1/6 Good morning friends. So begins another week on the other side of the impeachment trial. I took close interest in the trial, not only because I was creating videos to support of the Dems case to convict, but also because I was interested to see what a grip Trump took on the
2/6..news cycle. The fact is, he took no hold at all while his clown lawyers mounted a comical defence of their client. For me, this was a trial in the courtroom of public opinion. Polling suggests that more Americans believe Trump should have been convicted and barred from..
3/6..holding federal office. Without his Twitter account he’s politically impotent, so I’m puzzled by all the talk about the future of the GOP’s fortunes, being tied to loyalty to him. In my view, he doesn’t have a hand in the new political poker game. Of course there..
4/6..is residual allegiance to him, he infected the minds of millions, but that is waning and I suspect in a year, he’ll be so busy defending criminal indictments that running for office will not feature prominent in his thinking. The reality is that in the not too distant future
5/6..succession will be the focus of Republican minds. All this future uncertainty plays into the hands of the Democrats, who must take full advantage. What Dem strategists MUST get a grip on, are the states where GOP legislators are passing laws to assist in voter suppression &
6/6..gerrymandering. The campaign to counter these moves will prove absolutely critical to the 2022 mid-term elections. Republicans are coming to the realisation that they can’t win on a level playing field, so they will do everything they can to tip the balance. Be very afraid.

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17 Feb
1/7 Good morning my friends. There are are couple of things on my mind today. Firstly the continued talk about who owns the GOP? Is Trump still heading things up? Do I care? I made a comment yesterday that got some interesting feedback. I was saying that I no longer saw him as..
2/7..threat. You can really tell the sense of nervousness out there by the number of folk that feared Ignoring him is a mistake. I agree you have to keep an eye on him and not underestimate him, but you should not let him dominate your thoughts. I’m sorry, but I can’t take
3/7..seriously, a man who has to organise a crowd of 600 cult members to wave to on his way back from playing golf. I just can’t allow that to happen. Yes he has a substantive voter segment that would walk off a cliff for him, but that segment is not big enough to win an election
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16 Feb
1/7..Good morning my expanded group of warriors. I seem to have gone from a platoon, to a battalion! After a virtual drinking session with new friends, I’m virtually a little hung over this morning! There was much discussion yesterday about the GOP and its future. I think we were
2/7..given our answer last week during the impeachment trial. There was no rising up of the base, just state level GOP embarking on the very cancel culture they have been screaming about for weeks, as they censured Republican Senators who voted to convict Trump. I think you can..
3/7..safely say that the battle for the dark soul of the Republican Party is well underway. If you are a Democrat today, you should be cautiously optimistic that before you lay an opportunity to cement power for a long time to come. You just need to be awake to a few political..
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14 Feb
1/7 Good morning friends and Happy Valentines ❤️ The circus has ended with much the result I expected, but unlike some, I do think that it has served a purpose of laying out the case to the American people, just who Donald Trump really is and what he’s done to undermine democracy
2/7 I came to this circus wanting to ignore it, given the inevitable result, but I’m glad I listened to the entire proceeding. I’ve learned how really broken politics is in the US. It’s easy to stand on the outside looking in and judging, but it’s much more difficult to look
3/7..on with concern, giving thought to how it could be made better. The contrast could not be clearer, the Democratic Party seems focused on truth and genuine ambition and change for good. The Republican Party seems focused on power at any cost. It really is as simple as
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13 Feb
1/7 Good morning, as another week ends, my education in US lunacy politics continues. Let’s not call this a trial anymore shall we? It’s a wake being held for democracy and the rule of law. Politics has always been a complicated creature, but Senate Republicans are taking it
2/7..to a whole new level. Lindsay Graham, the man who were he on a sinking cruise ship, would don a dress as soon as he heard the words ‘women and children first’, described the presentation by the Impeachment Managers on day 2 of the trial, as ‘disgusting and absurd’. The fact
3/7..that he would use the word absurd, to describe the clear account of the murder of a police officer, the clear intent to assassinate the speaker of the House and the Vice President of the United States, gives a chilling indication of the state of the GOP. The irony of all..
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12 Feb
1/7 Good morning my growing band of brothers and resister sisters. The past three days have been a lesson in the clear unambiguous delivery of the damning case against Donald J Trump. However, like some dystopian epic, good is surrounded by political self interest and ideology.
2/7 It’s like a political OJ moment, but worse. The jury is half made up of friends of the accused, some of whom are meeting in person with the defence team to discuss strategy to provide cover to acquit Trump. Any hope America had of restoring its reputation on the world stage
3/7..has taken a nose dive, as the world looks on saying WTF? This has exposed so many flaws in the political system, that it’s embarrassing to watch. When you have reached a position where a president can incite and obtain pleasure, from the storming of the seat of democracy,
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11 Feb
1/8 Good morning friends. Day 2 of the impeachment trial was an example of forensic presentation of evidence. It was a masterclass in weaving a compelling narrative that absolutely chilled the soul. The Impeachment Managers, one by one, took the jury through the events of
2/8..6 January, painting a clear picture of events, linking their actions to the instructions given by the sitting President of the United States. The narrative was brought together by the excellent use of video footage which included a helpful graphic that placed context around
3/8..where the mob were in relation to lawmakers and staff, as they rampaged through the building. The really chilling thing for me, was the intent behind events. The careful grooming of Trump’s base in the lead up to that day. It was established without doubt, that this day had
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