When the purchased-press covers any ‘conspiracy theory’, almost without exception it’s a mischaracterization of an exaggeration of a mischaracterized exaggeration.. leading to an end-product headline so absurd that the public becomes ashamed to be associated with it.
‘the most powerful banking families now have such unchecked power and control that even much of the military-industrial complex, including new space-based weaponry, is directly or indirectly under their sway,’


‘Jewish space lasers!!’

.. opening the door to mockery
‘The owners and operators of this business seem to have unique/extensive ties to both child predators and traffickers, and an undeniable overlap with their ‘culture’, demanding investigation’


‘Hillary Clinton eats and sells children from a basement in a pizza shop’
Shame and mockery, especially with regard to the insecure or those terrified of making waves or being the ‘odd man out’, is such a powerful weapon - such a perfect mechanism to help covertly facilitate total psychological control.

• • •

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11 Feb
Jan Ott, the capable man behind the upcoming translation of the Oera Linda book, is one of those impressive people that so often go ‘unsung’ due to a quiet modesty..

He’s been handling all things OLB practically on his own, in preparing the book for publication, and
ensuring relevant and reliable research material is available online.

I often receive outreach from skilled individuals looking for ways to help, in the broadest sense - this would be a great opportunity to do so, in a meaningful way:

Web design, layout, content display
and organization isn’t his specialty, and because he has so much else on his plate, I thought I’d put the word out - in hopes that someone with the skill set and willingness to help might reach out to him.
I’d personally appreciate it.

He can be reached at ott@oeralinda.nl
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5 Feb
As our world crumbles, and a handful of parasitic jackals (and their errand-boys and useful idiots) set the world on fire in attempt to retain undeserved power, life can become profoundly *draining*.

For what it’s worth - remember that *you* are in control of your inputs.
Remember that, at any time, you can simply shut out these informational inputs designed to grind the human spirit to dust.

Am I suggesting that not paying any attention to the world is the ideal?
Absolutely not. As with so much else, a balance seems best:

Take in enough
to have some firm understanding of what’s going on, while making certain you don’t lose yourself in hundreds of redundant examples of the darkness we’re facing. There’s nothing to be gained from swimming in infuriating and demoralizing material -
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9 Dec 20
The ascendancy of men like Saul Alinsky as foundational political philosophers marked the beginning of the end of all hopes of truthfulness or decency in politics because his particular brand of shrewd intelligence chose to frame all politics as a by-any-means-necessary
power struggle, in the manner of an alien people or culture seeking to subvert an enemy population.

Devoid of any strong love for nation, or culture, or a belief in God - or any fundamental reason or desire to *better* the world - his ‘rules for radicals’ playbook so heavily
employed since publication taught his acolytes to get all they could, when and where they could, by hook or by crook.. and that some vaguely positive-sounding ends justified the means.

He recognized that to succeed, in a technical sense, the fundamental healthy orientation
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5 Nov 20
For anyone that hasn't followed the election happenings closely, a summary:

Biden starts out with an early lead across the board, due to (as the networks mention over and over again) the counting of the mail-in votes early.

After roughly half of the non mail-in votes are
tallied in most key states, Biden's lead has evaporated completely, and many states flip to Trump.

It's clear who's going to win. I call it, many others call it, betting markets call it (Trump becomes an 8 to 1 favorite, from his starting point as a 3 to 1 underdog).
Things then begin to get very strange.
Vote counting essentially stops in most key states, and CNN and others begin to suddenly claim the mail-in vote WASN'T actually tallied yet, but rather remains to be counted.

From this point forward, nearly every vote tallied in
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3 Aug 20
Pull back and consider the conception of television, broadly:

Most people now have one as the looming dominant centerpiece of their living area, much like an altar, where people spend much of their day taking in programming (such a key word).. which they actually *pay* for.
Not a collection of disparate voices, opinions, people and ideas.. but a relatively unified and singular culture and ideology being pushed across every major network.

It’d be all but impossible to dream up a more effective and efficient indoctrination mechanism.
When you begin to watch shows like John Oliver (or any of the clones) and connect the dots that comedy wasn’t the purpose or intent, but merely the *mask* and vehicle, the spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, the insidiousness of it all begins to fully register.
Read 4 tweets
17 Jul 20
This experiment will be my new permanently pinned tweet, and the only time I'll request retweets.

The concept is simple:
Post anything you find especially beautiful/inspiring - images, words, video, music - as often as you wish.

Lets build a long eclectic thread of good things.
This idea was inspired by our project/room in our chat community on 'riot' which has been such a consistent source of great finds.

Much of the best and brightest of what gets posted here will be used in future creative projects, so I appreciate it in advance.
Read 19 tweets

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