The Drug War here in the U.S and abroad has always been intricately linked with racism and racial tropes against blacks and other minorities as well...

1. In 1914 Dr. Edward Huntington Williams wrote an article in the
NYT titled NEGRO COCAINE "FIENDS" NEW SOUTHERN MENACE. in his piece he argued how cocaine made the negro more savage, and made him a uniquely murderous individual

2. Harry Anslinger the 1st commissioner of the U.S. Treasury Department's Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the 30s
linked drug use like marijuana among others to the black musicians during that time like Billie Holliday etc, and said how the drugs they would use made them make freakish music like jazz and as some reporters mentioned he stated he longed to see them behind bars
3. More contemporary you had Nixon declaring war on drugs in the 70s with admission from his domestic policy advisor Ehrlichman stating the war had objectives in targeting “blacks and hippies”

4. Biden was also involved with his crime bills he worked on since the 70s
With his infamous crime bills that targeted minorities.. his speech on the floor in which he pathologized black folks and stated how black kids were irredeemable and beyond rehabilitation.. his bills on crime and drug use had profound effects on the incarceration of black folks
I could say more and even go back further than 1914 but I wanted to highlight these events because the war on drugs has always been detrimental especially towards racialized minorities.. With recent data on the increase of adulterated drugs such as fentanyl etc it’s about time
Congress addresses major changes to our drug policy that has hurt and killed countless lives especially minorities... #EndTheDrugWar

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13 Feb
I'm surprised he hasn't blocked me yet.. 😂😂 But I'm gunna continue to push back on his narrative.. #TwitteRx
@ChadDKollas laying down some facts!! Convo for those who are blocked lol...
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6 Feb
Well didn’t take too long until he posted this smh 🤦‍♂️ lol.. His worldview is so focused on prescription opioids being the main catalyst for addiction that he will admit that our record lows of rx opioid prescribing is not low enough smh.. He really can’t connect the dots Image
with Rx opioid prescribing down at record lows and OD deaths still climbing.. It never occurred to him to analyze what drugs are actually causing the overdose deaths.. He then argues that deaths were also soaring when people were using heroin etc when rx prescribing was also high
What he fails to realize is that we have had data describing increase in overdose deaths decades before the mid 90s high prescribing and the fiasco with Purdue Pharma and OxyContin... Once again to only focus on prescription opioids is to miss so many other variables at play
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4 Feb
After listening to NPRs new podcast episode with kolodny and others on How to fight the opioid epidemic I came across many things that were problematic but the two issues that stuck out to me I will highlight below...
The 1st issue I had was kolodny’s narrow view of addiction.. Throughout the episode we heard tragic stories of people succumbing to addiction and dying of overdose.. In these stories we heard how they suffered with substance abuse issues, psychiatric issues, also people with
Socioeconomic issues as well.. Instead of discussing all these factors and how they can attribute to why someone can succumb to addiction kolodny wanted to focus on 1 thing being the main catalyst: Prescription opioids.. Dr. Carl Hart who is a neuroscientist has been doing some
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11 Jun 20

Sickle cell disease will always be a disease that means so much to me.. Growing up seeing my brother battle with this disease was hard. Many nights my family would be in the hospital with him watching him in excruciating pain. Many nights i would see the
stress on my parents face as their youngest son was going through horrific pain. Sometimes i would pray that God would take this disease away from my brother and give it to me so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. #sicklecell patients already have it hard enough
with this disease now add on top of that racial bias that they have to deal with. Many times either me or my dad would have to advocate for him in the ER to get proper and urgent care and make sure his pain is adequately managed... The treatment my brother has received
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10 Mar 20
I truly feel for those who suffer with addiction and i am glad we have medications and tools to help with that as well.. It is truly devastating to lose someone to addiction and i hate hearing stories about it. I also have the same type of compassion for those
who suffer with chronic pain. My brother has #sicklecell and he suffers with chronic pain. Whenever he has his crisis he suffers excruciating pain that cuts deep to the core... We have a class of medications called opioids that have helped patients in pain for centuries..
It saddens me to see people demonize this class of medications which Have helped so many people cope with their pain. Yesterday I was taking care of this lady in our hospital who was going to be going to hospice the next day
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8 Mar 20
Thread on the opioid crisis****

I came across this article in the Journal of Pain Research by Dr. Jeffrey Singer et al. The title is called "Today's Nonmedical opioid users are not yesterday's patients: implications of data indicating stable rates of Nonmedical use and pain
Reliever use disorder". If you Havnt read this i would highly recommend it. When we discuss the opioid crisis we like to assign more blame to certain entities. The entity i hear alot in this discussion is pharmaceutical companies like Purdue Pharma and overprescribing that
Took place during the 90s when they marketed the drug Oxycontin. Alot of times we hear they were the cause of this crisis along with doctor overprescribing. Now this was Definately a contributing factor in getting this drug in the wrong hands resulting in NON-MEDICAL use
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