I am T’Kia Bevily and I was a devoted mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, nurse, and much more up until I was WRONGFULLY CONVICTED and sentenced to LIFE W/O the possibility of parole.

Here is my story. (Retold by my best friend) ImageImageImage
I married the man of my dreams July 2016 and relocated to his hometown Port Gibson, MS which is one of those “small, everyone knows everyone” towns with approximately 1200 citizens. Image
While in Port Gibson, I worked at a nursing home overnight (while pregnant) and later switched to working at a local school as a school’s nurse. Image
While adjusting into PG, one day I randomly received a “prank” message stating that my husband fathered a child before our marriage.
After swallowing this huge pill, I went to him and asked him about it. He confirmed it to be true. Of course, I was devastated. I was currently pregnant & had just learned my husband possibly had a child.
I could not stand not knowing so I immediately encouraged him to contact the mom and suggested we just get a paternity test. (I felt that if the baby isn’t yours, what’s to worry about and if she is, she deserves a dad.)
The bio mom had no form of transportation at the time and no one in her corner who would take her, so I volunteered to take both the bio mom and their daughter, Jurayah, to get tested in the city over.
We waited.
I was contacted by the bio mom (not my husband) confirming that my husband indeed fathered her baby. I immediately asked her when could we get her and if she needed anything. From then on we established a healthy (or so I thought) coparenting relationship
Don’t get me wrong, this was a huge blow for me. But I never held any ill intentions towards the bio mom or Jurayah. They were not the ones to blame. My husband was the only person in this equation responsible for me.
I decided to stick with my husband. This was tough on me especially considering I am still pregnant learning all of this, but we prayed and turned to God. We worked this out.
So, a typical day for us would be Morris (my husband) teaching throughout the day, I worked overnight, and the bio mom worked as a car hop at Sonic.
We set up a group chat & tagged team parenting. On days the bio mom had to work, I would get off work, sometimes take her to work, keep Jurayah for the day (we both love to take naps) & Morris would step in after school which is usually the time I’d start getting ready for work. Image
Everything was smooth for the most part. Me and the bio mom even established a relationship outside of my husband. We communicated often and often I would take her to run her errands.
This was what worked for us. The only thing that I addressed with the bio mom was for her to be more considerate.
She developed a pattern of asking us to get Jurayah only to learn that she would be out partying. Mind you, I am still very pregnant and working full time overnight as a nurse at the time.
Our Jurayah was very active and the life of the party. I loved her almost instantly. After getting her for some time, I decided to share with my close friends (I told my immediate family about her from day one) that we now have a daughter. Image
Everyone was supportive of our decisions. I then decided to plan a cookout to formally introduce “J” (that’s what we called her) to our families. Our families both fell in love immediately. ImageImage
Our little family was unconventional but it was ours. We purchased our first home together and we transformed that house into a home. I went into overtime working because I wanted to buy double of everything for our girls. They deserved that. Image
As my pregnancy progressed, our arrangement had to be reworked. I literally had less energy. So we went from getting Jurayah almost anytime we wanted her to only during the times my husband would be home to assist me fully.
After our baby girl was born, we temporarily agreed to do every other weekend. I needed time to adjust to working and having a newborn. Jurayah was about 8 or 9 months when her sister was born. I eventually found my motherly balance. Image
Fathers Day Weekend I decided it was time to share our family with my extended family & Facebook friends. People had their questions but I was truly in a place of peace. This was MY family & it didnt have to make sense to others.
(Heres a behind the scenes video from that day)
Life was beautiful. I was a successful nurse, my husband was an educator and we had our two gorgeous girls to raise. Image
Then our whole world crashed the weekend of October 20th, 2017.

• • •

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7 Feb
Video on left:
The reporter: It says the cause of death is blunt force trauma. Was it noticeable trauma?

Bio mom: I couldn’t really look at her. I couldn’t even touch her.

Video on right;
Bio mom: So I just reached down & touched her hand & she was cold

What’s the truth?
Did she touch her or not?
Did she see noticeable blunt force trauma or not?

How is it that the police and the coroner accessed the scene and no one was arrested but Jurayah had sustained injuries that later showed she had a cracked skull?
How do you crack the skull of a 14 month old baby but leave behind no visible blood, bruises, or anything to signify an injury of that caliber.

T’Kia & Morris were not arrested that night because there were NO signs of foul play.
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7 Feb
The weekend of October 20th changed our lives forever.
Prior to, we were not getting Jurayah as often but we were still completely active and present in her life.
Friday night while Morris was coaching, I was home with our daughter. I randomly received a call from Danielle. Danielle is Morris’s cousin. We grew pretty close over the course of my marriage.
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