In December I was listed as a potential witness in a lawsuit filed against Balter. This week I sent a Declaration to plaintiff and Balter’s attorneys asking Balter to stop intimidating, threatening and harassing me.…
tl;dr page 1: I was asked to testify about my personal experiences with Mr. Balter and to provide an expert opinion, which I have done before.
tl;dr page 2: I was not asked, nor would I have offered testimony in support of the plaintiff’s conduct.
tl;dr page 3: I never asked to be involved in this lawsuit. I did (and still do) not want to be involved, though at this point I may end up having to testify in order to preserve the truth.
tl;dr page 4: Balter has been tweeting and blogging relentlessly claiming I am “cooperating” or “conspiring” with Dr. Kurin. I am not.
tl;dr page 5: He has encouraged others to publicly bully me by “questioning” me about my involvement in this case.
tl;dr page 6: He is also sending “updates” to the NASW listserv about a complaint filed with NASW & has referred to me as one of the complainants; I am not. My experiences with Balter are one of several examples in a complaint submitted by others.
Aside: The NASW complaint has nothing to do with Dr. Kurin’s lawsuit. It was not submitted to help the plaintiff. The complaint was about NASW members expressing their concerns about Balter’s methods for gathering and disseminating information.
Case in point: My name appearing on the Plaintiff’s list of individuals “likely to have discoverable information” but Balter “reporting” this to the public as me “conspiring” and “cooperating” with plaintiff.
Or Balter “updating” thousands of my fellow NASW members (falsely) that I shared a copy of the NASW complaint with the plaintiff or publicly. His “evidence” for this is I was an “instigator” of the complaint.
tl;dr page 7: Now he has served a subpoena on me, and I have been forced to hire a lawyer at my own expense.
I have nothing to relevant to produce under the subpoena, bc I didn’t create the sock puppet accounts/ share the NASW report.

Serving the subpoena on me is, in my opinion, another bully tactic to scare me away from testifying about my experiences or providing expert opinion.
Balter tweets, posts, emails prove some of my prev criticisms abt his methods: centering himself, manipulating information to fit narrative. His endless harassment, intimidation, & spread of misinformation about me must stop now. I hope his attorneys/ the Court will agree. /end

• • •

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3 Feb
I don't have it in me to provide a nuanced take. So I'll say that the expectations on me as a WFH faculty require that I risk my family by sending our youngest to daycare. I feel like trash about it every day. I'm a caregiver from 6a-10p between students, colleagues, & kids.
So I may be working from home and therefore not on any vaccine list, but that doesn't mean work isn't forcing me and my family to take a major health risk.
And yes I feel terrible that I'm not one of those parents who can wake at 4am and then put in another shift at 9pm. My youngest can smell when I'm up, there is no time of day I can escape her.
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I'm thinking a lot about institutional betrayal, a concept developed by @jjfreydcourage and collaborators, in the wake of multiple sudden university closures and the several, like my own, gearing up to open anyway.
I'm going to share a few quotes from Smith & Freyd 2014. I'm going to let you use your own interpretive lenses as you think about how you might apply institutional betrayal trauma theory in this pandemic.
Institutional betrayal is "trusted and powerful institutions (schools, churches, military, government) acting in ways that visit harm upon those dependent on them for safety and well-being." p. 575
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Things that can set women up for failure, a short thread. 1. Talking about them as though they are going to solve your problem, at a public forum, where you haven't told them in advance that you will be leaning on them in that way.
2. Leaving them out to dry when someone in the public forum starts questioning whether this thing needs to be done.
3. Not giving this person any clear mission, funding line, or title, nor making that clear to the audience upon whom you have sprung this information. So this woman is just a voice in the crowd and no one knows whether she has real expertise or authority.
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5 Apr 19
Things White Men Say to Me After I Give Talks on My Research on Sexual Harassment. A Thread.
“We definitely have the ocean of incivility problem, but not the iceberg problem. We don’t have sexual harassment.”

Me: “You need to assume sexual harassment is happening, whether or not you know about it. Because I promise it is.”

“I’m really glad you’re here to give this talk. Though we don’t have sexual harassment problems here. It’s really great for women.”
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13 Oct 18
This civility framing bothers me SO MUCH as someone who actually studies civility. Let me briefly say why.
Incivility, defined as rude behaviors of ambiguous intent, are terrible for workplaces. People are less productive, and you even get more instances of sexual harassment. Bad stuff, right? Incivility is a lack of respect for your coworkers, a breach of professional conduct.
However: incivility, and civility, are context-specific. And like I said, it's rude and AMBIGUOUS. It instills unhappiness and uncertainty in its victims. What did I do? Why am I being targeted? Maybe I don't belong here.
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NBD that's just Anita Hill, one of the panelists for this afternoon's discussion of our @theNASEM #sciencetoo report. Room 10-250!
This event has been planned for months, just happens to be at the same time as the Kavanaugh hearings. #IBelieveAnitaHill #IBelieveChristineFord
And the crowd just erupted spontaneously into very loud and enthusiastic applause for Hill and I'm fighting back tears.
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