Since some people seem to be under the impression that fearing UAPA is a surefire sign of guilt, here is a thread full of articles showing what this so-called law actually entails. In short. In short, it goes against "innocent until proven guilty" maxim. It's a torture tool.
How UAPA curtails personal liberty, undermines fair trial…
Branding Innocent Citizens As Terrorists: UAPA, A Law On Loose…
"Police use the law to keep people in jail for five years or more."…
"UAPA’s definition of terrorism fails to specify that the aim of the action is toward political, religious or ideological ends, allowing for a vague and relatively unrestrained interpretation of what constitutes a terrorist act."…
Rampant Arrests, Rare Convictions: In Punjab, the UAPA Is Ripe for Misuse…
In short, the UAPA is an extremely arbitrary law that can be applied willy nilly to anyone. If you are not afraid of the UAPA, you are either so good at wagging your tail that you think nothing will ever happen to you, or your head is full of cumin seeds.

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16 Feb
Ambedkar said "educate, agitate, organise". All three have been attacked. Education was attacked when Jamia and JNU were assaulted. Attempts are being made to make agitation look like a crime. As for organise, young people organising themselves is being discouraged through fear.
The intent is to devalue education so that people can never learn about the issues that matter - massive wealth gaps, systemic discrimination, and bigotry. So that people never even know what there is to get angry about. Many middle-class upper caste Indians do ask exactly that.
This is because the education they have received leaves them little more than trained workers who think the greatest compliment anyone can pay them is that they are "employable". They spend time on social media innocently wondering why people are so angry. They just can't relate.
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15 Feb
We have all heard stories about ambitious rakshasas meditating for thousands of years in order to gain immortality. And we have all seen them being refused, because Brahma would not grant actual immortality to them. So what does the ambitious rakshasa do? Simple, he asks for a...
...boon that grants him practical immortality. This means that though he can still die, the conditions that must come into being in order for him to die are so unlikely that he may as well be immortal. Ravana asked for the boon that no god, rakshasa, gandharva, or any...
...celestial being would be able to kill him. Hiranyakashyap asked that he may be killed neither outside nor inside, neither on the ground, nor the sky, neither by man nor animal. These were the ways in which these fine intellects sought to evade one of the fundamental truths...
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15 Feb
Why is everyone so riled up about these arrests and threats against protesters. Of course you can protest. Just keep a few things in mind. If you follow these few rules, you will see that our great country is a shining beacon of free expression and democracy.
You can't protest any time, anywhere. Those who you are protesting against, ask them for permission and protest only at time and venues that cause them no inconvenience.…
Don't create Google docs to tell others about why you are protesting or how you plan to protest. What is this need for organisation? Why do you want to talk about it? Just protest alone, no.…
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14 Feb
Climate activism is essentially a young person's concern. Because after all, it is they who will have to live with its consequences. Last year, Attorney General KK Venugopal told the SC that development and economic growth were more important than environmental concerns.
Mr Venugopal is 90 years old (as per Wikipedia). Would he have said what he said if he was Greta Thunberg's or Disha Ravi's age? Your guess is as good as mine. Young people fearing the coming decades doesn't surprise me. The old (may they live long) will not be here to suffer...
...that future. Climate change is real and evidence of it mounts with each passing day. The process of young climate activists being tagged "terrorists" by governments is actually simply the process of the old damning the young to hell. A culture that teaches the young to obey...
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14 Feb
The arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi over a god-damn toolkit is yet another example of this government's outlook towards government. It basically translates into, "We are powerful. You are not. Therefore, you are our enemy and we will punish you.". I may be old-fashioned...
...but back in my day, the law existed to empower the citizen, not to strike fear into her. Disha Ravi's arrest is only part of a longer message. And the other part of the message came to us in the days and weeks prior to the arrest. It came in the form of effigy-burning and...
...videos calling for journalists' deaths, implications about a sinister toolkit (as if IT Cell doesn't use Toolkits every single day to abuse and threaten people). The message has been delivered over and over and over in the course of the last six years. What the senders of...
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13 Feb
Perhaps one of the greatest slaps in the face of One Nation One Language (Hindi) is that in the run-up to the WB election, even BJP supporters are not attending rallies because many of their star speakers don't speak in Bengali. Whose genius idea was this, seriously?
People who speak Hindi at home wear Hindi-coloured glasses that make them think the whole country speaks Hindi. And that the few who don't would be only too happy to abandon their native languages and adopt Hindi as a mode of communication. It doesn't occur to them that the...
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