What is Health?
Is the current situation conducive to health?
Do you feel healthy now?

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” - @WHO
Health is not an endpoint in itself, rather a state of existence that facilitates a full and meaningful life.
By being healthy, one can self-actualise and play one's role in society. Life is not about being alive, it's about living and enjoying a good quality of life. 2/n
Physical health involves
1) genetics
2) lifestyle (nutrition and physical activity)
3) access to quality healthcare
4) avoiding hazardous environments
5) avoiding high-risk behaviours (drinking and driving, drugs, unprotected sex) 3/n
Where are all the health promotion campaigns educating the public about healthy lifestyle, apart from this mediocre attempt? 4/n @BorisJohnson
How is prohibiting people from exercising and going to the beach to get some vitamin D aligns with health promotion? 5/n
Where is health in the shadow of starvation?
The response to COVID 19 "threatened to push 270 million people to the brink of starvation" 6/n
Mental wellbeing involves
1) being happy and fulfilled
2) absence of stress, anxiety and depression
3) feeling safe
4) resilience in the face of adversity
5) spirituality
6) having a sense of purpose
"COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has brought about a sense of fear and anxiety around the globe. This phenomenon has led to short term as well as long term psychosocial and mental health implications for children and adolescents." 8/n
"the pandemic and recession were associated with a 10 to 60% increase in deaths of despair above already high pre-pandemic levels." - Casey B. Mulligan 9/n
About police brutality...
Are you feeling safe and protected by your government yet?
Social wellbeing refers to the social determinants of health
"Wellness is the optimal state of health of individuals and groups. There are two focal concerns: the realization of the fullest potential of an individual physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually, and economically,.." - @WHO 12/n
"...and the fulfilment of one’s roles and expectations in the family, community, place of worship, and other settings.”
@WHO 13/n
How will unemployment affect the health of the population?
"1.6 billion workers in the informal economy – that is nearly half of the global workforce – stand in immediate danger of having their livelihoods destroyed" - @ilo 14/n
How will depriving our kids of play affect their physical and mental wellbeing? 15/n
What kind of impact will parenting under stress have on the physical and mental wellbeing of children in the wake of rising child abuse? 16/n
How will our children's health be affected as a result of lost education over 2 academic years?
"@UNESCO revealed startling divides in digitally based distance learning, with data showing that some 830 million students do not have access to a computer."17/
"disrupted education could create a “lost generation” of children in Africa."
Online learning doesn't work for any child.
Here's my rewrite:
"disrupted education could create a “lost generation” of children" globally. 18/n
What is the impact of losing spirituality on health?
"Religious doctrines influence decisions about health and health behaviours. In the Judeo-Christian scriptures, for example, there is an emphasis on caring for the physical body as a “Temple of the Holy Spirit”" 19/n
"a desire to provide high-quality care, and simply common sense, all underscore the need to integrate spirituality into patient care." 20/n
How healthy do you feel when you are disconnected, isolated and lonely?
1) social distancing
2) 2 m rules
3) elbow bumps
4) fear of fellow humans
5) masks covering up people's faces and smiles
6) us vs them dichotomy
7) anger and hate spreading
Is your wellbeing taking a hit? 21/
How will the healthcare system be impacted by the economic crisis?
1) availability and accessibility of services
2) quality of care
3) accountability of providers
4) allocation of resources based on health impact
5) impact on underprivileged populations
"financial depressions have a direct impact on the overall health, on the public spending directed to the health care system, on the quality of the provided services and on the restructure of the roles and functions of the health care personnel" 23/n
It's not about your health, the health of children, the elderly, the high-risk groups...
Governments don't care about your health.
Governments are just trying to save face following a colossal mistake.
Those who are sustaining this predicament fear their own death. 24/n
It's the self-preservation instinct on self-destruct mode.
What they forget to acknowledge is that death is lurking behind every turn. If death is in the books for you, it will happen even if you hide in the highest towers.
We are all born dying.

Choose to live now. 25/25

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"All mortality models turned out to be wrong."
Let's just accept that we can't predict how the virus will behave, how much pre-existing immunity there is, when will new waves come and go and when will herd immunity be achieved. 1/n
Lockdowns harm and should be unlawful regardless of the disease.
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To reopen society...
Step 1: end mass testing
The best diagnosis for people who test themselves when they are not sick is HYPOCHONDRIA. 1/4
Step 2: End Homosapienphobia
Fear not your fellow humans. They are innocent until proven guilty.
If you don’t feel sick, you are not sick unless you are delusional.
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Rules are made to be broken and structures are made to be bent. When rules and structures are no longer serving the best interests of people they must be placed under evolutionary pressure until they mutate into a better variant of themselves. 1/n
Rotten institutions and corrupt governments are causing horrendous harm.
So rise up and put pressure on that evolution to speed up a novel variant of governance that respects human dignity, personal freedoms, human agency and free will. 2/n
It is not by bowing to the interests of the few at the top that we reach the greater good of society. It is by meeting the interests of individuals like you and me that we reach the greater good of society. 3/n
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