Ahh yes. the old debate of " #indiebooks can't possibly be good enough" compared to trad-pub.
Come the fuck on.
Like... really. Can these self-important verbose parsnips come up with *anything* more original than this?

A thread. Again.
I've been hearing the #selfpub vs. trad-pub debacle for the entire 15 years that I've been writing.
It's been bullshit every second of those 15 years.

Frankly, I love (sarcasm) how trad-pub authors think that they're somehow better than their #selfpublished counterparts.
Reality: Traditional publishing will make everyone but the author rich first. How much do trad-pub authors get from their book's sell price? 15%.

#selfpub authors get 70%.

Also, the majority of trad-pub authors never get off the mid-list.

What's a mid-list, you ask?

It's where you end up where you're "good enough" (according to the nose-in-air brigade) to get an agent, maybe even good enough to get your book released, but nobody actually likes it enough to take it to the same level as Suzanne Collins, David Baldacci, etc.

Publisher will run some copies of the book, sell a few hundreds, but it still won't be enough to justify the advance they've already issued.
But maybe your reviews aren't so great.
Or maybe nobody thinks you're personable enough to do book signings.
Or your books just sucks.

But you, that same trad-pub author snootily looking down at self-pubs, will probably never get past the barrier where the publisher is willing to give another advance, promote the book further, etc. Or your agent just might drop you, because your book just didn't do well.

Considering that glorified toilet paper like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey got published traditionally, the ability of a story to score an agent or acclaim has *ZERO* indication of it being a good story.

Authors who look down their noses at self-pubs do so for one reason:

To feel better about themselves and their own failures.

Over the years I've been writing/publishing, I've read amazing work by #selfpub authors. The stories were engrossing, the plot was amazing, the characters relatable and complex. However...

Before they can even think of monetixing the story, they have to first fight to be taken seriously by self-absorbed narcissistic fuckwits who think that a book can't possibly be good if it's #selfpublished.

Honestly, I'm pissed off AF.

I'm pissed off AF that 15. goddamned. fucking. years. later. we're still having the same discussion about #selfpub vs. trad-pub. We're still having the same circlejerk about whether an #indieauthor is real, less real, whatever.

It's bullshit. Fuck it with a rusty tablespoon.
And assholes who want to harp on #indiebooks - for real, find something more original to whine about, would you? Your argument is old.

Maybe if you'd complain less about us, you'd write a book that would do well, for once, you self-absorbed houseplants.
Tagging the #writingcommunity in this thread.

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So, I got into a LONG!!! talk with a reader/friend of mine about the world of publishing. Now, I'm not an expert, but staring down the release of my 6th book (holy shit, 6th?!), I have to reflect on a few realities of publication & open a dialogue with the #WritingCommunity
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Wow. People are whining about 1984 because the Carrot Caligula got kicked off twitter.

Here's something I learned both 1) in high school civics, 2) college constitutional law class, 3) lifetime of being on the internet since before social media:

You will see two things:
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