When you follow someone on Twitter:

You choose who influences your thinking.

Here are the people I'm testing out this month:

Brilliantly crafted deep dives into the fascinating parts of business history.


Her tweets are consistently thoughtful takes on topics I care about.

Someone who my IRL friends think of as "the smartest person they know."


Follow Nick for great insights on real estate and small business strategy.

Bold thinker who takes risks in public. And a good dude.


If you’re trying to figure out what business to work on next, follow Shaan.

He's a firehose of startup ideas. Get inspiration for taking action:


Amanda has fantastic growth marketing and content/SEO strategies.

And she's great at video, which I wish more people would try.


Follow for advice on how to scale communities and build startups.

Masterful creative strategist. Amazing friend.

I've known him since I was 3!


Alice writes *wonderful* short essays with a focus on becoming a world-class creator.


Concise insights that make you think "how did I not piece that together myself."

Exhibit 1 of 1000:


Really funny, really witty, and really insightful.

One of the best examples of how to use Twitter.


One of those people you hear speak on Clubhouse then think "I wish I had friends this smart."


This is my second account—where my startup shares advanced growth marketing knowledge.


How to build and scale. No superficial stuff—just candid insights.


Vulnerable, witty, and wise human.

One of the best case studies in being yourself on Twitter (and YouTube)—and talking to people like they're friends.


Masterful PM who just quit her job to produce content full-time. Must follow.


Writes incredible deep-dives into every aspect of startups and tech.


Blunt truths and jokes 😂 What more could you ask for from Twitter?


How to design and scale amazing startups.

One of my favorite follows ever.


Short insights that make me think "I wish I had been able to say that so succinctly."


My favorite person on the Internet?! Systems-thinker who runs Indiehackers.

Great takes on all things startup and content creation.

❤️ this guy.


Hey, that's me!

For growth, marketing, and writing:

Rapid-fire round #1:

@david_perell - Brilliant mind and content creator. Maybe the best.

@tuckermax - Boldly pushes back on political issues.

@anthilemoon - Great productivity advice.

@web - Insights on content creation and branding.
Rapid-fire round #2:

@juliagalef - Bayesian priors. Know what I mean?

@shaneaparrish - He showed me how to be a content creator.

@jack_butcher - You have to see Jack's mind in action. Incredible.

@kevinrose - Join his Clubhouse rooms!
Rapid-fire round #3:

@mkobach - A master of social. Marketing, brand, PR. Great, sincere dude.

@sariazout - Insightful takes on startups.

@george__mack - Mental models and thoughtful strategies.

@morganhousel - A top-notch banana in a sea of mangos.
Why I don't follow many people:

I use Twitter lists instead. That's how I "follow" new people every month.

Here's how I use Twitter (video):

• • •

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3 Feb
How to rewrite bad writing 👇

After rewriting 400,000 words on my site...

Advice for blog posts, tweets, emails:
Great authors’ first drafts are bad—no better than yours.

However, they aggressively *rewrite* those drafts.
Your first draft is for messily generating ideas.

Your second draft is for identifying the best ideas then making them resonate.

The enemy of rewriting is being precious about what you originally said and how you originally said it.

You need to be willing to destroy.
Read 31 tweets
30 Jan
I've helped 400+ startups acquire customers.

Here's the framework I teach them—for ads, content, referrals, and product.

Hope this helps! A thread:
Part 1. The growth trajectory

Steps I'm seeing startups follow in 2021:

1. Build an amazing product that naturally encourages word-of-mouth.

2. Then kickstart user growth with a scalable acquisition channel, such as ads.
3. In parallel, I'm seeing them spend most of their growth resources optimizing their user funnel + product experience.

At every step of the user's journey, they A/B test to maximize per-user revenue.
Read 26 tweets
27 Jan
If you want to write well, writing style is only 10% of it.

90% is actually having something to say.

Aim to think well.

Thread: Learnings from many years of writing...
"It's sad that smart kids want to be YouTube creators."

No, it's not. It's sad that kids ever wanted to be pro poker players or day traders—adding 0 value to the world.

YouTube: mastering writing, growth, storytelling.

This trains kids to be lifelong makers—not just consumers.
I never make new friends on Facebook.

I never book new work on LinkedIn.

Twitter, meanwhile, has brought me tons of both—plus it's sharpened my thinking.

The surprise of social:

People want to meet you based on your thoughts + content—NOT based on your connections.
Read 12 tweets
25 Jan
My day job is growing startups.

I've worked with a few hundred by now.

Here's how to grow your podcast, newsletter, blog, YouTube, and Twitter.

Hope this helps! A thread:
Growth marketing, a timeline:

2015: "We need to go viral."

2017: "Well, we raised $25m of VC. Let's dump it on Facebook ads."

2021: "Wow. We should have been focusing on content and building a great product."
How to grow a podcast:

• Be YouTube-first; do video
• Split eps into 8min YouTube clips with SEO’d titles
• Get guests that are searched for on YouTube
• Consider not publishing bad eps
• Exchange eps with other shows
• Niche is fine, but be widely accessible
Read 11 tweets
23 Jan
What’s the most beautiful piece of writing you’ve ever come across?

Bonus points if you can screenshot a paragraph and share it below. I’ll consider including it in my writing guide.

Props to anyone who takes the time ❤️
I'll get the list going. This is my favorite from last year: Image
"Reasons to Stay Alive" by Matt Haig. Sourced by @VManasvi Image
Read 5 tweets
9 Jan
THREAD: 10 significant lies you're told about the world.

On startups, writing, and your career:
People don't have short attention spans:

• They finish 3 hour Joe Rogan episodes.
• They binge 14 hour shows.

They have short *consideration spans:* they must be hooked quickly.

Point: Don't fear making great, in-depth content. But, ensure your first minute is incredible.
In observing friends who’ve sold startups and made millions:

After a year, they’re back to toying with their old side projects.

They used their money to buy a nice home and eat well.

That’s it. They’re otherwise back to who they were.

Point: Aim to be fulfilled, not rich.
Read 12 tweets

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