kiss and suck on Katsuki’s neck as they pulled off each other's clothes until they were down to their underwear. He smiled as he pulled down Katsuki’s soaked lacy black panties.

"Holy shit, you have both."
He awed at Katsuki’s cock standing tall above his throbbing pussy.

"/I can't change it. Don't have enough magic.../"

"I don't want you to." He moved down to lick Katsuki’s dick from base to tip while he slipped two fingers into his cunt.

"Dekuuuu..." He whined,
opening his legs wider for him to fuck his pussy with his thick fingers. Katsuki hasn't been touched like this in so long. The sensations were damn near overwhelming. The amount of lust that Izuku was emitting was so delicious and intoxicating. He already felt his
body absorbing as much of it as possible after being denied for years. "More. Give me more."

"You're already making a mess and you want me to give you more?" Izuku teased, pushing another finger inside him. "Just look how wet you are, Kacchan."

"/Just fuck me,/ Deku!"
Izuku ignored him, instead curling his fingers inside his walls. Katsuki gushed even more slick, drenching his couch. Izuku stopped sucking his dick to focus more on his cute little cunt that was clearly aching for attention. He lapped at his folds, loving how sweet his Kacchan
tasted. Katsuki rocked against the warmth of his tongue. His pussy greedily clenched around Izuku’s fingers. His moans growing louder and louder. Cursing in english and japanese from the copious amounts of pleasure.

"Deku! Deku! Deku! Oh fuck! /I can't take it! I'm gonna cum!/"
"/Cum for me, Kacchan./" Izuku fucked him harder until Katsuki squirted all over his mouth and chin. Izuku kept licking his oversenstive walls until he came again with a squeal. "You're so pretty when you cum, Kacchan."

Katsuki whined when he felt Izuku pulled out his fingers,
his pussy was clenching over nothing. But smiled when he watched Izuku lick his slick off of his fingers.

"You're so nasty." Katsuki giggled, flipping around on his hands and knees to shake his ass and wag his tail. He looked back at Izuku with a playful smirk.
"/You should fuck me now, Deku./"

"Hmmm..." Izuku noticed that Katsuki's pussy wasn't the only thing that was dripping. He could see his little pink asshole was wet with slick as well. Izuku squeezed Katsuki's ass with his hands, earning another soft moan.

(Should Izuku...)
"/Not yet./" He continued to squeeze his ass as he kissed his cheeks. Then bent down to swipe his tongue across his leaking hole to taste more of his slick.

"Noooo. Nonono, Dekuuuu.." Katsuki whined, his legs trembling as he bucked his hips back. "Fuck me!"
Izuku kissed his little pink hole as he slipped two fingers inside of him. He pressed into his prostate nonstop, obsessed with the sound of Katsuki crying out his name in frustration and desperation.

"/Just relax, Kacchan./" He chuckled. "So cute."

"/Deku, why won't you-/"
He was cut off by another long moan when Izuku circled his tongue around his entrance. He dipped it as far as it possibly could go along with his fingers. Katsuki mewled at the feeling of more slick oozing out of his cunt and his dick leaking with precum.

"Nnnngh, fuck! Deku!"
Izuku reached down to stroke Katsuki’s cock with one hand and finger his pussy with the other while he fucked his hole with his tongue. Katsuki let out the sweetest, slutty sounds that only a succubus could make. Despite his high-pitched protests, Katsuki kept
bucking his hips into Izuku’s hand and pushing his ass back into his mouth in a fluid motion. He dug his nails into the soiled couch cushions, nearly tearing them in his grip.

"/Deku! Haaah! Nngh! Just...I want...you mmm..fuck...fuck! Aaah! Dekuuuu!/"
Katsuki gasped as his dick shot out ropes of hot cum into Izuku’s hand. His pussy squirted soon after, clenching around Deku's fingers. He was dizzy from cumming so much, practically drowning in pleasure, but he needed more and wouldn't be satisfied until he got it.
"/Deku...fuck me...fuck me now../" He whimpered, eyes wet with tears. "/Fuck me. Put it in now./"

"Shhh...Kacchan." Izuku spread his cheeks apart to see his hard work. Both of Katsuki’s holes were puffy and swollen from being played with for so long.
He finally pulled his thick cock out to slide it between Katsuki’s cheeks. Izuku had already cum twice from hearing his succubus scream his name, but his libido was still high as hell. This had to be the work of Katsuki unconsciously using his newly replenished magic
to make sure Izuku kept fucking him. He rocked his hips back and forth, letting Katsuki really feel the girth of his length against his dripping hole and cunt.

"Succubi are so amazing."

He pushed in the tip into his hole, then pulled back, grinning as he watched
it stretch. He did the same with his pussy, pushing in just the tip then pulling back out. He kept switching back and forth between the two as he bit his lower lip to hide the near sadistic smile on his face.

Katsuki was sobbing at this point. He was so close, so so close to
getting what he finally wanted and Izuku was STILL teasing him after all this time. Izuku was really pushing Katsuki's limits and he didn't know how much more he could take.

"/Why won't you fuck me?!/" He cried. "/I want it, Deku! I need you!/"

(Quick Poll! Should Izuku...)
"/Where do you need me, Kacchan?/" Izuku purred. Katsuki shivered at the feeling of his breath against his pointed ears. "Tell me."

"/I don't care!/" He whimpered. "/Just fuck me, Deku!/"

Izuku grabbed his small waist, smiling to himself when he nearly
felt his fingers touching before slamming his cock inside Katsuki’s pussy. He screamed, arching his back as he opened his legs wider for Izuku. His dick was so fucking big and thick, deliciously stretching Katsuki’s walls.

"Thank you! Thank you, Deku! Dekuuuu!"
Tears of relief rolled down Katsuki’s face as Izuku thrusted into his tight heat. "Mmgh! Deku!"

"You feel so good, Kacchan." Izuku moaned, fucking him in long, hard thrusts. He wanted Katsuki to feel every inch of him. "/So perfect./"

Izuku kept one of his hands on
Katsuki's waist, then used the other to stick two fingers into his ass. Katsuki mewled, pushing his hips back even harder to make him go as deep as possible. He was babbling pure nonsense as Izuku fucked both his holes.

Loud, squelching noises echoed in the apartment, Izuku
quickly changed the angle of his thrusts to aim for his g-spot.

"Oh fuck!" Katsuki gasped, making Izuku chuckle.

"Found it." He kept hitting his sweet spot in his greedy cunt with every thrust then added another finger to press into his prostate.
Katsuki's skin was burning from all of the sensations, the sinful touches, everything was so overwhelming and he knew he wouldn't last a minute longer when he felt Izuku’s cock pulsing inside of him.

"/Cum inside me./" He cried out. "/Cum inside me, Deku!/"
Izuku grunted as he thrusted inside Katsuki, so his hips were flush with ass to fill him with his cum. Katsuki squirted around his length for the final time. He wrapped his tail around Izuku’s waist to keep him in place as they rode out their orgasms together.
Once he was sure he completely milked Izuku’s cock, he unwrapped his tail to let him pull out. Izuku's cum quickly oozed out of Katsuki's pussy, making him whine at the loss. He used his tail to cover up his slit to stop the overflow, but it was still leaking pretty fast.
"Kacchan, what's wrong?"

"/I need a plug.../" He looked back at Izuku with a pout. "There's one on my desk./"

"I'll get it for you, Kacchan." Izuku found it next to Katsuki’s keyboard. It was huge with a ruby at the end of it. "You want me to put it in?"
"Yes." Katsuki moved his tail to let Izuku slip it inside. "/Thank you./"

"/No problem./" He watched Katsuki sit up and cross his legs. "/What's the plug for?/"

"/My body absorbs semen and turns it into magic power. The plug helps keep it there./"

"Kacchan is so smart."

"Sorry about the couch tho. It's a mess..." Izuku looked around at the multiple stains that covered the cushions. "Geez...."

"/It's fine./" Honestly, Katsuki was too blissed out to care. There was way too much magic in his body and it was making him sleepy.
He was definitely making it worse by plugging himself up with Izuku’s cum, but he deserved too be overpowered after being powerless for so long.

"/I can't wait to spend of the rest of my vacation with you, Kacchan./" Izuku leaned towards him to give him a sweet kiss on his lips.
"We'll have lots of fun."

"/You sure you wanna spend it with me?/"

"It's been nine years and I don't want to waste another second." Izuku kissed him again. "I love you, Kacchan."

"Love you too, nerd."


(Should I transfer this to AO3?)

• • •

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