1/7 As another week draws to a close, I’m actually feeling optimistic. For all the attention surrounding Marjorie Taylor Green, the Biden administration continues to make steady progress on addressing the important challenges facing Americans TODAY. It was important to remove..
2/7 ..her from her committee assignments, to ensure she can have no direct input into the legislative process, but always remember that this does not stop her influence in terms of spreading ideas to colleagues. Her relationship with Trump is a key factor in her standing in the .
3/7 ..caucus. It seems clear to me that the GOP has chosen its path and given McConnell’s extensive political career, I can only think he’s squeezed enough money out of it, to decide not no fight for any moderate values. Maybe he’s just decided to ride it out and step down ..
4/7 ..next time around? One thing is for sure, this hard shift right in order to tap ‘tainted money’ is reducing their opportunity to ever regain power. My personal view is that Dems should be exploiting this at every twist and turn, never letting moderate Republicans forget ..
5/7 ..what the GOP has become. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Joe Biden should push through American Rescue Plan with budget reconciliation, then move swiftly on to infrastructure. Unlike the rescue plan, Biden is far more likely to get some Republican support for infrastructure
6/7 .. and he needs to capitalise on that. All the while, he can begin to advance his wider agenda and turn the ship around. Dems worried about not getting enough done quicker should control their enthusiasm and give it time. For me, student debt could become a drag if he goes ..
7/7 ..for it in one. More important, Is the implementation of a $15 minimum wage. That’s a horse I could definitely be convinced to ride. Progress is good. Jen Psaki is iron clad on the narrative and the team is focused on mistakes made in the Obama years, so I’m a happy man.

• • •

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8 Feb
1/6 Good morning friends. It’s circus week. I am certainly intrigued to see how ‘Impeachment Part 2 (The big lie)’ pans out. If it’s one thing I’ve learned in my time close up and personal with US politics, it’s that defending the indefensible is a real thing. However,
2/6..there must be concern in GQP ranks, that this will just pour gasoline on an already fractured Republican Party. There are some crazy people out there at the moment, suggesting crazy things about 6 January. I’m fully expecting the Trump defence to come up with some conspiracy
3/6 ..that House Democrats were responsible for it all and that Nancy Pelosi was leading the effort and she had a body double on the floor as a decoy. That’s how utterly stupid this whole debacle has become. The reality is, that people died, lawmakers and staff were in fear for
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7 Feb
1/6 Good morning my ever growing bunch of seekers for a better tomorrow. Day dawns on Super Bowl Sunday. A day traditionally when families gather and share their love of football. Please, please don’t risk gathering in the current climate where Covid remains a real threat.
2/6 Never would most of us believed that we would now be considering the imminent death toll of half a million Americans. Even more unbelievable, is that many of these deaths were totally avoidable with the simple adoption of cheap mitigation steps. I never cease to be astounded
3/6 ..by the sometimes stupid and frankly selfish nature of humans. Our refusal to accept inconvenience and our ability to disregard the safety of others for our own benefit, is what will see the end of us as a species. If ever an enemy of the state wanted to attack, America ..
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5 Feb
1/7 Good morning. As we move to the close of another week, I reflect on how broken opposition politics is in America. I never in my wildest dreams, ever thought I would see a congressional minority leader, defend a member who had threatened the lives of lawmakers and spread
2/7 ..hatred and bile that has caused so much pain and heartache to families who have lost children and loved ones to senseless acts of violence. It is beyond any sense of decency and integrity, that anyone, let alone the leader of the Republican congressional caucus, could even
3/7 ..contemplate such an act of disrespect. Republicans hid behind the argument, that the vote tabled by Dems to remove her from her committee assignments, would set a dangerous precedent. This is frankly preposterous and an insult to common decency. I offer my respect to the 11
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4 Feb
1/3 I know people are wondering why no video content recently? I have been plagued by a series of technical issues that have hampered my ability to do what I do and love doing. It’s felt like having my creativity held hostage, being unable to share my thoughts visually.
2/3 Whilst I still have some issues, I have managed to get creative and repurpose stuff to allow me to work. This work will begin at the crack of dawn tomorrow and you will be seeing a few new clips over the next 72 hours. Thank you for your patience and love. Your support keeps
3/3 ..me sane at what is a difficult time for me. Special thanks to those who have started reading my blog, it helps me pour out how I feel and guides my thoughts on what become my video clips. I believe together we can Democratise political content.
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4 Feb
1/6 Good morning friends. Yesterday saw the GOP stumble through another identity crisis day in which Trump is an ever present influence on proceedings. While the nation struggles to overcome a national emergency, Republicans are playing victim, claiming persecution because ..
2/6 ..they chose a couple of nutcase congresswomen. It’s like ‘why are you picking on us because we have 2 lunatic colleagues?’ These people are definitely intellectually challenged. Maybe that’s why we should be feeling sorry for them? The bottom line is that McCarthy has shown
3/6..zero leadership and has now effectively forced all Congressional Republicans to have to go on record to support QAnon. How totally bizarre that? He is having to get Dems to clean up his mess. It’s going to be humiliating and I might suggest, the end to his ambition to be ..
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3 Feb
1/7 Good morning all. These are indeed strange times. Almost 450,000 dead Americans, filings for unemployment rising, economy stalled, parents unable to put food on the table for their kids. Education paralysed, small businesses disappearing and NOT ONE Republican voted to move .
2/7 ..forward with the American Rescue Plan, despite overwhelming support for it from the American people. I think that’s called dereliction of duty. When political dogma trumps the well-being of a nation, there is a cancer at the heart of opposition politics. If there is one ..
3/7 ..thing we’ve learned since November, good grace, patriotism, honesty and decency no longer exists in the Republican Party and where it does, everything possible is being done to eradicate it. Hard right fringe ideology is the new normal and the welfare of the American people
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