Think a lot of cis folks could do with understanding this (thread)

Transphobia (and probably most/all other bigotries against kinds of people) isn't just someone actively wishing trans people would die.

It can also be an action or behavior. And it can be done even by allies.
The most common misunderstanding about transphobia amongst cisgender people (in my experience) is that because they don't wish trans people dead, they cannot do transphobia. And accusations as such are a slur against that person's character.
This makes pointing out transphobic actions very hard to do. Because it very quickly becomes about what is in a persons soul ("How dare you, I have trans friends! I am not someone who wants trans people dead!") instead of looking at the thing that was done.
There are so many examples of this but pretty sure this might be the root of JK Rowling's transphobia.

Because she doesn't actively want trans people to die (I don't believe she does anyway) she cannot be a transphobe. Inspite of arguing for excluding trans people from places.
Here is an example that actually happened to me. I was invited to a family wedding but only if I showed up as the gender I was assigned at birth. Their rational was that guests could take the piss and disrupt the wedding and it would be my fault.
This was transphobia because my identity was seen as less than everyone elses. If there was a risk of transphobia being aimed at me during the wedding, they did not think about maybe addressing that problem. They thought I could just stop being trans for them.
None of those people involved hated trans people and wanted them to die. But they did transphobia regardless. I tried to tell them about this, and they responded with "but it isn't about me being bad, I don't think being trans is wrong!"

They clearly did on some level.
I have HUNDREDS of examples like this. Pretty sure every trans person has examples of being crapped on by cis people who claim to be allies. Sometimes, this hurts us more than Terfs because the discussions afterwoulds with people we It just sucks so much.
So, cis allies, watch out for this. You can do transphobia even if you are an ally. If a trans person points this out, please realise that transphobia is also a behaviour and it can be done with the best of intentions.
You doing transphobia sometimes doesn't mean you are the worst person who has ever lived or a literal nazi.

It means you made a mistake, one you can learn from and become an even better ally as a result.

Thanks for reading.

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12 Jan


Welcome to class everyone. Today we will learn 2 different kinds of news story. Then we will ignore the good one and go for the one that (if done enough) will create a profitable moral panic against transgender people. (Long Thread)

A "This is" story (the type we tend to do on our podcast ALMOST exclusively) explains an issue or specific event from a "this is" angle and reports what the SUBJECT is. This analyzes the SUBJECT of the story from as many angles as possible with evidence (sources, data etc).

A "They said" stories are entirely on what a selected group or person has said. What is said about the subject does not have to be factually accurate. A "they said" story is making only one claim: that a specific person said it. This story is easy, cheap and profitable.

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THREAD: Ann Sinnott, a founder of the LGB Alliance claims she wants to protect youths from transitioning

She doesn't believe it is abusive to breastfeed a 16 y/o

How many 16 year olds WANT to suck their parent's breast?


Those who breastfeed are often shamed by society for doing so "too long". This is wrong. Get your nose out of their business, weirdo.

But when the kid can drive to Tesco to buy milk with money from their job and they are still being breastfed?

That probably isn't their choice.
Also she believes that lesbians are being pushed to extinction by...trans people being a thing despite the fact that research suggests more people than EVER before are identifying as a lesbian.

This has been rising since 2014.…
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12 Jan
So the Gender Recognition Act is staying the same.

And GC/TERFs think they won the stopping of trans women entering women’s spaces.

They got to a draw and write it off as a win because they literally don’t know anything about their own fight!
It’s not staying exactly the same. It will be cheaper and you can do it online.

Some might say...the process was easier now.

Seriously GRA reform was an offensive joke after a 5 year campaign by the media and anti-trans radicals that was always going to ignore non-binary people and everyday they don’t have recognition is a stain on this country. This is why GRA reform mattered.
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10 Jan
Here is a thread for trans people about how to start fighting back if you haven’t already (many of you have already, awesome, keep going!)

First thing, join any trans group near you. Doesn‘t matter what it is. Get in rooms (when safe) and get on zoom calls with other trans folks
If there isn‘t a group in your area, start one using the resources and skills you have. If there is nothing trans related in your area for miles, make it a social group. Advertise it online and offline. Many trans people aren’t on here. Find them.
If you already run a group, find other groups near you and introduce yourself to the people that run those. Befriend them. Talk to them. Exchange information. Help them out. Create a communications network between the different groups to co-ordinate your limited resources.
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8 Jan
A thread on how absurd the UK is on transgender issues and how the UK got so transphobic

In 2015 Parliament held an inquiry looking into the state of Transgender equality. Trans people of all stripes outlined many different problems across many, many different areas.
As a result Parliament created a list of recommendations including legal recognition for non binary people, gender recognition act reform, allowing 16 year olds to change their legal gender and reform of NHS gender identity services.
The government under Theresa May ignored everything that was recommended except for Gender recognition act reform. This act came into law in 2003 and gave trans men and women (but not non-binary people) the ability to legally change their gender on their birth certificates.
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7 Jan
@Rose_Of_Dawn blocked you a while ago because I was so repulsed at your views on so many in our community (Did enjoy how you called me a communist like it was the 50’s though). Maybe you will twist this into another example of how stupid most trans folks are. just read b4 u do.
I’ve talked to A LOT of former GC people at this point. And they always have something in common. they were looking for something after being treated horribly, and they tended to say something online, get attacked by trans people, then a swarm of GC people love bomb them...
..and then they become theirs until either they see how truly toxic GC spaces are and bolt...or they get cut off/abandoned because they aren’t useful anymore

dunno your story, don’t know if some version of this featuring the hard right is there. But if ANY of this rings true...
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