Single young dad Pro Hero Izuku who lost his wife and hero partner shortly after their baby boy was born and elementary school teacher Katsuki who always sees the kid being picked up late from school.

At first, Katsuki doesn’t think much about the boy waiting all alone on the
benches in front of the school, the teacher just waits near the doors for the usual black car to pick the kid up. The boy never perks up when he leaves, he’s always gloomy and looking down, while getting on the passenger seat of the car and finally leaves.
It becomes unsettling.
But what is more unsettling for Katsuki, is the fact that he always looks full of spirit and overflowing of happiness in the morning. He’s a happy looking kid most of the day, he talks about hero comics with his small group of friends and goes out to play with them.
He looks at everything with big green eyes that seem to never stop dreaming. But then, the magic stops when the school day ends.

Once again, Katsuki is near the door and he’s about to step outside to tell the kid to wait inside the building, when a young looking man lands
right in front of the school, wearing a hero costume.
It alarms Katsuki. There might be a villain nearby.

“Genki-kun, inside!” Katsuki says while running outside to grab the boy.

“Huh? Why?” The little kid turns to look at his teacher, eyes big and bright. “It’s just my dad.”
Katsuki raises a thin eyebrow when he looks up at the hero in front of them. He must be almost a feet taller than him, with the same big green eyes the kid has and messy green curly hair that seems to be getting too long. By looking at his costume, he finally knows who he is.
But his expression doesn’t change, he’s still behind the kid.

“You.” Katsuki starts “So the number one hero is Genki-kun’s dad?”

The kid seems to get excited at that “Yes, he is!” He says happily, still looking at his teacher. That explains the kid’s last name.
“Well, thank you for your hard work. But please consider doing a better job at being on time to pick up your kid. That should be some basic parenting for you.” Is what Katsuki says, with a serious face that only changes when he looks down at the boy and pats his back for him to
go to his dad. “Take care on your way home, kiddo, remember to do your homework.”

“Yes!” It’s what Genki replies and he proceeds to do a quick run towards his father, who’s silently waiting in front of them.

Katsuki looks at the young man kneel down to pick his kid up, talking
in a low soft tone of voice that Katsuki can barely catch, but he knows he’s asking the boy for his day. And Genki seems to be replying happily, holding onto his dad’s neck.

Katsuki is glad he’s smiling, but he still looks at the Pro Hero Deku with a frown on his face.
The Pro Hero seems to be... embarrassed.

“Thank you for looking out for my son. Have a good day.” He bows and then takes a few steps back, looking like he’s about to jump.

“Yeah, you too, number one.”

And, with that said, the Pro Hero finally jumps away with his son.
It has been almost two weeks since Katsuki met the number one hero and Genki’s dad in front of the school. After that, there was no sight of the young Pro Hero Deku and Genki was once again leaving on the black car.

It infuriated Katsuki to another level. But every time he
tried to call Deku for a parent–teacher meeting, the Pro Hero was unavailable.

The life of a hero must be that busy. And there’s not much he can do now, since the summer break has started, which only makes him hope that Genki is spending more time with his parents.
He walks down the street market with a heavy bag full of groceries and fresh vegetables, he’s planning on preparing some salmon with asparagus and smashed potatoes for dinner. It smells like street food from the smalls food stands and the sound of bells that ring when someone
walks in or out of the nearby bakery. To add on, it’s hot as hell outside and Katsuki has the curse of sweating too much.

But again, nothing he can do.

He looks at the bakery’s entrance for a moment and realizes he might as well buy something sweet for dessert. And being
inside a place with AC doesn’t sound so bad right now.
So he walks towards the main entrance while fixing his tote bag on his shoulder and reaches for the door handle, just to have someone push it almost against his face from inside.

“Hey, watch it, ya idiot!” Is Katsuki’s
instant response, pushing his sight glasses back to the top of the bridge of his nose. He doesn’t look at the person in front of him, just fixes the bag once again “I could have tripped.”

“Oh, Bakugou-sensei!”

Katsuki recognizes the soft, little voice and he looks at the kid
standing in front of him. It’s Genki, dressed up with casual summer clothes that don’t match and a hat with a hero Endeavor design that... still doesn’t match. It’s funny, in a sense.
Behind him stands his father and number one hero, Deku. The tall guy is carrying two tote bags
like they weight nothing and two other bags that seem to be from the bakery Katsuki was about to go into.

“Sorry for Genki opening the door on your face, I was trying to stop him from running.” The guy says, embarrassment takes over his face once again.
“It’s fine...”

Wouldn’t have been fine if it was someone else, of course.

They move to the side of the outside of the bakery when Izuku realizes they’re blocking the entrance.

“Guess today is grocery day for everyone.” Says the Pro Hero and Katsuki shrugs.
“Well, it’s kind of nice outside, just hot as hell.” Katsuki replies “Summer vacation is always a mess with sweaty people and all that.”

Sweaty people including him.
The young man laughs at that and Katsuki looks at him and then at Genki, who’s sticking to his dad’s side while
holding what seems to be a milkshake, between his hands.

“Are you... gonna buy something?”

“Was thinking about it.”

“They started selling milkshakes and Boba tea inside.”

Katsuki slowly nods “I was wondering about that.” He says, pointing with his chin at Genki.
There’s a long silence between them.

“Day off from hero work?” Katsuki suddenly asks.

The Pro Hero smiles a little at him and nods “Two weeks, actually, handling an agency can be exhausting.”

It seems like it.

“Well, I’m glad about that.” Is the only thing Katsuki says.
“Well, I won’t stop you from getting something sweet. I’ll... see you around?” The guy says and Genki waves goodbye at his teacher before they start to turn around, but Katsuki stops them.

He really wants to have a conversation with Genki’s dad about who picks him up, he might
sound like he’s getting into something that doesn’t concern him, but he has a need to know how Genki’s life at home is and that he’s not being neglected by his parents.

“Wait!” He says. Inviting them to eat would be the best idea. “Actually, would you like to
eat at my place... like, for dinner? You can bring your wife too, I’d like to meet Genki’s parents if that’s okay with you.”

Pho Hero Deku seems a little taken aback by that, and it looks like his eyes have lost their brightness for a little, but he then perks up when Genki
gets excited because of the invitation.

“Say yes, dad! Please!”

The young man laughs softly while looking at his son and nods, lifting his head towards Katsuki “Y-yeah, we would love that. Do you need my phone number? To send me the address.”

“Yeah, let’s exchange numbers.”
With that said and done, Deku and Genki left the market and Katsuki finally went inside to buy something sweet at the bakery. The blond man decided for it to be something big to share at dinner tonight. He at least wants to give a better impression.
The night comes faster than Katsuki expected it, but he has dinner ready. Crispy teriyaki salmon with white rice, asparagus and goma-ae as a side dish. He changed the menu. Katsuki seriously hopes Genki likes it, since he knows kids are picky when it comes to food.

His phone
vibrates in one of the back pockets of his jeans and a new message displays on the screen; it’s from the Pro Hero, letting him know they would be there soon.
Katsuki replies with a short text and starts to take off his apron, leaving it aside to check his outfit on the mirror he
has in his bathroom for visits.

His apartment isn’t that big. A two bedroom, two bathroom’s apartment with enough space for him. He has been planning on adopting a dog, but it always feels like he never has time to finally do it.
He doesn’t really has visits aside from
his parents and friends, which are once in a while. But for the rest of that time... he’s all alone. So he finds himself slightly nervous for bringing a student and his parents to eat at his house; it’s not something that happens all the time.

He feels ridiculous, since he
planned it.

Katsuki hears someone knock on his front door and he jumps on his place, quickly composing himself before turning off the light of the bathroom and walking out of it and towards the door.

He leans forward to look out through the peephole, seeing Deku standing at
the other side of the door while looking down, probably at his son. There’s muffled voices and they stop right when Katsuki unlocks his door and opens it, seeing Deku and Genki stop talking and looking up towards him with a smile. Deku is carrying a bouquet of flowers.

The Pro
Hero extends it towards him. “H-hi.” He says and both him and his son bow “Thank you for having us for dinner, this is for you...”

Katsuki looks at the flowers and he notices, by the way they’re shaking, that Deku’s hands are shaking too. The only one who seems to be lively and
happy is Genki, who follows right after to greet his teacher with a smile.

“Hello, Bakugou-sensei! Dad didn’t know what to bring you, I said flowers and picked them for you!”

The excitement of his voice makes the teacher smile and he also looks at Deku with said smile on his
face, carefully taking the flowers from the guy’s hands. It didn’t feel weird to receive them, but it’s not something you get all the time either. The fact that Genki said he picked them kind of sounds like Deku doesn’t even know how to choose a bouquet and that makes Katsuki
think that Deku has too little time for mundane things aside from his work.

But there’s something he’s wondering at the same time.

He let’s the guy and his son walk inside, and the kid quickly takes off his shoes and announces he is coming into the house before walking in like
a curious cat.

It’s now just Katsuki and Deku at the entrance.

“Your wife wasn’t able to come?” Katsuki asks.

He sees Deku stop for just a second when he asks that, as if he suddenly froze in time, and then finishes taking off his shoes to turn his head to Katsuki.
Once again, sadness goes through his eyes like a shadow. Just like at the market. And it changes immediately, as if he turned a switch on and off.

“Oh, no... it’s just me and Genki.” Deku says and his tone of voice let’s Katsuki know that he actually stepped into something
more delicate than he thought. It’s clear for him now, and it makes even more sense, because he understands that, if Genki had a mom, he would have seen her at least once... probably.

“Oh...” Katsuki starts. “I understand.”

Deku nods. Katsuki decides not to continue.

But Deku
is the one to talk now. “I know... you might have asked us to come here to talk about Genki, I have been thinking about what you said when we met that day.”

Katsuki feels surprisingly guilty about that. “I– Yeah, I did, I just...”

“I’m glad that you look out for him, if I’m
honest.” Deku interrupts him “I needed someone to tell me that to realize there’s things I have to change. He’s my biggest priority before my career... So thank you.”

Katsuki is taken aback by the young Pro Hero. Despite seeing him smile and stand undefeated on the news...
he seems vulnerable right in front of his eyes.

Katsuki shakes his head a little. “As a teacher, it’s my duty to watch out for my kids. And as a person... I want to see those kids happy.” Deku’s gaze on him is heavy, but his face is... relaxed. “I–“

But before Katsuki can
continue, Genki appears back in the entrance of the apartment.

“Dad... I’m hungry...” he says in a soft tone of voice, giving both men puppy eyes. No one can win against puppy eyes.

Both Katsuki and Deku let out a soft laugh and the teacher apologizes.

“Sorry, Genki-kun.
Let’s go eat.” He starts saying, walking towards the kid with the Pro Hero following him. “Food first, chat later.”
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