My favourite #JoanCusack role is still Marcella in #GrossePointeBlank.
"Amelia?" *extension beeps* "Wait, hold on a second." *Clicks over* "Pacific Trident Global. Janice?… Yeah, no, where the fuck is it? I ordered it 3 days ago… No, that doesn't work. That's not right. Let me go over it again, all right? Let's see: '3000 rounds of 9mm subsonic.'
"You had that, i gave that to you on the fucking list.… Well i don't give a GODDAM where it is! You get it HERE, NOW!" *clicks over* "Amelia? Yeah, I'm sorry.… No it's not gonna be a boring soup— that's just the base. You put the chicken in, you've gotta add other flavours.…
"Carrots and celery are just a Base of a soup!"

• • •

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16 Feb
Every time Martin Scorsese talks about "the state of things today" I just hear the Dude in my head.
Like, yes, absolutely, reducing all things to "content" to be "provided" does real damage to our ability to appreciate shit, long-term (Cf. that wrongheaded #WandaVision review, from a few days ago).

On the other hand, the sheer number of marginalized filmmakers & creators who…
…have gotten their shot SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE of this current setup is given WAY less than short fucking shrift, here.

Now should marginalized voices have been amplified in a different, better system?

I mean… Yeah.

What the fuck you think we been yelling about for decades?…
Read 6 tweets
13 Feb
That sense that whether here on an anthropogenic-climate-ravaged, earth, or in some hereafter, every republican & more than a few democrats are angling to be among the "chosen few"— & not via good works & principled lives, but through strongarm tactics, grift, & outright violence
To them, heaven must look less like a village than a fortress.
Bunkers or mars colonies or guarded gilded heavenly paths, it's all about being the ones who get to hoard the most and hold onto it all no matter who they have to knife to death to keep it.
Read 6 tweets
13 Feb
Utter bullshit.

Witnesses deposed live could move this needle.

Reading the statement into the record is just going to be spun into oblivion by fox news.

And yes i get that Dems don't want to get bogged down in explaining why the BS witnesses repubs want to call ARE Bullshit…
…and they don't want that fight to overshadow the legislative agenda, but this is just useless.

Dems: Republicans are outmaneuvering you, and you're still struggling to understand that you're going to have to move down the street AND talk, both at the same time.

I'm genuinely so angry right now
Read 4 tweets
31 Jan
If i were a Democratic senator, congressperson, or strategist looking at the board where you just flipped 3 reliably red seats, including a win by a FRICKING ASTRONAUT, you know what I'd get behind, right away, before anything else?

@CoriBush's call for retroactive $2k checks.
Seriously. @SenMarkKelly is a space hero whose wife Congresswoman Giffords survived an assassination attempt, WHILE HIS TWIN BROTHER WAS IN SPACE,& later himself survived an insurrection at the capitol.

Let that man help people w/ direct checks & that seat stays blue for a WHILE
Same for @ossoff & @ReverendWarnock:

Give the 1st Jewish & 1st Black senators from GA solid, visible, legislative victories that genuinely help people in a way we're all clamouring for. Give that to EVERY dem.

Do that FIRST, then run the table on every other policy initiative.
Read 4 tweets
18 Jan
We tried to tell you, over & over, that white supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement & the military.

Some of us tried to warn you this was not just possible but relatively easy for them to do because of the white supremacist roots of policing in the US.

But here we are.
On this #MartinLutherKingDay , please remember this, and resolve to DO something about it:…
It's #MartinLutherKingDay and if you're out here drawing a false equivalence between racial justice protests, & an insurrectionist riot to stage a coup to install one of the most blatantly white supremacist presidents* in decades, this letter is about you:…
Read 9 tweets
17 Jan

Sometimes you both have legitimate reasons for feeling in a bad place about your work AND have to remind yourself that that DOESN'T mean everyone hates your work and thinks you're worthless. Which is a hard line to ride.
And sometimes those times happen while you're in the middle of a pandemic and you and your loved ones are all starved for the kinds of engagement that usually helps you all through it, so your emotional and mental bandwidth are completely attenuated.
And sometimes THOSE times happen while you're in the middle of a coup attempt at the tail end of one of the most openly and unapologetically autocratic, kleptocratic, and white supremacist presidencies in american history.
Read 5 tweets

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