KuroDai for #DaichiLoveFest : At Home
Kuroo and Daichi go to the same college. They aren't too familiar with each other still, but they do end up on the volleyball team together as 3rd string players.
Their circles don't mesh much, Daichi is in an engineering program and Kuroo's in management, so their schedules are hectic and they don't really see each other outside of volleyball practice every day.

Kuroo sees Daichi at practice every day.
Kuroo sees Daichi with his friends sometimes, when he's out with his own. He sees Daichi at the library sometimes, when he's picking up books. He sees him at the cafe. He sees him by the vending machines.

But he doesn't really strike up a conversation with him.
Kuroo thinks Daichi sees him too, sometimes, when he looks at Daichi and Daichi isn't looking at him but Kuroo somehow feels like he *was*, just now
After a while of trying to catch Daichi looking at him though, Kuroo waits for the locker room to empty before he sidles up next to Daichi, usually the last to leave. He's in his streetwear now, and Kuroo doesn't look at the way his sleeves-- his biceps-- he doesn't look.
He looks at Daichi's face, or thereabouts, and casually, with every iota of calm he can muster, he asks Daichi, "Hey, were you checking me out?"
There's 2 ways this can go:
Daichi would laugh at him for joking, or react violently for even implying what he's implying.
Kuroo belatedly thinks maybe he should have asked this question outside, in front of people so Daichi would have had to think before he punched Kuroo out
But, thankfully, Daichi reacts calmly, even if he sounds a little bewildered. "Um, no? I'm pretty sure I wasn't looking at you, if you thought i was looking at you. I was probably zoning out."
Kuroo nods. "Okay, that's what i thought." he shrugs. "Thanks for not freaking out."
Daichi snorts. "Yeah don't mention it."
When Kuroo turns to leave though, Daichi clears his throat.
"I'm bisexual," he says, looking right in Kuroo's face, chin up. "I just thought I'd tell you because, well if it comes out eventually I don't want you to feel like I liked to you, you know."
Kuroo nods. He must look a fool, because Daichi chuckles self consciously, scratches the back of his head in that endearing way of his, country boy charm personified. "Anyway, you don't have to worry about me hitting on you, or anything. I'm not interested in you like that."
And wow if that doesn't feel like the bottom of Kuroo's chest dropping out.

It's so strange. Kuroo had never really entertained any thoughts of him and Daichi together, in all this time,
Daichi was just one of the straight boys he liked to admire from afar, aesthetically, maybe in an 'I could see myself being with a guy like that' way, or an 'it'd be nice if my boyfriend had a smile like that' way. Just... just silly fantasies that'd never amount to anything
But in the space between finding out Daichi was into men, and then finding out he wasn't into *Kuroo*.

There had been something. A flicker and then it was gone, but that flicker hurt.
Kuroo laughs. "Hey," he says, and feels his heart rate increase, his eyes begin to sting. "Can i tell you a se- a secret, Sawamura?"
Daichi nods. "Of course."
Kuroo swallows a couple times to make the sounds unstick from his throat. "I'm gay."
Daichi stares for a moment before he smiles. "So we each have something on each other now, huh."
Kuroo nods, nervously laughing again. "Yeah. So you know, I won't tell anyone about yours. So you can't tell anyone about mine either."
Daichi would never-- Kuroo knows. Daichi would never reveal Kuroo's secret, even if Kuroo went back on his word. Daichi would never.
And it makes a part of him feel relieved, to have told someone he knows he can trust.
"If you try to bring me down I will absolutely take you with me," Daichi smirks.
"Sure, Sawamura," Kuroo returns, easily slipping into their practised banter. This is familiar ground, and it just reinforces the fact that they're friends. They're friends.
And maybe they don't know each other as well, but Kuroo's glad to know he's got Daichi in his corner. And this is another little thread in their bond, something to hold them together, in a mutual sort of camaraderie. Kuroo likes it. He likes making friends.
And so. They remain friends all of first year. They grow somewhat closer in second year, and in third year, when it becomes more and more obvious that Kuroo's going to be team captain and Daichi's going to be vice captain, they start hanging out more.
Kuroo invites Daichi to his place. They go out to get dinner with the other third years on the team. Daichi sometimes even surreptitiously points at hot dudes and smirks at Kuroo. Kuroo rolls his eyes and mutters that Daichi's gaydar is broken, that's obviously a Straight.
When they hang out together, just them, they make a game of it, judging people, because they're both terrible. Kuroo gets to know Daichi better. Kuroo gets to see Daichi up close and personal, gets blinding smiles directed at him, sees the gap where he lost his tooth.
Daichi's mother sends things "for Kuroo-kun" when Daichi comes home from break. Kuroo knows the people Daichi complains about now, who the tough professors are in his program. Kuroo knows the people Daichi has kissed, or wants to kiss. He's still not on that list.
He tries not to let it bother him too much. Daichi dates some girls, and tells Kuroo about some of the guys he likes, not that he'll ever ask them out, because they're straight.
Kuroo tells Daichi about some of the guys he likes, not that he'll ever ask them out, because they're straight and also Kuroo would probably get his ass kicked.
Daichi recommends liking people scrawnier than him. Kuroo's a volleyabll player, big and built like an athlete-- it should be easy for him to find people whose punches he can block easy.
Kuroo cusses him out, because fuck you, Daichi. He hasn't even gotten kissed, okay? While Daichi's out canoodling with pretty girls, Kuroo is reading his management texts and listening to BLcds, okay? It's not funny.
It's not funny.
Daichi apologizes. And he does it so sincerely, Kuroo hates him a little.
Kuroo can't tell him there's not many big, buff guys he's into. There's just-- mostly-- mainly-- just the one. Just the one that's--for a fact-- not into Kuroo.
Kuroo clenches his fists and looks away. They're on the late train, and Kuroo is sitting next to Daichi, and he can feel their thighs touch. There's no one around, except for one man passed out half on the floor, a few seats up, but no one apart from him and.
For one moment, Daichi presses closer, pushes his shoulder against Kuroo. For one moment, Kuroo thinks Daichi is going to say "What if i kissed you, then?" or something cliche like that, like how it happens in manga,
but of course, life isn't manga, and Sawamura Daichi is not interested in him. "I'm sorry," Daichi says again. "I'm sorry Kuroo, that was really awful of me. I won't make jokes like that again."
Kuroo wants to cry. He snort-laughs. "Yeah yeah, it's ok. Don't do it again."
Daichi remains pressed into him for the duration of the trip, and the warmth feels bittersweet. But it's nice to have nonetheless, so Kuroo is happy for it. He's happy to have this friendship. He's happy to have Daichi.
In fourth year, they make captain and vice. It's a good feeling, to be heading a team: Kuroo likes being in charge, guiding people, putting plays together and watching them come to life on the court. And it's good to be doing it with Daichi, who he is so familiar with now.
They work together like a precision instrument, and it's such a good feeling to block knowing Daichi is behind him, knowing Daichi will keep the ball in the air. They have a fantastic team. They win often. They go to the All Japan championships-- they're that good.
And then their libero gets injured and has to be benched.
and their substitute-- he's good, but he's just not had enough practice witht he team, and this is his first actual big game, so he's a little jittery. they lose a bunch of points, and eventually, the set. Then, the game.
(Cw homophobia, violence)
And as they line up at the end, the middle blocker that had been running his mouth all game, he opens his mouth and he says, "Well maybe if your captain hadn't been such a--"
There's hardly a second between the man saying the word and Daichi punching him.
Kuroo stands petrified as he watches Daichi rear back for another punch, blood on his knuckles, the other hand fisted in the guy's shirt.
He looks-- furious. Spitting mad. Teeth bared in a snarl, nostrils flared, red in the face, the veins in his arm in stark relief.
But before he can land the second one people are pulling him away.
Coach is yelling in his face, but Daichi is still looking, eyes like knives, at that man holding his nose, whose blood is running down his chin, dripping at his feet as his teammates usher him away.
Daichi is still snarling at him, even as the coaches haul him off the court.
(end cw)
"Kuroo, let's go," his setter says, and Kuroo nods, dumbly letting himself be guided to the locker room.
The scene in the locker room is messy and loud. Kuroo has never seen their coaches lose their cool like this. Daichi sits on the bench with the towel over his head, as he takes their tirade, about how at least before it was just a loss, now it's a disqualification.
Kuroo keeps quiet, even if he wants to protest. If anyone should be getting chewed out, it should have been that man. He wishes he could say it without coach completely losing his mind. But now's not the time.
After coach is done yelling-- only because he's out of breath, Kuroo's sure-- does everyone file out of the locker room. People look as they pass by, and the boys hurry both Kuroo and Daichi along till they're back in their bus.
Kouki has the presence of mind to pull Daichi all the way to the back, furthest from the coaches. When Kuroo goes to take up his usual seat behind coach, Keita gently pushes him toward the back and gives him the bag with the first aid kit.
"Go see if your boyfriend's ok," he whispers. "No one looked at his hand yet."
"He's not my boyfriend," Kuroo whispers back. But he takes the bag and walks to the back, sits gingerly beside Daichi, who's looking out the window, vein still throbbing at his temple.
"Hi," Kuroo says, feeling like he's having an out of body experience. "Can I look at your hand?"
Daichi quietly gives it to him, still looking out the window. There's an abrasion on his knuckles. Kuroo wipes it with alcohol and puts some ointment on it before he wraps it.
It's the first time he's really held Daichi's hand. And he doesn't really want to let go. So he keeps holding it. Daichi still doesn't turn to look.
No one's talking on the bus. Kuroo whispers, "I think our team thinks we're boyfriends? I'm not sure how that happened."
That gets Daichi to turn. He looks at Kuroo with an amused little smile. "You think it was because I broke a guy's nose in your defence?"
Kuroo snickers, hiding it behind his hand. "I don't know. Could be? I mean I can see where they'd get that idea."
Daichi chuckles. "Yeah, I guess. We can clear it up later."
Kuroo nods. "Yeah, later."
They remain silent for a bit after that, and then, Kuroo squeezes Daichi's hand gently. "You shouldn't have done that, Daichi."
Daichi rolls his eyes. "I'd do it again."
"That's fair. If he didn't learn the first time he absolutely deserves to get punched out again."
Daichi smiles at that, smug. "Glad we agree."
"I still think you shouldn't have done that. That was pretty reckless, and you got us disqualified. Which is bullshit, i think--
--but that's how it is. And you hurt yourself. And you nearly gave coach a heartattack. Or an aneurysm. Actually he probably would have gotten both, at the rate he was going." Kuroo pets Daichi's hand a couple times. "But thank you."
Daichi's hand twitches in his grip, and he turns away, the tips of his ears pink. "Yeah. Don't mention it."
Kuroo chuckles. "okay. And thanks again."

When they get off, the coaches pull both of them aside. They apologize to Kuroo, and he's too stunned to really do much but nod.
And they apologize to Daichi too, for the yelling. Not for the reprimand--because what the hell was Daichi thinking punching someone in the middle of the court, they were supposed to be grown adults-- but the angry yelling, they probably shouldn't have done that.
Daichi looks about as stunned as Kuroo when they tell him this, so he just kind of bobs his head too, and then the coaches send them on their way.
Somehow, as it has often been happening lately, they end up at Kuroo's tiny little apartment, and they sit down on the floor, leaning against Kuroo's bed.

"I'm sorry i made that big fucking mess," Daichi says softly, head tiled back to rest on Kuroo's bed.
""I shouldn't have done that. I just heard it and saw red." He looks at Kuroo, and he looks genuinely remorseful. "I'm sorry, Kuroo."
Kuroo shrugs as he looks down, scratching at nothing on the floor. "It's okay. I said thanks, didn't I? We agree that he deserved it."
Daichi hums softly. A moment passes.
"Hey Kuroo, can I ask you something?"
Kuroo nods. "Go right ahead."
Daichi clears his throat. "I know you have your list of boys you'd like to kiss, and I'm not in it." He looks away and fiddles with the bandage that Kuroo had applied. "Do you think I could be? Someday?"
Kuroo stares at him.
"I mean. After today you probably don't even want me near you, you saw how violent I got when someone said something insulting-- not that I'm belittling what happened, but you know, most people don't jump right to punching. I've got a temper, and you know I'm pushy and stubborn."
Kuroo blinks. "Are you advocating *for* you or against you? Because you're not really doing yourself any favours here, Sawamura."
Daichi groans. "I'm really not, am I? I don't even know why i'm doing this now--
--I could have easily found a better time than 'right after getting our team suspended by behaving like a violent meathead."
Kuroo snorts. "Yeah. You could have."
"No. Anyway, forget it." He looks at kuroo and smiles this sweet but broken little smile. "I just want you to know-- you're one of my favourite people. I'm glad you're our captain, and I'm glad you're my friend. And I would absolutely deck anyone that treats you unkindly."
Kuroo feels his lower lip wobble a little. "Even Harada sensei?"
Daichi nods. "Even Harada-- wait, who's that?"
"My advanced econ professor."
"Isn't he like 80 years old?"
"You said *anyone*, Sawamura."
"Jeez Kuroo," Daichi rolls his eyes. "I can't--"
"Yes," Kuroo says, swallowing a couple of times. "Yes. You can be on the list. You are-- were on the list. The whole time. The whole entire time. The list was basically just you, actually."
Daichi's eyes go wide before they soften, brown eyes so warm and sweet they make Kuroo's chest fuzzy. "Kuroo."
"Yeah," Kuroo laughs nervously. "I-- yeah. So anyway. You remember how I said I'd never gotten kissed? What if you kiss me?"
So Daichi does. And Kuroo has no real frame of reference as far as kisses go, but given the way Daichi's hands feel on his face, the way his lips tingle like magic and makes his stomach feels all fluttery and warm-- he thinks it's a pretty good one.

• • •

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