I am all for shape shifter bunnyxian who gets injured and found by the great hgj, and this is right after cloud recesses lessons, lwj is still, "I can't deal w these feelings about wwx" and wwx thinks lwj hates him, but lwj cares for his bunny form and wwx is in love instantly
bunnyxian gets to do everything he never got to do in human form around lwj. Hop into lwj's lap, give him little bunny kisses, sleep in lwj's bed, get his undivided attention and lwj doesn't even get mad at him! or push him away! it's absolute bliss, wwx never wants to return-
-to human form if this is how it is as a bunny!!!! But unfortunately, the first time lwj returns a bunny kiss (!!!!) wwx gets so flustered he POOFS back into human form (naked) and is like 😳😳"I can explain lan zhan..."

and lwj is like "???????" Bichen is drawn.
Lwj has heard tales of shape shifters but no one's met them in centuries. Understandably, he's very confused, and very mad that a NUDE wwx is SOMEHOW tangled up in his sheets currently. He is also MAD that he can't help but stare at the lean slopes of unblemished skin.
So of course, an 18y.o hgj draws his sword on a clearly defenseless wei ying, bc how else is he supposed to deal with these sudden intense feelings? With a sword fight of course! Instantly the blade is under wwx's chin and wwx squeaks in protest with wide eyes.
"Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan! It's me! It's Wei Ying...." wwx starts, pulling more covers into his lap to cover himself. "Your bunny.."

Lwj is even madder about this. His bunny? Preposterous! Shameless! Ridiculous! All of the moments they'd spent together flash thru his head.
Bunnyxian spent most of the day in his LAP, lwj would hide him inside of his sleeves during council meetings, gently rubbing his head between his floppy ears where no one could see! Would put bunnyxian on a little floating bucket inside the bath while he BATHED bc bunnyxian-
-would start thumping unhappily when left behind!!! And all of the kisses!!!!! Anytime lwj was horizontal bunnyxian instantly came over to pepper his face with his twitchy little nose and tiny tongue. And if lwj wasn't horizontal, he would climb lwj like a tree!!! For a kiss!
Instead of discussing any of /those moments/, lwj says, "You're a shapeshifter."

Wwx nods and lwj swears he can see his black floppy bunny ears bouncing along with him, but they're not there, he's human rn.

Lwj is met w great inner turmoil to reconcile wwx and bunnyxian.
But wwx is human rn and lwj /cannot/ reconcile them inside of his head.

"Get out," lwj says instead and wwx's face falls.

"Lan Zhan...but--" wwx starts but the look lwj gives him silences him.

Wwx has his thinking face on for a moment b4 there's another POOF.
And wwx is in semi-bunny form. Long, floppy black ears, soft black down on the tops of his arms and legs, and if lwk peaks behind him--yup, a fluffy black and white spotted tail.

Now lwj /definitely/ doesn't know what to do, bc wtf, cute!
Seeing lwj's resistance faltering, wwx really lays it on. He crawls forward toward where lwj is standing, tiling his head in a way he knows will make lwj's brain fizz out from overly cute antics.

"Don't kick me out, Lan Zhan," wwx pleads w big eyes and lwj is done for.
Lwj's eye twitches, what a formidable foe he's been met with. But wwx sees more hesitance and takes the opportunity to stand (oh yeah he's human lwj thinks) soft cock out and just--there for lwj to gape at--and tosses himself into lwj's arms, nuzzling against his neck.
"Keep me, keep me," wwx mumbles into lwj's neck.

Lwj is frozen, but hesitantly raises his arms to pet along wwx's ears and wwx burrows furrow into the crevice of his shoulder with a content sound.

After what feels like hours lwj hums, "Mn. I will keep Wei Ying, my bunny."
And then they fuc--

live happily ever after!!!!!!!! The end.
I love them, ok back to classwork woops

ko-fi.com/yunmenglotus if you so feel inclined! Have a great day guys! Bunnyxian and lwj are cuddling forevermore.

• • •

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8 Feb
single dad lwj brings ayuan to the library where wwx is a librarian, ayuan takes out books often. One day, ayuan forgets to return a book (he's 7)and it's past due. He panics, so he hides it until it's deemed missing and accrues A LOT of fees, wwx has to call the guardian on file
When wwx calls, a very deep voice answers and for a second wwx is like, oh wowza, but he's at work! So he says, "Hi, I'm calling in regards to Wen Yuan, is this Lan Wangji?"

Lwj instantly is worried his son is hurt, or in trouble (it's school hours so ayuan isn't home)
"Yes," lwj responds, pressing his phone closer to his face.

There's shuffling of papers on the other end of the line. "Hi, I'm Wei Ying, I work at the public library. We're calling about the fees accrued on Wen Yuan's account."

Lwj scrunches his brow. Fees?
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12 Jan
wangxian as ways i met folks i hooked up with (idea from @/varnesbutworse) :
wwx is a local delinquent failing out of HS, taking night classes and lwj is the volleyball captain who runs drills in the school hallways during night classes.
wwx and lwj meet at a cultural festival and wwx makes a joke about "laughing his contact out of his eye" they exchange numbers and start texting before they've even separated
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10 Jan
tw // alcohol

modern raver wwx who after a few unfortunate bad experiences at a rave has his best friend lwj tag along as his emotional support barricade from unwanted touches/interactions
Lwj isn't the rave type, but after a call from wwx at 3:46 a.m. (wwx is one of two numbers that bypass his do not disturb setting on his phone) from a sobbing wwx who didn't know where he was, or how he got there, lwj makes it his personal duty to go with wwx to every rave.
So that this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

Lwj deserves to be inducted into sainthood with how well he maintains his restraint when wwx shows up in the tiniest rave outfits, all crisscrossing straps, and pieces of fabric that barely constitute as clothing.
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9 Jan
Who would be polite to the roomba?
Who would say "thank you" to Alexa after asking a question?
Who would get jealous of the other being extra nice to the AI and showering it in compliments?
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30 Nov 20
Modern au where lwj discovers he gets off on pain. When he was a teen he was always fascinated w jewelry, but never allowed to wear it bc of how strict lqr was. So when he's finally out in his own apartment, he goes to get his ears pierced. Little does he know how he would react.
He googles 'lgbt friendly piercing parlors near me' and up pops the top rated parlor named: Yiling House of Pain. A bit of an odd title, he thinks, but the reviews are all positive so he calls to make an appointment the very next day. He's a bit nervous, but excited.
He finds himself fascinated by the thought of it, it's at the front of his mind for the rest of the day. What will it feel like? Will it hurt? Will it look good on him? Sleep comes with effort on his part to quiet the buzz of excitement running through his nerves.
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20 Nov 20
Wwx brings home this brochure to his roommate lwj.

wwx who does not know what bussy is: 'check out this cool new gym program, Lan Zhan! '

lwj who has previously looked up the term bc he saw it on a forum: grips chair arm so hard it splinters.
borne from (you guessed it) Trisha and I's sinful dms.
lwj: 'Wei Ying...what...is this?'

wwx: 'Oh! I'm just gonna attend this bussy training class, Lan Zhan, just you wait. I'm gonna have the fattest bussy out there.

lwj, pausing for a moment, trying not to freak out: 'What does the class....entail?'
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