1/8 Good morning friends. Day 2 of the impeachment trial was an example of forensic presentation of evidence. It was a masterclass in weaving a compelling narrative that absolutely chilled the soul. The Impeachment Managers, one by one, took the jury through the events of
2/8..6 January, painting a clear picture of events, linking their actions to the instructions given by the sitting President of the United States. The narrative was brought together by the excellent use of video footage which included a helpful graphic that placed context around
3/8..where the mob were in relation to lawmakers and staff, as they rampaged through the building. The really chilling thing for me, was the intent behind events. The careful grooming of Trump’s base in the lead up to that day. It was established without doubt, that this day had
4/8..been long in the planning and the seeds of anger had been sown in the months before the election even took place. Trump knew there was a strong likelihood that he might lose and he prepared the ground way ahead, to hold on to power when it happened. ‘Rigged election’ he
5/8..claimed, was the only way he could lose and that became the agenda. He had no intention of conceding and he would stop at nothing to retain power. It was beyond question, that his planning and his words drove what happened on that day. The intent of the mob was clear and the
6/8..hunting down of lawmakers, in particular the Vice President and Nancy Pelosi, was chillingly portrayed by the deeply disturbing footage which included new unseen security camera footage. It left no doubt, that murder was on the minds of some, as lawmakers and their staff
7/8..feared for their lives. It painted a picture of unbelievable heroism by Officer Goodman who with no regard for his own safety, saved numerous lives by leading the mob away from the location of lawmakers. Any Republican Senator that votes to acquit, will wear a badge of
8/8..shame for the rest of their lives. Politics be damned, people died as a direct result of this clear incitement to violence and some sat in that chamber, encouraged the mob and then cowered in rooms while their mob hunted down colleagues. They are as guilty as the mob.

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12 Feb
1/7 Good morning my growing band of brothers and resister sisters. The past three days have been a lesson in the clear unambiguous delivery of the damning case against Donald J Trump. However, like some dystopian epic, good is surrounded by political self interest and ideology.
2/7 It’s like a political OJ moment, but worse. The jury is half made up of friends of the accused, some of whom are meeting in person with the defence team to discuss strategy to provide cover to acquit Trump. Any hope America had of restoring its reputation on the world stage
3/7..has taken a nose dive, as the world looks on saying WTF? This has exposed so many flaws in the political system, that it’s embarrassing to watch. When you have reached a position where a president can incite and obtain pleasure, from the storming of the seat of democracy,
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10 Feb
1/7 Good morning my friends. So what did you learn on day one of the trial? Well if it was about videos. Dems knocked it out of the park. I thought that the impeachment managers that spoke were without exception, all very capable and articulated their points well.
2/7 What struck me was that Trump’s lawyers were just riffing it. Bruce Castor, seemed to me to be just running down the clock, it was like one of those Sunday Service sermon’s when I used to fall asleep as a kid, only to be clipped around the ear from my angry mother, telling
3/7..me to listen up. As for David Schoen, at first I thought, what was with holding his head each time he had a drink of water? Is it some sort of Trump associated affliction? Trump needed two hands to drink from a bottle of water, this guy has to hold his head on when he drinks
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9 Feb
1/5 Good morning friends. The day has arrived that allows Donald J Trump to grab the news cycle. The question is, what does the new administration do as the week rolls on and it’s all Trump Trump Trump? My suggestion is, more of what they’ve been doing to date without the gaffe
2/5 ..moments. It was in my view, unwise for Joe to step into the minimum wage issue while Bernie Sanders was doing his thing. Even if Joe thought the $15 minimum wage would hit the buffers, it would have been wiser to stay out of it. These things happen though and so far,
3/5.. things have been going OK. This week will be a real test of how strong support is for Donald Trump. His lack of daily exposure has really hurt him and looking at polling, there are increasing numbers of Americans that think he should be convicted this week. I’m sure Chuck
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8 Feb
1/6 Good morning friends. It’s circus week. I am certainly intrigued to see how ‘Impeachment Part 2 (The big lie)’ pans out. If it’s one thing I’ve learned in my time close up and personal with US politics, it’s that defending the indefensible is a real thing. However,
2/6..there must be concern in GQP ranks, that this will just pour gasoline on an already fractured Republican Party. There are some crazy people out there at the moment, suggesting crazy things about 6 January. I’m fully expecting the Trump defence to come up with some conspiracy
3/6 ..that House Democrats were responsible for it all and that Nancy Pelosi was leading the effort and she had a body double on the floor as a decoy. That’s how utterly stupid this whole debacle has become. The reality is, that people died, lawmakers and staff were in fear for
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7 Feb
1/6 Good morning my ever growing bunch of seekers for a better tomorrow. Day dawns on Super Bowl Sunday. A day traditionally when families gather and share their love of football. Please, please don’t risk gathering in the current climate where Covid remains a real threat.
2/6 Never would most of us believed that we would now be considering the imminent death toll of half a million Americans. Even more unbelievable, is that many of these deaths were totally avoidable with the simple adoption of cheap mitigation steps. I never cease to be astounded
3/6 ..by the sometimes stupid and frankly selfish nature of humans. Our refusal to accept inconvenience and our ability to disregard the safety of others for our own benefit, is what will see the end of us as a species. If ever an enemy of the state wanted to attack, America ..
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6 Feb
1/7 As another week draws to a close, I’m actually feeling optimistic. For all the attention surrounding Marjorie Taylor Green, the Biden administration continues to make steady progress on addressing the important challenges facing Americans TODAY. It was important to remove..
2/7 ..her from her committee assignments, to ensure she can have no direct input into the legislative process, but always remember that this does not stop her influence in terms of spreading ideas to colleagues. Her relationship with Trump is a key factor in her standing in the .
3/7 ..caucus. It seems clear to me that the GOP has chosen its path and given McConnell’s extensive political career, I can only think he’s squeezed enough money out of it, to decide not no fight for any moderate values. Maybe he’s just decided to ride it out and step down ..
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