Rules are made to be broken and structures are made to be bent. When rules and structures are no longer serving the best interests of people they must be placed under evolutionary pressure until they mutate into a better variant of themselves. 1/n
Rotten institutions and corrupt governments are causing horrendous harm.
So rise up and put pressure on that evolution to speed up a novel variant of governance that respects human dignity, personal freedoms, human agency and free will. 2/n
It is not by bowing to the interests of the few at the top that we reach the greater good of society. It is by meeting the interests of individuals like you and me that we reach the greater good of society. 3/n
Make room for a decentralised system of governance. 4/n…
Mode 1: Old Governance
"The authority to make, implement, and enforce policies lies with the state ... Power is static because authority is permanently assigned to an actor, based on its identity." 5/n
Mode 3: Decentralized Network Governance and Blockchain Technology
"power must be conceptualized as fluid, as different actors perform different governance roles within different contexts" 6/n
Let's live life organically without top-down designs, plans, great resets and failed rebuilds. Every man and every woman are free to create change in their own little sphere of influence. 7/n
Figure out what problem is bothering you or hindering your dreams and rally up others in a similar situation to create change.
Don't wait for heroic governments to come and rescue you. Be your own hero. If it bugs you, do something about it. 8/n
@peter_castleden was really annoyed seeing his kids going to school with masks on for the entire day. So he did this presentation for his local community. 9/n…
@katewand was anxious about her upcoming delivery in the age of covid hysteria so she wrote an essay and did interviews to advocate for change. Her work will ultimately touch the lives of many women in her circumstances. 10/n
@NickHudsonCT couldn't envision a world where science is closed & knowledge is stifled so he set out to open science. He has gathered a group of leading scientists under @PanData19 and given them a platform to engage in raw, uncensored and uncut scientific debate. 11/n
I was disturbed by @WHO for comparing the CFR of COVID with the IFR of the flu and driving our world into utter madness so I raised a complaint with the @court_criminal against them for committing a crime against humanity. 12/n
It's small changes by regular people that will transform our world. No miracles here, just plain hard work. 13/n
The toll of the lockdowns on mental health will crush our societies unless we choose to heal, recover and reassert our human agency. 14/n

If you feel that you are slipping into learned helplessness, depression or despair, jolt yourself. It's all about your mindset. Choose to be proactive. Choose to make a difference. Choose to be alive. 15/n
@mc_schippers is proposing a technique called life crafting.
1) find your passion,
2) set your goals and make a plan
3) share your intentions with the public 16/n…
In times of unsurmountable uncertainty, choose to redefine yourself. How do you envision your ideal world to be? How do you see yourself in this world? What is the contribution you want to make for a better tomorrow?

This is the silver lining!


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11 Feb
To reopen society...
Step 1: end mass testing
The best diagnosis for people who test themselves when they are not sick is HYPOCHONDRIA. 1/4
Step 2: End Homosapienphobia
Fear not your fellow humans. They are innocent until proven guilty.
If you don’t feel sick, you are not sick unless you are delusional.
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9 Feb
In a world that has slowly drifted away from traditional faiths, the gods have been replaced with politicians. The new religious ideology is based on pseudoscience that is twisted and manipulated to convince the populace with righteousness and safteyism. 1/n
The preachers are the short-sighted scientists who don't believe what they preach but preach it anyway.
The believers happily perform rituals like elbow bumps and skipping through circles on the ground.
All performing a ludicrous dance that is threatening our exisitence. 2/n
They hold blind beliefs in the super magical powers of communal behaviours such as lockdowns.
They wear masks as religious symbols of their piety.
They readily make sacrifices to appease their Gods.
They sacrifice their freedoms, their diginity and their humanity. 3/n
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9 Feb
We are being distracted and kept busy with masks, PCR tests, variants and lockdowns while the heart of the problem is emerging clearly to be a chasm between centralization and decentralization.
Our world has slowly slipped into authoritarian regimes with the approval of the majority who is afraid for its life. 2/n
Larger more powerful governments control the means of production by allowing businesses to open or remain closed.
They tell businesses how many clients they can serve.
They tell businesses how to conduct their work with endless guidelines that they must follow. 3/n
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7 Feb
The fatality rate in most people infected with SARS-CoV-2 is very similar to that of the flu. COVID-19 is less severe than the flu for children and young people and more severe than the flu for the elderly with severe underlying illness. 1/n
“At a very broad, bird’s eye view level, worldwide the IFR of COVID-19 this season may be in the same ballpark as the IFR of influenza (0.1%, 0.2% in a bad year).” John Ioannidis @Stanford said that. Not @PanData19.
“the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)” Fauci said that. Not @PanData19.
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6 Feb
@konfytbekkie ,
Stop blaming the people for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... wave. The people can’t control the virus. The virus is roaming around & it will continue to do so. That is called nature.
What we must do is stop messing with nature because we don’t know what effect slowing down transmission will have on viral mutations. 2/n
Normally, mutations lead to more transmissible variants but less virulent (less dangerous).
Could lockdowns lead to more virulent variants? Do you know the answer to this, Marthélize? 3/n
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6 Feb
Coming your way soon!
“ambush-style” lockdowns of residences, forcing everyone to be tested for Covid-19 or be fined HK$5,000 ($645)' #China model 1/n…
For all of you who like to be told how to live your lives, let's compromise.
You have it your way and let the rest of us who would like to live with dignity to have it our way.
How about we give you a continent?
You go live on it. 2/n
You can try socialism, communism, marxism or any other 'ism' you would like to try.
Let the authorities tell you what to do or not to do.
Let them track you and trace you.
Let them scan your faces.
Let them force-test you and force-vaccinate you. 3/n
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