A quick thread on those places and territories with the highest percentages of their populations vaccinated.

Firstly, what are those counries?

Looking at this list tiny Seychelles makes it.
How is it going in the Seychelles.

Well, we have been told that the deaths in Gibraltar that followed the vaccine were not caused by the vaccine.

That's very reassuring and so how about another small population territory - Seychelles.
It's probably a coincidence that the majority of deaths from Covid have come after the vaccine rather than before.

I have not heard anything from there direct but I am sure that the news will be that those deaths are unconnected to the vaccine.

Like Gibraltar, bad luck.
So, what is the latest on Gibraltar?

I've read the statement by the government that confirms the deaths are not connected to the jab. This chart also shows the acccident of timing.

As the populations & numbers in both Seychelles & Gibraltar is so small these things can happen.
It's a sad fact that in both of these small populations the numbers who've died of Covid since the vaccine was rolled out is > than the numbers who died before the vaccine.

Perhaps therefore the vaccine will take time before it shows it's full intended effects. Now 🇮🇱and 🇦🇪👇
Israel 🇮🇱 is well known for leading the race and together with 🇦🇪 they provide more substantial populations than the Seychelles 🇸🇨& Gibraltar 🇬🇮.

So how are things going? As the Palestinian population are not getting vaccinated we can compare deaths since the 20th Dec start.
How does this look for Israel on a longer time frame showing the entire length of the pandemic?

Unfortunately we can see that the 7 day average number of daily deaths in 🇮🇱 is higher than it was at any time prior to the rollout of the vaccine.

More time yet to improvements?
How long until Israel joins both Gibraltar & Seychelles in having more Covid deaths after the vaccine rolled out that before?

Not sure but all of the fast vaccine start countries & territories have higher average deaths since the vaccine than before.

Now 🇦🇪 👇🏻
The 🇦🇪 chart seems to show that the jab has yet to make the kind of improvements that everyone is expecting.

Hopefully that will come through in the data soon.

Let's look at a longer time-frame. 👇🏻
On a longer time frame we can see that in 🇦🇪 the current number of deaths is lower than at their previous peak.

On that measure 🇦🇪 are doing better than all of 🇮🇱🇬🇮🇸🇨 who are all averaging far more deaths after the vaccine than at their pre vaccine peak.

• • •

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Anyone who is a lockdown sceptic and critical of the UK government needs to understand what is explained in this thread here.

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@DanCardenMP Good speech Dan. Important and effective presentation - thank you.

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I am wondering if you will take up other matters connected with the government's response. Please see below..
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