1/ So @cdcgov now says it has 1,170 deaths reported after vaccinations. They use a denominator of 41 million doses, those cuties. In reality about -12 million people had received two doses as of Feb. 11, so the death rate is more like 1 in 10,000 completed vaccinations...
2/ Still much less than the #Covid death rate, you say? True. However, unlike #Covid deaths, which are obsessively counted (and can be reported after #SARSCoV2 tests which hospitals have financial incentives to run), vaccine side effect reports are essentially voluntary...
3/ And while @CDCgov’s default position is that ANY death up to one or even two months after a positive #pcr test is a Covid death, its view of post-vaccine deaths is very different. Strict scrutiny MUST be applied, for we would not want to blame these poor sweet mRNA particles!

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16 Feb
Hey, if I tell you thalidomide causes birth defects, am I an "anti-medder"?

No, of course not.


Vaccines are no different.

Except no one is allowed to point out the glaring flaws in the clinical trials for the mRNA vaccines...
Or the fact that the data out of Israel (and Gibraltar, and to a lesser extent the UK) suggest that the vaccines are FAR less effective than the trials suggest...

Or the horrendous VAERS reports (both in terms of the number received and what they say)...
Or the very real questions about the lipid nanoparticles that encapsulate the mRNA strands (an issue that long predates these vaccines)...

Or the tests on pregnant rats, which are fragmentary but far from reassuring...
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15 Feb
This one is for the real stats folks.

Let's deal with some objections to the deaths after flu vax/deaths after Covid vax comparison.

1) I agree Covid vaccine deaths are probably more likely to be reported than flu vaccine deaths. Are they 900 times more likely? Very doubtful...
2) Here's one good reason to think the gap may be small. The ratio of non-serious to serious Vaers reports is far HIGHER for the flu vax than for Covid. In other words, people have basically STOPPED filing non-serious event reports after Covid shots, because they are so common...
3) If people were clogging VAERS with Covid vaccine side effects reports because they are so sensitized to them, we'd see the opposite - tons of reports in every category. We aren't, though.
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11 Feb
1/ The newest batch of Israeli data is the most troubling yet. So far this month, at least 38 so-called "fully vaccinated" people - that is, a week past the second dose - HAVE DIED OF COVID.

Including two under 60.

It's so bad the Israelis have now redefined fully vaccinated...
They now claim it is two weeks after the booster dose (5 weeks after the first shot). Only reason to create this subgroup is that it is relatively tiny so deaths are low in it for now.

Ignore the headline. The story is in the table, which shows 41 deaths one-week after dose 2...
On Jan. 31, there were 3 people in that category. The other data is also lousy, but deaths are easiest to understand.
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10 Feb
1/ Update on the Israeli vaccine data: for the first time, the numbers look slightly better. This doesn't mean the vaccines are nearly as effective as the clinical trials claimed, merely that at last mass vaccinations don't seem to be making the situation WORSE anymore...
2/ Positive cases and test positivity have fallen for a couple of days. More importantly, the number of new serious cases and deaths fell significantly Monday, and overall serious cases have dipped too. Hopefully these trends will continue...
3/ To be clear, these trends just move Israel in the direction the rest of the world was already going. However, the Feb. 5 update from the Ministry of Health did seem to show overall infections, serious cases, deaths were lower in people a week out from the second vaccination...
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9 Feb
So multiple interviewers have asked if I'm surprised @simonschuster didn't dump THE POWER COUPLE because of my views on lockdowns and masks.

To be clear, S&S has supported the novel. But the fact people would seriously raise the issue reveals how bad cancel culture has become...
Remember: this is a NOVEL. It has nothing to do with #Covid, and I wrote it in 2018 and 2019. But elite media attacks on anyone who disputes the preferred narratives (on Covid or anything else) are now so fierce than even fiction apparently may be at risk.
One more point. THE POWER COUPLE is my first non-John Wells novel. All the Wells novels were bestsellers.

And the fact that TPC is coming out as I've become known, for better or worse, for my stance on Covid would under normal circumstances be a pretty interesting story...
Read 4 tweets
8 Feb
1/ The fact the mRNA vaccines transiently suppress lymphocytes after vaccination has come up repeatedly on the feed as a possible explanation for post-vaccination deaths.

Fact check: This is TRUE. @BioNTech_Group acknowledged it its papers (both 162b1 and 162b2 did so)...
2/ By the way, they also lead to a sharp rise in C-reactive protein.

Would love immunologists or virologists to chime in on whether these changes may be in any way clinically meaningful (feel free to email me at alexberensonauthor at protonmail if you're shy).


(extended data Fig. 1)


(extended data Fig. 3)
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