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8 Feb, 11 tweets, 2 min read
geez glover could you share the deeply corrupted and indefensible campaign comms that Barilaro jabbered out today for amplification by media outlets on behalf of his political career any more times. I’m up to six times in the last hour.
he just. Keeps. Playing. And Paraphrasing. And. Repeating. Berejiklian. Government. Rhetoric. Over. And. Over. Again.
such a huge part of the problem. Propertied class white journalists who sit ideologically alongside orthodox liberal lies like marketplace of ideas. Veiling and legitimising neocon campaign comms. And on corrupted administration of bushfire money of all things.
VERY regular reminder that NEEDS-based public spending would by definition skew to areas held by Labor and the Nationals. NOT this fatuous attempt to retrofit imaginary past election promises to buying future votes with bushfire money. What election promises? Stadiums in Sydney?
not to be outdone, ABC radio PM reports the Australian PM “signalled” he will not take bold reform to the next election despite “comment” *cough Murphy Speers whole press gallery cough* that he might one day maybe at a future time perhaps do something slightly less fucked.
anyway. Just know that there is a concerted and co-ordinated campaign comms strategy to normalise their government corruption and gross maladministration coming out of the rotten burroughs that are NSW Liberals and Nationals. Berejiklian and Morrison have been at it for years*
*the NSW Liberals in particular - and of course Barilaro is along for the self-serving corrupted ride - led by Morrison and Berejiklian have been ramping it up since they got away with the great rampant and unlawful multi billion dollar vote-buying spree of 2018-2019.
and these apologists and legitimisers like van onselen and glover and farr and speers and murphy and the rest have the fucking front to 1/ breathlessly admire the “point” or “debate” or whatever the fuck and 2/ tell US punters that WE endorsed the rhetorical sewage. No, THEY did.
the invisibilised violence of propertied whiteness. I say this as a mortgagor white woman.
imagine if our hopelessly compromised political journalists collectively flicked that boiling frog cliche around and applied it to the horrendous destruction of lives, the planet, and not least of democratic principle, that Morrison and his ilk rain down on most of us every day.
not to mention the ones with no excuse - the “veteran” Crowes and such - for deliberately erasing all institutional memory of what social democratic policy actually looks like so they can personally profit from neoliberal cruelty. Boiling frog is a compliment to those shitclowns.

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8 Feb
call corruption and the state deliberately worsening inequality by giving public money to wealthy areas what it actually is challenge 2021.…
this cutesy nicknaming of deeply entrenched corruption and giving our money to their wealthy base serves multiple purposes. It trivialises and minimises the gravity of their corrupted actions, which serves the political interests of the Liberal and National Parties...
using cutesy bullshit language for gross corruption and maladministration also normalises and bothsides their gross corruption and maladministration, which serves the political interests of grossly corrupt Liberal and National Party politicians...
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6 Feb
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are no fax columnist Jennifer Hewitt, and politics editors at the ABC and murdoch press, Andrew Probyn and Samantha Maiden. The interview is with ALP deputy Richard Marles.
opening spiel: a covid turning point. Should we stay with hotel quarantine given more virulent strains? National leadership is wanting (“bipartisanship is breaking down”). #Insiders
the extremely convenient and very false narrative about Morrison “struggling to rein in” his hard right colleague Craig Kelly is repeated by Speers.

*Reminder that spreading disinformation on fb is core Liberal Party strategy, not some side show. #Insiders
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6 Feb
changing the subject, if anyone has a must-read recommendation on justice by Blak women, Black women, Indigenous women and/or women of colour, please drop me a line in replies or DMs ty!
literally changing a subject, in an LLM program. Opeds and literary mags eg Overland, Meanjin okay too. Some readings already added: Alison Whittaker on one-punch laws as white patriarchal rights; Dr Watego on Blak Matter with bonus Birdz track, Amanda Porter on night patrol.
there will definitely be a piece from brilliant writer Tabitha Lean oh and Prof Irene Watson and Dr Ambelin Kwaymullina are on the list too.
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5 Feb
regular reminder that adult males like Morrison who deliberately cause immeasurable harm are not babies, toddlers, children, adolescents or in their mothers care. They are ADULT MALES. The MOST DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP IN THE WORLD.
get a fucking grip on how patriarchy works and stop deflecting these shitcan adult males onto us and our kids to insult them. Fuck.
nobody, nobody on this earth, least of all CHILDREN, causes the kind of damage that adult males inflict. Think. And stop blaming mothers for patriarchal violence.
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4 Feb
the catastrophic economic management we should expect from a government that is deeply committed to enriching rentseekers and impoverishing workers.…
it is government policy to steal from workers and give to bosses. The Liberals are the party of business and the Nationals are a single-industry party for fossil fuel corporations. And lie about it. Image
the government will stick with its catastrophic fiscal policies and lie about the results - with full, evidence-based confidence that all major media outlets will disseminate the lies to voters on their behalf. Image
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4 Feb
what the experts say about our nazi problem: ImageImageImage
what the hard right factional heavyweight and Morrison protege, insufferable Alex Hawke, says about our nazi problem: Image
how ninefax reported our nazi problem as horse race bothsides bullshit, a media practice that is well known to enable and legitimise far right extremists: Image
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