➡️ 1) SARS COV 2 is a particular chimeric "armored" virus, consisting of external protuberances of S (Spike) coated, externally, by glycans and, inside these protuberances, the TGEV
2) bacteria (E. Coli bacterium, of gastroenteritis) have been identified and HIV retroviruses.

👉The outer membrane M has the TMPRSS2 protein which, associated with ACE2, allows the same protein S to enter the host cells.
This mechanism is well explained
3) by the process of fusion of the M membrane with the plasma membrane of the cell.
(It is important to note that a TMPRSS2 inhibitor is BROMEXINE).

👉The inner nucleus N is instead composed of highly pathogenic viral genomes such as: MVH / HCV (Hepatitis C) an RNA virus
4) belonging to the Flavivirus / Eie Yoelii family (malaria, such as ZIKA), and the viral sequences provided by the recombination of SARS with endogenous BaT CoV, such as: Marburg, Nipah, Hendra and Lyssavirus (rabies).

👉The fundamentals.
- The construction process of SARS COV 2 makes use of 👉 "no-see-um" technology, developed by R. Baric, which allows the assembly of large DNAs, from smaller subclones, without the incorporation of
6) unique restriction sites in the genome.👇
- Link:

- This process consists of both serial passages in in-vitro cultures and the use of intermediate animals such as: humanized mice, ferrets, cats, hares, suckling pigs.
- This process was carried out in
7) the BSL2, BSL3, BSL4 Laboratories of the WIV / CAS of Whuan; where there have been several cases of environmental contamination and as many laboratory leaks caused by the use of laxive protocols.

- SARS (Acute Pulmonary Syndrome) + HCV (Hepatitis C) is
8) used to develop a first "armored virus" which is then recombined, in-vivo, with the "backbone" of some BaT CoV strains of bats which are natural carriers of highly infectious viral genomes.

- The consolidated infectious genome is then inoculated into
9) humanized, leukemic (HIV) mice to facilitate the passage of the virus into humanized T cells.

- An enhanced and advanced variant of SARS COV 2 is eventually transmitted, by airborne transmission, to ferrets (ORF8) in-vivo, in ACE2.
This enhanced version, obtained
10) using only the ORF8 protein, makes the SARS COV ORF8 virus extremely infectious, virulent and mutable.


👉The 3 strains:
were used to design different
11) phases of aggression of the virus in the host ("clockwork effect").

👉Phase 1) 4 HIV inserts (*) to create immunodeficiency of the host's immune system.
The HIV genome is surrounded by glycans (sugars) to deceive host cells and enter them (Perez / Montagnier).
👉Phase 2) A first pathogenic action ZIKA (malaria) is then released which triggers the temperature increase in the host (Sorenson).

👉Phase 3) takes advantage of the viral pathogens intrinsic characteristics of the BaT-CoV backbone used, for create, in the
13) host, a blood vessel constricting action, which causes a thrombin effect that coagulates the blood in the pulmonary alveoli of the host, leading to suffocation.

👉(*) Four insertions of short sequences were identified which are present in SARS-CoV-2 but
14) absent from some bats isolates and from SARS-CoV1.

In April 2020, Professor Luc Montagnier, the world's leading exponent for the study of HIV confirmed that these insertions do not derive from natural recombinations or accidents, but from genetic manipulation carried
15) out by humans.

This manipulation was carried out intentionally and, presumably, as part of a research aimed at developing vaccines against HIV.

Similar sequences between HIV and SARS-CoV-2 are short, around 30 nucleotides in a genome of 30,000, however bioinformatics
16) and molecular phylogeny approaches can provide interesting new information.

👉In MGC. AC Archive (China), is possible see an collection of pathogenic viruses used by PLA of CAS / WIV, of Whuan.👇
17) 👉BAT SL COV ZC45

➡️These three viruses are present in SARS COV 2, in addition to:

🛑 Bacterical group:
👉TGEV (E. Coli / Gastroenteritis bacterium).

🛑Retrovirus group:
👉HIV1/HIV2, and SIV.
👉MHV/HCV (Hepatitis C) FLAVIVIRUS (Malaria) EieYoelii / ZIKA.
18) 🛑 Pathogenic genomes:

 ➡️ MGC. AC / CHN Archive: 👇
19) End.
@MartinaSisters fyi ☝️

• • •

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2) discovered SARSr-CoV strains, together with our previous findings, reveals that the SARSr-CoVs circulating in this single location are highly diverse in the S gene, ORF3 and ORF8. Importantly, strains with high genetic similarity to SARS-CoV in the hypervariable N-terminal
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