150 NYT reporters are wrong, for reasons I explained on proteinwisdom.com for 18 years.

In the sidebar, just click on “intentionaliam”.

Here’s the nut: the ONLY thing that makes language language is intent — either the intent to mean, or the intent of the...
...receiver of a text to see the text as a text. If the receiver agrees that what they are engaging is in fact a text, they are acknowledging that it is a product of some agency with intent.

Where the poststructuralists break out the slight of hand — which they use to...
...claim power over a text — is when they privilege their own intentions, and so their own signification of the marks that make up a text, and then attribute their own interpretations to the “meaning” of the author or utterer.

This is a pure power move, and moreover...
...it is linguistically incoherent: what they’ve done is produced some group consensus as an “interpretive community” that they then use to determine what an author “said” — in this case, but noting that his intent doesn’t matter, because they’ve chosen to interpret the text...
...in a way that THEY have decided, not in the way the author or utterer signified it.

To do that is to adhere to the incoherent idea that language is language because it looks like language, not because it is being used to communucate between agencies using a 2nd-order...
...system of marks imbued with meaning. That is to say, they are embracing an idea of language that claims a text is a text because they can see it as a text. Which is true — though that speaks only to THEIR intent to do so.

They may as well look at cloud formations and...
...”read” them as copulating sheep.

Do they think God presented them with a textual tableau of sheep fucking? Because if not, why would they believe a text divorced of intention is “saying” anything at all?

But let’s face it: that’s not what these 150 NYT reporters — or...
...any of our contenporary leftist speech police — are interested in. What they really desire is the ability to claim control over language, to determine who means what, and to use that power to pick and choose what speech is acceptable.

The problem for them is, meaning is...
NOT democratic, when it comes to understanding how signification works.

To pretend it is is to elevate a potentially dedicated interpretive community with an agenda the power to decide meaning based on nothing more than mob rule or manufactured consent.

It is meant to...
...kill off individual agency; to wrest from that agency control over his efforts to mean.

It is linguistic fascism. And it should never be tolerated. Because there is no recovering from it once it takes hold.
Convention is a shorthand way of signaling intent. To be *unconventional*, under these fascist linguistic premises, is an impossibility.: if an individual can only “mean” what convention allows — and that is adjudicated by speech police — the language is stagnant.
And no, I don’t expect any influencer with a checkmark to address any of this.

I’ve learned my lesson: the desire to control language this way is as appealing to many on the right as it is on the left.

But make no mistake: it is a leftist hermeneutic, and it is DESIGNED ...
...to attack individualism and to promote lingustic collectivism.

• • •

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