Given the amount of dishonesty, hypocrisy and/or silence that occurred after #Action4Assange censored/banned me for posting a court document, I think #TaylorHudak & #SuzieDawson cannot be trusted for supporting censorship...and it's a true liability for trusting #PanQuake.
I was banned/censored w/no explanation, after I posted a court one would own up to who did it. Finally, I was re-added, after I spoke publicly about it. But when I asked why #Action4Assange's Andrew censored/banned me in first place, I was banned, again. #PanQuake
To this day...
Andrew never responded to requests of why I was banned for posting a court doc.
#Action4Assange's Steve/#SuzieDawson *smoke-screened* w/a barrage of senseless insults.
#TaylorHudak lied & played dumb.

This is part of the #PanQuake team that claims to "not censor."
It's a little creepy watching #TaylorHudak & #SuzieDawson act like #PanQuake Stepford wives, hocking a for-profit social media platform that "won't censor activists"--right after they flagrantly helped censor me, who is an activist...😳

• • •

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14 Feb
Oddly (or manipulatively?), an additional #Republican who voted to impeach #Trump--#SusanCollins--claims she opposes #TPP (now called "#CPTPP")…yet somehow blames Trump for TPP—even though Trump formally withdrew USA from TPP?

This brings the total number of #Republicans who tried to impeach #Trump, recently...who seem to *either support TPP or mislead people about the history of TPP* to be about 5/7...

#TPPInsiders are BIPARTISAN.
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12 Feb
#TPPInsiders/#Congress can starve people in our country, by shutting down businesses & not sending out adequate compensation...but if you question this, you are a "#Trump supporter" & "insurrectionist"...
#TPPInsiders can kill your #sovereignty, by having a foreign political party bribe your President to pass an unnecessary "trade" deal (#CPTPP)--but if you question this, you are called "#xeonophobic," "#protectionist" and/or possibly "#racist"...
#TPPInsiders can place #WarCriminals in #Biden's administration...but if you question this, you are called "sexist"..."homophobic"..."right-wing"...a "white supremacist"...
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2 Feb
I talked to #SuzieDawson, when I was down in #DC, dealing w/#Action4Assange placing me in dangerous situations, where they were picking fights to get attention w/neighbors & loudly discussing drug use, etc...SUZIE *AGREED w/ME* that this group was acting shady. #PanQuake
I had multiple conversations with #SuzieDawson about #Action4Assange's poor behavior at #DC Sept trip...Suzie compared their behavior to what she experienced in #NewZealand's #OccupyWallStreet, where groups had sabotaged events. She agreed I should leave early.

About a wk later, #SuzieDawson encouraged me to post about a "teaser" article...which I did, at first, to support her excellent work. Image how surprised I felt, when her article revealed using #Action4Assange as "trusted witnesses"...after we'd agreed they were acting sketchy.
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2 Feb
When I was down in #DC with #Action4Assange & this group was playing games & asking me if every person who approached our group was "a fed"...I asked Steve, Kimber, & Andrew if they had ever been targeted. They all looked at me blank-faced. lol
Finally, after some discomfort, #Action4Assange's Andrew offers up that he *thinks* he may have been targeted...I ask what happened...he tells a vague story about an abandoned car parked outside he office. lolol
I asked the others if anything odd had ever happened to them, they all sort of shrugged and had nothing to say.

Here are the founders of #Action4Assange so *worried* about "feds"--that in between announcing loudly they plan to do drugs--allegedly--most had not been targeted. 😹
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1 Feb
Some activists believe security agencies are intentionally handing extreme wealth to certain corp/govt.-related individuals (#Amazon)--while maintaining the majority in poverty w/COVID--just to push the public to cry for authoritarian socialism--to accelerate passing #TPP/#CPTPP.
The problem with authoritarian socialism--like all forms of govt.--is who will be implementing it with law? How will those in power use law to create even more repression & inequity? People who praise "socialism"--probably are not thinking of #China's concentration camps.
*Ideally*--if every person has a skill or product to share--we could have a capitalist society based on even trade.

*Ideally*--if we had a benevolent set of enforcers--authoritarian socialism could be more equitable.

Problem is who is in power, b/c they taint *ideal* systems.
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4 Jan
Our #NationalSecurity must realize that the top brass is corrupt. When this happens, there is only the #Press--the real Press--that can sometimes raise-awareness. #Biden made deals on YOUR SELL OUR #USA SOVEREIGNTY!

#Wikileaks is a place for #whistleblowers.

#NationalSecurity must realize that the safety of the #USA has been compromised by security agencies' laziness & corruption!

#Wikileaks published the information that helped link #Biden, #China & a #FakeTradeDeal that kills our #USA SOVEREIGNTY! #NoCPTPP

Our #NationalSecurity must realize that our country cannot survive if we shift production to offshore sweatshops, hand our law-making processes to transnational, CEOs in #ISDS tribunals &/or censor our #FreedomofSpeech & #FreedomOfThePress.

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